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"Ms. Halcomb," Walter asked, "may I speak with you a moment?"

Marian nodded.

"Is something wrong," she asked quietly.

"Not at all," he told her, "but you are going to need to do me a favor."

"What do you need," she asked.

"I fear you don't see yourself with prospective," he said, "You think you're talentless and a lot of other things you are not. I want you to start seeing yourself as you really are"

"How am I really," she asked him.

"You're loyal," he said, "I see how protective you are of Laura when in your mind there is something to be concerned about."

"Well before you there was," Marian said softly.

"And you were protective of your sister even to your own well being. You're also quit talented when it comes to abstract art"

"I am?"

"Yes you are," Walter said, "and you're so brave too"

"I never really thought of myself as brave," Marian said

"Well from my prospective you are and I'm talking as a friend not as an art master. You are such a good friend as well."

"But I have been sharp before and annoyed"

"That make you a bad friend. You are human and everyone loses there cool once in awhile."

"Alright," Marian said laughing, "I will try to stop putting myself down but try to be patient if I have trouble doing that."

"It is a promise," he said, "Now I am meeting Laura in a few minutes so I will see you later"