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Things had happened quite quickly after then, a series of events that Edward hadn't quite been all present too. He'd heard some by word of mouth, and seen some from his hospital bed.

The thin treaty between Aerugo and Central had been quickly dissipated, and there had been military personnel and troops surrounding the border for weeks, though Aerugo didn't move to attack due to the lack of a leader. They were too busy working out a new one to go against Central.

During this time, they all knew that no one had found Irving. They didn't know if he went into hiding to heal his own wounds before going back to his country, or if he was pulled away by his soldiers at the last moment. All they knew, he was nowhere to be seen, and no matter how much they searched, they found head nor tail of him. Roy didn't like talking about it, as it left an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, like when you tried to squish a spider and didn't quite know if it was dead or not.

Edward had been in the hospital for another two months, seeing as he added to the injuries he already had. When he was finally able to walk away, Giovanni had been gone. Edward had told the boy that he had nothing more to teach him, that he was welcome to stay, but they would no longer be student and teacher. Gio was gone, but Edward knew that he was off to better things.

Mika, on the other hand, had immediately gone off to help Ishval, though Edward had a strong inkling that his need to help others had been slightly fueled by his want to follow Scar. It was a strange relationship that Edward hadn't witnessed a lot of, but he knew that somehow it would work.

Edward, on the other hand, found himself once again sitting on the single most uncomfortable train seat on the planet as it jostled from side to side, "why is it that I always seem to get the most uncomfortable seat on the train."

"All the seats are the same, Edward." Roy mused happily, reaching to the side and letting his hand rest on Ed's thigh, shaking it playfully.

Ed snorted, shifting his feet over the wood of the ground, "Yeah, well, that I don't believe."

Roy mused further, moving his hand from Ed's thigh to wrap it around the man's waist, resting it against Ed's hip and tightening his fingers, "So, no more Ishval for you?"

"I think I'm going to have nightmares of falling rocks." Edward snorted, not bothering to shrug off the Major General's hand, knowing that Roy would just latch back on afterwards, "So no, I doubt they could use my help there."

"So you decided to come with me?" Roy mused, raising a single brow and looking down at Ed, "How is that a path to becoming any more useful?"

"Shut up." Edward growled, sending a sharp glare towards the other and jabbing him softly in the side, knowing that the grunt Roy gave was a fake one.

Roy grunted as he felt Edward's elbow jab into his side, his not-so-fake grunt of pain slowly fading to a smile as he felt Ed's hand come to a rest on his knee, "Thank you, Edward. For coming with me."

"Hey. I've spent too much time away from you to say no." Ed said rather bluntly, shifting over and resting his head on Roy's shoulder.

Roy's chest constricted at this, his arm tightening on Edward and pulling him closer.

Alphonse had gone back to Risembool with Winry and Pinako. The tension between Winry and Edward hadn't calmed in the slightest, and it had been just as fiery as ever when she'd come to check on her grandmother, and he could still hear her screams at Al as she demanded to know what was going on. He didn't quite know what would happen between them, but he knew that his and Al's relationship would be much better. They would be talking, they would be writing, and more than anything, they would be brother's again.

This alone brought a smile to Edward's face. He and Al had parted ways with plans already to meet up so that Ed could meet Hohenheim. Ed's chest constricted in happiness.

"Excited to be recognized as an uncle?" Roy mused, almost as if reading Edward's mind as he leaned his head on Edward's.

Edward snorted, shrugging, "More excited to be back on good terms with Alphonse."

"Hm." Roy mused. The train car was lit with the soft light of the sun setting, casting a soft glow off the wood and giving them all the soft want to snooze and doze into sleep. Having Edward with him here was the only thing he could possibly want at that moment, and although he had work to look forward to in the next couple days, he knew that nothing could ruin this moment.

"Move in with me?"

Edward gulped, eyes widening as he physically pulled himself away to look at the other, raising his brows nearly to his hairline as he looked at he other, his mouth gaping open, "Pardon?"

"Move in with me." Mustang's eyes held no amusement or lie, his voice truthful and his eyes determined as he asked again, "I can't imagine going home and not having you there."

"Um..." Edward raised a single brow, coughing and shifting his eyes around, "I was already going to...? I mean, I didn't have anywhere to stay once I got to central and you know..."

Roy took his turn raising his brows and widening his eyes, his chest lightening and heart thumping painfully. With a quick movement, he reached forward and pulled the other closer to him, pressing their lips together quickly.

Yeah, nothing could ruin this moment. Especially when Ed boldly climbed onto his lap, straddling him and wrapping his arms tightly around Roy's neck, completely ignoring the gawking looks they received from the other occupants of the train car.

For once in three years, Edward felt as though he truly belonged somewhere. Everything was right with the world, he was a family again with his brother, and he was in the arms of the man he loved. If you had told Edward four years ago that he was going to be making out with Roy Mustang in the middle of a train, with a new alchemically bonded leg that would last him years, and a teaching experience under his belt, he would have laughed at you then proceeded to punch you in the face.

He belonged here, and he felt one hundred percent at ease. Who knew all it took to feel like this was to get critically injured then kidnapped by a bordering country?

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