One Heart, One Breath

[500 Themes: 123]

Barnaby's world blurs with his glasses off, and he can only frown as a result, glowering at the man that seemed so intent on their removal in the first place.

It's late at night and Barnaby wants to sleep – has his face coated in some hydrating night cream for the love of god, and he's ready to let his head hit the pillow and hopefully not wake until his alarm jolts him in the morrow. But Kotetsu, as always, stalls him. Kotetsu makes him wait those extra few minutes as his hands slide back through blond curls, tilts his head up, and kisses him.

Barnaby wants to growl at him. He's smudging things and generally being obnoxious and clingy, but with Kotetsu's teeth gently closing over his lower lip, tugging and pulling and sucking it into his mouth, Barnaby can only groan – can only reach out, his hands splaying across Kotetsu's chest, fingers curling with the press of his tongue, the slow, methodic drag of it over the roof of his mouth, the way Kotetsu's head tilts and deepens their kiss a moment longer before they part, panting, sighing.

Even if his vision is a blur, Kotetsu is always close enough to not be – always close enough to be something sharp and perfect. His eyes are liquid amber as always, boring into Barnaby's soul and making him heave another, shuddering breath as his hands slide up, slowly, carefully, to stroke against the back of the other man's neck.

"You're cute like this," Kotetsu tells him, grinning crookedly, and Barnaby only huffs. "Even if you have some weird nighttime habits."

"A hero always has to look his best."

"You look good," Kotetsu begins, lifting a hand and deliberately dragging it over Barnaby's cheek just to irritate him and further make a mess of his nighttime beauty routine, "no matter what you do."

And coming from Kotetsu, Barnaby believes it.