Transcendent Joy

[500 Themes: 149]

Barnaby isn't sure what brought this on, but he doesn't mind in the slightest.

Kotetsu sweeps him off his feet in normal, day-to-day interactions, and this is no different – merely executed intentionally as the man suddenly drags him from the couch, whirls him up into his arms and winds his fingers through his curls, easy and full of affection. Spontaneous affection, because what is Kotetsu without that spontaneity?

Still. Barnaby is left reeling from it, blinking and confused and Kotetsu merely smiles at him, clutches him closer still, and wraps his arms tightly about him as he winds across the floor as if it is some imaginary dance floor.

Let it be known that Kotetsu does not have two left feet in times of need.

Barnaby gives up trying to understand after a moment and his chin simply drops to Kotetsu's shoulder, huffing a soft breath and breathing the other man in – warm and musky, hints of soap and citrus and other clean, fresh things. Kotetsu always smells good, and Barnaby wishes he could be enveloped in that smell at all times, even in moments like these when he is just confused over how Kotetsu can love him so much, can be so happy and easy and carefree and intent on sweeping him off his feet again and again.

"You're so cute, Bunny, when you make those faces."

Certainly, he's blushing then – the slightest of flushes, but raking over his cheekbones all the same. Kotetsu merely grins and turns his head to the side, pressing a kiss into the mess of Barnaby's hair. Barnaby likes to imagine that Kotetsu likes the way he smells, too, and wants to be wrapped up in it just the same as he. Does he think about him on nights that they are apart, like he does?

Hopefully, that's the case.

"I love you, you know. Don't ever change."

"You're too good for me," is Barnaby's mumble in return, and Kotetsu only shakes his head, holds him tighter, kisses him more.

"You're all I need."

A firmer statement has never fallen from Kotetsu's lips, and Barnaby just sighs, hides a smile into the crook of his lover's shoulder, and decides not to argue for once.

It's better if he lets the old man win a few arguments, anyway.