Quinn slipped off her black pumps tossing them to the edge of the bed. Puck helped her unzip her dress, kissing her neck. "You did so great tonight babe."

Quinn smiled, his lips brushing so gently on her collar bone sent chills down her spine. "I cannot believe Rachel Zoe was in the front row!" The dress fell to the floor and Quinn stepped out of it. Puck fell backwards onto the bed. Quinn bent down to pick up the dress and he whistled. She turned around, her cheeks flushed bright scarlet. "Stop that!" She went to the closet, searching for a coat hanger.

Puck yawned. "Why don't you just hang that up tomorrow?"

Quinn smiled. "Because it will get wrinkled on the floor." She yawned too, rubbing her eyes. They had been out at a party to launch her new fall collection for her fashion line. Afterwards they had lived up the New York club scene dancing into the early morning.

Puck threw a pillow at her. "You're no fun."

She hung up the dress, and jumped on the bed. She playfully hit him with the pillow. "I'm loads of fun and you know it." She smiled devilishly at him, and he pulled her over next to him. He kissed her lightly, grasping her small waist with one arm. Her fingertips danced across the back of his neck, and tenderly threaded through his thick Mohawk. She yawned softly and he kissed her again. "Goodnight baby. I love you."

She kissed him too, her lips lazily lingering on his. "Goodnight. Love you too."


The phone rang, blaring through the peaceful night. Quinn rubbed her eyes, and squinted at the clock. It was four in the morning. She had only been asleep for an hour and a half. Puck flung his hand over, slapping the alarm clock, his eyes still closed. Quinn sat up, patting Puck's shoulder. "It's the phone. Who on earth would be calling this late?"

"Hello?" she said her voice raspy and low.

A familiar voice flooded the phone. "Quinn? It's Kurt. There's been an accident."

She jumped up, suddenly wide awake. "Wha. . . what? Who? When?"

Puck rolled over, cracking his eyes open just a bit. "What's going on?"

"We'll be right there." Quinn said, a silent tear sliding down her cheek. She hung up the phone and turned to Puck. "It's Finn and Rachel . . . they . . . they . . . they're dead."


The crowd silently dispersed, but Quinn remained frozen. She remained fixated on the two polished caskets in front of her, trying to make sense of it all. Puck linked his arm in hers, leading her to the car. Quinn glanced at Kurt who had his arms wrapped around Carole the grief stricken woman sobbing loudly into his shoulder, Burt Hummel stood silently, his arms wrapped around them both silently. Rachel's dads Hiram and Leroy huddled nearby, their eyes not leaving the casket. Ava Hudson, Rachel and Finn's daughter peeked around coyly; cradled in Blaine's arms unbeknownst to the tragedy that had shook her world. Her big deep brown eyes stared right through Quinn, hauntingly similar to Rachel's. Quinn shuddered, forcing back the tears that were trying to escape. The August air was thick and stale, the clouds looking as if they could burst at any minute. The dark sky had loomed all day, promising rain. "What perfect weather for a funeral" Quinn thought, looking out of the passenger window. But nothing about this day was perfect. She had just buried two of her good friends, struck down on in their prime. As Puck drove he linked his fingers with hers. "You ok?" he asked quietly.

Quinn's eyes stayed on the lines on the highway passing by. Neither had said much in the days following the news, there was no room for words when they were full to the brim with emotions. "I just feel numb. I don't know how to feel. They just got married, and had a baby. We had plans to go to dinner with them Saturday. They just started life. They weren't supposed to die. It's not fair Puck, it's not." The tears finally escaped, sobs racking Quinn's body.

Puck veered over to the shoulder, parking the car. He wrapped his arms around Quinn, swallowing her body with his. He gently smoothed back her hair, lightly rubbing her back. She cried into his shoulder, her makeup running down her face. "No it's not fair. I know." He soothed, softly whispering.

She gasped for air, her throat tight. "They were just driving home. Why did this happen to them?"

He squeezed her tight, his hug forming an answer that his mouth could not. Quinn pressed her body into his, like a frightened child clinging to their parent after a nightmare.


The lawyer sat before them, his office cool, sleek, and modern. Quinn, Puck, Carole, Burt, Leroy and Hiram sat in hard metal chairs, uncomfortable. Puck glanced at Burt and Carole. It had been a week since the funeral; the effects were ever present on their faces. Dark circles rimmed their eyes, effects of sleepless nights. He glanced to Leroy and Hiram, their faces taunt and worn. The lawyer had a few small folders on his desk, neat and orderly in marble green file folders. He clasped his hands in front of him and cleared his throat. "Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman?" Quinn and Puck shook their heads. He continued. "I am Max Irving, Rachel and Finn's lawyer. Carole, Burt, Leroy, Hiram, and I have gone over the will, and we need to discuss Rachel and Finn's arrangement with you."

"Arrangement?" Quinn asked.

"They didn't talk to you about this?" Max said puzzled.

Puck's glance shifted from Quinn to the lawyer. "About what?"

The lawyer opened the folder. "I Finn Hudson and I Rachel Berry – Hudson being of sound mind hereby grant Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman custody of our daughter Ava Charlotte Hudson in the untimely event of our death."

Quinn tried to focus on the lawyer, but it was difficult as he was receding to the end of a long black tunnel. Her head spun, the news slapping her hard against her face.

Puck sat motionless, as his body absorbed the information. "Us? They picked us? We can't take care of a baby!"

Carole glanced at the stunned couple. "They didn't mention this to you? They said they were going to."

Quinn gasped, covering her mouth. She turned to Puck. "The dinner. They were going to tell us Saturday."

Puck nodded, stunned. He looked at Quinn "How are we going to do this?"

The lawyer shuffled around paperwork. "In the event that you two are capable of caring for her, it will go to the courts, and she will most likely be sent to live with either set of grandparents in Lima, Ohio."

Hiram stood up. He was a rather small man, with small wire frame glasses. "We talked to Finn and Rachel as well. They were so sure that you were the perfect couple for Ava. It was a blow to us at first as well, but this is really what they wanted. "

Quinn glanced at Puck, and Puck nodded. "Ok."