Harry Potter and eveything associated with it belongs to JK Rowling. Excpet Dobby, because he's a free elf.

A/N- not going to lie and say this took ages. But I had terrible writers block so just did a silly drabble.

Wednesday 27th May 1998

Dear Potter,

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for what you did. You didn't have to save me. I've been thinking about that a lot recently. Look, the shit we put each other through in school. Do we really want to continue with a schoolyard rivalry? Want to call a truce? Too much has happened.

Anyway, if you're ever around and want a drink, maybe we could talk. And I'd like my wand back too.

Draco Malfoy

Thursday 28th May 1998

Dear Malfoy

I'm happy to call a truce, and of course you can have your wand back, but meeting for a drink is pushing it don't you think? We are not, and never will be, friends. But thanks for what you did for us at your manor. I know as well as you do that you could have stopped me taking your wand, and will always appreciate you letting me take it as it saved my life. Why did you do that?

Apart from not really wanting your death on my conscience I kind of felt I owed you one in the RoR that night. At least we cancelled each other's life debts out.

Harry Potter

Sunday 2nd June 1998

Dear Harry,

Come on, let's meet for a drink. It's my birthday on Wednesday. If I promise not to bring any death eaters will you meet me? I really think we should talk. Leaky Cauldron at 6pm? I'm buying. I promise to tell you everything.

Did you get back together with the She-Weasel?

Draco Malfoy

Monday 3rd June 1998


Fine. I'll meet you on Wednesday. Don't expect a present though. And you try and funny shit and I will snap your wand.

No, I'm not back with GINNY, not that it's any of your business. That didn't work out so well.

I look forward to whatever riveting revelation you have for me.


Tuesday 4th June 1998

Dear Harry,

I look forward to it. Your company and my wand are gifts enough. I have no intention of trying any "funny shit". See you tomorrow. Glad you're not with the Weaselette.


Thursday 6th June 1998


I'm sorry I blurted it out like that. But it was the truth. I know the kiss shouldn't have happened, but the firewhiskey got to me.

I meant what I said though, drunk or not.

Can we talk about this, face to face?


Sunday 9th June 1998


Please talk to me. I'm worried about you. I'm sorry ok? Let's forget it ever happened. We were getting on well until I kissed you.

Draco xx

Monday 10th June 1998

Dear Draco,

Where do I start. No you shouldn't have kissed me like that, you're MALFOY! And I'm going out of my mind now, I'm sure of it.

I don't know how I feel about anything anymore. All I know is I can't get the kiss off my mind. I keep thinking about it… and you.

It's not entirely your fault. I kissed you back, and it was because I wanted to, not because I was drunk. Look, do you want to come over tonight?

Love Harry

Monday 10th June 1998


On my way


Tuesday 11th June 1998

Dear Draco,

Why did you leave this morning? Last night was unbelievable.

Are you coming over tonight?

Love from Harry x

Tuesday 11th June 1998


Of course I'm coming over tonight. You don't get rid of me that easily. Do you promise to whisper parseltongue in my ear again? I have to say, once you decide you want something you really go for it.

I'll see you this evening x

D xx

Wednesday 12th June 1998

Dear Ginny,

Er, yeah, you were right all along.

Take Care,

Harry x