The morning of my wedding came much too quickly.

One moment I was telling Nitch about our engagement, the next Labelle was shaking my shoulder telling me to wake up or did I want to walk down the aisle in my pajamas and bed head?

Labelle had almost taken it upon herself to plan the entire wedding, and she would've gone as far to choose everything from the venue to the colour of the bridesmaids' nails. I had stopped her at the first hurdle, but she still made faces every time I selected a dress or put two colours together. Actually, there were times when I was willing to send her back to the city, but I constantly reminded myself it was better her talking to us again rather than being ashamed of the family she spurned for their lack of 'fashion aesthetic sense'.

Both her and Mabel were appointed my bridesmaids- but because of our lack of, well, family, there was no one to give me away. And to be quite frank, Tom didn't have many, if any friends, so only his sister and nephews would be attending from his side. I, of course, invited the Downearths and Kaiden and Basque.

More out of concern for lack of guests, I even sent Redd an invitation- to show him I was ready to forgive and forget. But I received no reply, and secretly, I was thankful.

Even so, that only left eleven guests (not including our daughters), so Tom and I went a little bit wild and handed out invatations to all the villagers from Wenton, as a last farewell, almost.

The plan was, after the wedding, we'd have a small reception and farewell do before moving to our new town. Once there, we'd settle in and then have a more private party to celebrate the wedding.

When I would be Mrs Nook.

The thought filled me up with both anticipation and nervousness...but I was going to follow my heart, like I vowed to on the night Tom proposed.

March the 23rd was our scheduled wedding day, and I was so thankful to see the sky was clear and the sun high in the vast blue. Our wedding was going to be outside, near the base of the waterfall, since we didn't want to travel too far just to have my name changed and be joined in union. The mayor, Tortimer, was leading the service, and the mail clerk who worked in the Town Hall, Pelly, was going to handle our signing the wedding register.

"Sable, if you don't get up, I'll tell Nook to cancel the God damn wedding," Labelle warned, prodding me fiercly in my side so I recoiled. "Come on! I have to do your spines and your makeup and then get the twins ready, and then do Mabel's dress and less than three hours!"

I poked my head out from the covers warily, one eye open. "So go and get Mabel and the twins ready. Let me sleep a little bit longer, 'kay..." I grumbled, sliding back under the duvet.

"Nope, bride first." Labelle instructed, ripping the covers back. "Besides, the twins haven't had their breakfast yet."

I sat upwards abruptly at that. "Really? Then I need to go fix something for them before anything else," I threw the covers back before trotting over to the cribs where eight month old Fable and Clarable were laying. "Go help Mabel get ready or something."

Clarable burbled appreciatively when I came over and scooped her up. She was getting so big, now the size of my arm from shoulder to wrist, and delightfully chubby, as was Fable. They were going to be little flower bearers, as they had just learnt to stagger slowly when someone was holding their paws. The also knew how to keep hold of things, so they would be clutching two little bouquets of cornflower blue flowers. The only risk was that Clarable would throw it, as she particularly seemed to enjoy tossing things around for a certain brown-masked raccoon to retrieve in a repetitive game of fetch. However, if such a thing happened, Labelle's strict regime today would fall to pieces and we secretly joked she'd most likely spontaneously combust in rage.

I took both twins downstairs, and they had a big slice of orange each and some cubes of cheese I diced up whilst they chewed and slurped happily in high chairs.

Needless to say, there was orange everywhere.

They still had milk, but they had moved on from formula to dairy and they sucked and chewed noisily as I kept them company with a bowl of cereal.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, and there were undenialable butterflies in my stomach. I was more nervous about what we'd do after the wedding party rather than the running time. I wouldn't mind so much if I tripped or stammered my way through the vows or trod on Tom's foot during our first dance. I just didn't want these happy, blissful days of engagement to ebb away into ungrateful partnership.

The twins' dresses were hung up over the shelves here in the kitchen. I had made them, of course, crafted out of light blue satin, with a shin length swing skirt. The waist was cinched in with a thick, darker blue band, with a big bow at the back of the same colour. The square neckline was going to be adorned with candy necklaces so they had something to play with if things got boring during the service. That, and sweets always kept them quiet.

I had made a lot of things for the wedding, including the bridesmaids' dresses (the oposite of the flower girls: dark blue satin with a light blue band and bow, and shorter, petticoated skirts and short sleeves.) and I had even attempted to make my own dress...but crafting a wedding dress was harder than anticpated.

The first attempt was cream and edged with charcoal lace and ribbon (we had a colour scheme change about two months ago) and didn't look too bad, but then I showed Tom. According to Labelle, that was a taboo as far as weddings were concerned and forbid me to wear it. The entire dress was scrapped and sold as a blouse and skirt to a customer.

The second dress was simply too hard to craft- we had changed the colour scheme by then, and I made it from ivory and cornflower blue fabric. But I tried it on, and I was clearly not as small as I thought I was, and the entire thing barely fit over my waist.

That was when Labelle tugged me off to the city- her natural enviroment- and took me dress shopping there. Mabel had tagged along, and they both encouraged me to buy a long, fitted white dress with a lacy bodice and silken skirts.

"I can't wear white, though," I had pleaded desperately, clenching my paws into fists at my sides.

"Why not? It looks great," Mabel insisted, her eyes wide with admiration. Ever since we'd come in, she'd sat perched precauriously on the red velvet chaise longue serving as a seat. She was clenching a stem of a glittering glass of champagne, despite not being old enough to drink- but Labelle had insisted that it was all part of the wedding experience, and she was nearly seventeen anyway- so what did it matter?

"Yes, why not Sable?" Labelle replied, fluffing up the train and tugging the sleeves this way and that.

"I...I can't." I flushed, humiliated. "I'm not know what I mean," I hissed to her, and she smirked amusedly as Mabel cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Fine," Labelle pursed her lips. "If you're going to be old fashioned- next dress please!" she called out before bustling me back into the changing room where the assistant was waiting. She began unzipping and unlacing the bodice. I felt all the more self concious stripping down to my underwear every time we tried on a new dress infront of this complete stranger- after all, I don't think my body ever went back to normal after having the twins, and every stretch mark or extra roll of skin made me cringe everytime I caught sight of one.

Eventually, I found an exquisite champagne coloured wedding dress with a high collar and beautifully detailed embellishments scattered over the chest, in varying hues of blues and greens. The sleeves were cuffed at my wrists, but a wave of turquoise beads swirled around my arms until the sleeve met the bodice. The skirt didn't seem connected to the bodice by any visible seam at all- it flowed effortlessly into long, sweeping, sharp creases of soft, supple fabric twisting fashionably around my form. The blue beads from the chest and sleeves reached low into the skirt, petering out amongst the folds and creases of the fabric.

"Oh, wow!" Mabel had exclaimed when I stepped out of the changing room. "I really, really like this one."

"Me too," I replied breathlessly, catching my reflection in the mirror. The beads captured the bright studio-like lights in here beautifully and I couldn't help swaying from side to side just to watch the reflection shimmer.

Labelle made her way over to me, pinching the fabric this way and that, testing the density and durability. She tugged harshly on the back and I recoiled as her face clouded with doubt.

"Sable, it doesn't flatter your hips," she said, motioning for me to turn around. "And the skirt just makes your legs look short. And long sleeves don't ever look good on wedding dresses anyway. Next dr-"

"No, Labelle, I like it," I insisted, twisting this way and that. "Besides, it matches the colour scheme, doesn't it?"

"True, but look," Labelle smoothed out the fabric over my stomach. "It just widens you out, and since you're not as skinny as you used to be..."

"Labelle, stop it!" I cried out, flushing as she raised an eyebrow teasingly. "I'm not too bothered about looking great in every aspect," I took a deep breath and turned around to the assistant. "How much is it?"

"Oh, this one?" she replied. She quickly consulted the list on the clipboard she held clenched in both paws. Her breath sucked in almost immediatly. "You sure you can afford this?"

My heart sank.

"86,093 Bells." she announced grandly and I winced as if the price was physically painful.

"That's...that's alot." I mumbled, my gaze sweeping downwards, suddenly precautious at wearing something that was worth so much, as if my very breath would ruin it.

"Well," Labelle retracted her paws gently, clearly wary of its expense as well. "And I thought you were cheap, Sable."

I nodded glumly, not exactly deeply saddened by the fact the dress was way out of my price range. Just a little...disheartened.

A few more dresses later, I finally settled on an oyster-hued dress with a minature bustle and a draped skirt that fit most of Labelle's criteria (''Though it makes you hips look fat,'' she had said. ''it'll do.''). That, and it was only 23,987 Bells. There was no comparison.

I was just about to make an appointment for another fitting in order to get the dress at my right size when there was a tinny ring of music. I turned around to see Labelle digging around in her hand bag and retrieve her mobile.

"Don't mind me," she said, nodding her head to the papers I was signing. She flipped it open before answering. "Hello?"

I put the tip of my pen back to the paper to arrange the date when I heard her exclaim, "Tom!"

I whipped around as she spoke, her eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Oh- uh, I didn't expect you to call me. You want to speak to Sable? Uh, Sure." she held the phone out to me, and I snatched it from her paw almost too quickly.

"Tom!" I exclaimed.

"Hi Sable," he replied. "How's the dress shopping going? You've been gone for hours, and I think the twins want you back."

I chuckled softly as a muffled squeal resounded in the background.

"Oh- and I think Fable just heard you."

"OK, we'll be home soon." I said into the mouthpiece. "As for the dress, I found one,"

He was quiet for a moment.

"Why, what's wrong with it?" he asked after a while. "You sound disappointed."

"Well, nothing." I paused. "I just...I found another one, one I like better, but it's so expensive it's ridiculous."

"How much?"

"Over...80,000 Bells."

"And you really like it?"

"Yes, but it's OK, I found another one that'll do."

There was another long silence, only interuppted by muffled babbling in the background which I assumed was Clarable pining for Tom's attention.

"Buy the dress," he eventually said.

"What?" I blinked dumbly. "Which dress?"

"The most expensive one. Just buy it. Don't worry about the money, just buy it,"

I turned around, my jaw hanging open as I fixed my gaze on Labelle. She raised another perfectly arched eyebrow at my expression (Mabel, meanwhile, was touring the shop, discussing dresses with another sales clerk in hushed tones).

"What?" she asked.

"He says buy the first dress," I announced reverently.

And buy it I did, although I later realised this had eaten way into our wedding budget, which would be coming from Tom's inheritance- which was also paying for our moving to our new town...Inwreath.

It was a little less backwater than Wenton, similair in many ways, but a little bigger, with it's own shopping district which would be where our flat would be. There were two empty units that Tom and I had bought, one for his shop (which we would live above), and the other for the brand new Able Sisters. That, and it was the town where Tom's sister lived, so her sons Timmy and Tommy had already started their own store. There was no need for Tom to run another store, more or less exactly the same as theirs, so instead, he decided he would make his way in real estate, like he used to part time.

It was our fresh new start.


"Fable, Clarable, look how pretty Mummy is!" Mabel exclaimed as I made my way downstairs.

I smiled weakly at Mabel. I had been subjected to Labelle's wrath for the past half an hour, and my head was ringing from being pulled this way and that by her equally as vicious hair brush. A veil was fixed into place, and cornflowers were arrranged around it to compliment the jewelled choker I was wearing. My locket, however, was hanging around my neck, like always.

Ever since that day.

"Thanks, Mabel," I said gratefully, holding my arms out for a baby. "You look really nice yourself. That blue suits you."

Mabel gave me an ironic look as she deposited Clarable in my arms before running a paw through her spines.

"'Blue suits me'?" She quoted, smoothing out her equally as blue fur. I chuckled before turning my attention to Clarable.

"And who looks absolutely adorable herself, Clarable? Who looks adorable? Mm, yes, you!" I parroted in baby-talk as Clarable clapped her pudgy little paws together in delight. She kicked her little legs joyously, whilst Fable solemnly chewed on her necklace in silence, held tightly by Mabel.

"Where's Labelle?" Mabel asked when I had finished with Clarable.

I pulled a face. "She's lost the coordinating bracelets that you and the twins have to wear."

"Bracelets?" Mabel raised her eyebrows. "Should the twins really wear that? You don't want them to choke,"

"Nope," I shook my head. "That's why I threw them away. No, Clarable, don't touch that," I chided when her paws grabbed onto my locket and attempted to pull it right off. I eased the locket out of her fist, earning a despondant whine in response. I sighed as her face crumpled and patted her head. Today wasn't going to be easy, especially with two babies clamouring for attention.

I turned around to the bag we had packed last night, balancing Clarable on my hip, softly jogging her as she mumbled discontentedly. "Right then," I said, sifting through the bag's contents as I listed them out loud. "Diapers, wipes, bottles, baby food, sleepsuits, extra clothes, dummies, soft toys, extra toys...I think we've got everything, right?"

Mabel smirked at my thoroughness. "What about blankets and stuff?"

"I've got the nursing blankets and...oh shoot, their sleeping blankets are already packed." I twisted around, surveying the scene before me. Our former shop was overwhelmed with boxes upon boxes, and several rubbish bags full of old patterns and cracked plates that we didn't need anymore. "Which box d'you reckon they'll be in?"

Mabel shrugged just as Labelle's footsteps resounded on the stairs.

"OK, we've just enough time to-" she broke off when she reached the foot of the stairs when she saw me. "Sable, you're not allowed to hold babies at the moment!" she scolded, sweeping forwards and reaching out for Clarable. "You don't want drool or sick on your 80,000 Bell wedding dress, do you?"

I winced at her mention of the price, as if she was deliberately reminding me of how valuable it was.

"OK, OK, fine. Hold Clarable." I replied. I leant back on the counter as Labelle looked me up and down once again.

"I told you to watch your weight when we bought the dress Sable," she tutted, shaking her head. "Look! You're getting fat again!"

"Don't say that, Labelle." Mabel frowned. "It's Sable's wedding day, be nice to her."

"No, it's OK Mabel, I-"

"You're right," Labelle interuppted. She passed a paw over her face before patting Clarable's skirt in place fondly. "Sorry."

I chuckled softly. "You're more wound up than I am." I said, reaching over to give her an awkward side-hug with Clarable sandwiched between us.

"I want it to be perfect for you," I heard her mumble, before she snapped back into diva-Labelle mode and began ticking me off for not putting concealer over my freckles.


"How's the front, Sable?"

"It's fine, the ground's dry at the moment,"

"Watch out for that pitfall! Oh, Sable, you're going to walk into that tree!"

"Labelle, I'm fine! Don't worry!"

"I'm going to worry whether you like it or not! Why did you choose to have your wedding so far away?"

"We're nearly there," Mabel said, twisting around, her face creased in doubt. She was holding Fable still, as Labelle balanced Clarable on her hip whilst holding up the back of my skirt as I managed the front. So far, it had taken nearly twenty minutes to get across the bridge and down the slopes in town, when normally it would take less than half the time we were taking.

"OK, Labelle, you can let go now. It won't harm it getting a little dusty." I dropped my skirts at the front and clutched my bouquet that I had fashioned out of buttons. With my being a seamstress, it seemed appropriate, and I preferred the unique idea behind it rather than having flowers that would just wilt away within the next few days.

Labelle's lips pursed, but she dropped the hem all the same and I arranged it as best as I could in its twist-like form.

My heart was beating fairly fast now, an anxious rhythm that made my entire body shake. Today was the day I dreamed of since I was little. Today was the day when I proved to Tom how much I loved him- the day where I would pledge my devotion, and he would his, to both me and our children, for all of eternity.

"Ah, look! Here are the buttons!" Mabel exclaimed all of a sudden, pointing at the ground. Beforehand, we had scattered buttons to lead me to the place where we'd be married, so I could enter the makeshift aisle (a strip of blue cloth over the ground) from the best possible angle.

The path twisted and turned- until we finally caught sight of the party.

It was a blur of cream and various hues of blue, with put-up seats set out for our guests, and an archway bedecked in blue roses where Tortimer would stand behind Tom and I as he conducted the service.

Tom had initially been forced into a charcoal coloured suit by Labelle, with an ivory coloured waistcoat and a blue tie.

"No," he had said, catching my eye at the time. "I'll wear the suit Sable made for me."

Labelle scowled and opened her mouth to argue- no one dared to disagree with her, the wedding planner- but Tom was firm, since the suit meant something, and now, it would be he last chance to wear it.

I could see him from where we were standing- a plum-coloured figure standing amidst the blues and creams. He looked out of place in such a starkly contrasting colour, yet quite relaxed, as if he was used to such a ceremony.

Mabel's paw found mine and I gripped it tightly.

"Nervous?" she asked as Labelle gave Clarable and Fable their flowers, giving my paw a reassuring squeeze.

"A little," I replied. "But I'm not terrified."

"Right," Labelle turned on her heel. "Mabel, you know what you have to do, right?"

"Uh...I'll carry the twins halfway, and then help them walk the other half to the altar, right?"

"And then what?"


"Give them to Sable's friends for the time being, then come back down the aisle back to us, OK?" Labelle clicked her tongue, satisfied at the resolve. "It's not ideal, but it'll do. Honestly, Sable, you could've taught your kids to walk earlier."

"Ha ha." I said sarcastically, sticking my tongue out at her. "Well...better now than never, I guess?"

"Yep," Labelle nodded firmly, before handing Clarable to Mabel. Both her and Fable were held draped over Mabel's hips, still clutching their bouquets tightly. "And...go!"

The specified fanfare of music began, before toning down into quieter guitar playing as Mabel walked down the aisle with the twins, smiling her most dazzling smile. The twins looked somewhat confused as they were set down, and, with Mabel clutching their paws tightly, began to stagger down the aisle, painfully slowly, but cute nevertheless.

The next moment came too quickly, Mabel was back at our sides in a flash, and she and Labelle set off together, beaming all the while, and I took a deep breath and followed, about five foot behind them, my mouth turned upwards in a demure smile Labelle had made me practice for this specific purpose.

The guests all watched us proceed, some smiling brightly, others making hushed comments about how different I looked. Since most of them saw me hunched over a sewing machine all the time, they generally misjudged how tall I was, so I must've looked much taller and imposing in my four-inch high heels which- yes- were also Labelle's idea.

We reached the altar, and I caught Nitch's eye (she and her family were seated in the front row) before I took my place before Tom. She smiled encouragingly at me, as Kaiden waved his little one-year old wave at me from her lap. Fele had Clarable on her lap, and Ripple had Fable, but she was crying quietly into the back of her paw. Rerro acknowledged me with a slight nod of the head, and Basque- now Nitch's fiance- was holding up a camera, videoing my entire performance.

Thankfully, I got to the altar without incident, and stood by Tom's side. We didn't have to look at each other- yet he reached out for my paw, and I grasped it tightly in return, concealed between the creases of my skirt.

Tortimer stood from his own chair beneath the altar, supporting himself with his walking cane, and wheezed, "Villagers, family, and friends. You are all here today to witness the union of two people- two people who have lent their skills and provided their services to this town for a long, long time. Love is but a bond- yet words do not do it justice..."

His speech went on for a while, and I had to admit, I was a little distracted. I was mainly concentrating on trying not to slip right off one of my heels. Thankfully I had Tom's paw to hold and keep my balance on.

"Do you accept the terms of such a contract in the form of marriage?" Tortimer croaked.

Tom threw a glance at me, and instantly his gaze softened. "I do," he said, loudly enough for everyone to hear, but quiet enough to make the syllables rumble in his throat.

"And do you, Sable Able, accept such terms?"

"I do," I mumbled, completely lost in Tom's gaze. What was he trying to tell me?

"Then let your vows be shared." Tortimer took a step back and eased himself back into his chair so Tom could go first.

"Sable," he began, turning to face me, as I did him. "Despite what we've been through- the rough patches, the happiness, and now the birth of our wonderful children, you've always stayed strong and forgiving. I count my blessings every day now that you're back by my side, and I will never, ever do anything to hurt you, however unintentional. I'll be your shoulder to cry on, your best friend, your lover, and now, your husband. And so I hope you will wear this locket...until death do us part."

The tears were already welling up in my eyes at his meaningful, deep words, that I wanted to hug him and kiss him right there, but it was my turn to recite my own vows, and Labelle would kill me if I stammered or the people at the back couldn't hear me.

The only thing I feared was my vows couldn't live up to his.

"Tom," I stammered. I felt my face flush and I ducked my head shyly. "I...I've never stopped loving you. Never. And I doubt that I ever could. Even if you were to commit the worst crime against me, regardless of the hate, I think...a small piece of matter how small...will always love you. My heart is forever tied to yours, and for now all I can do is be thankful that I found the courage to come back home once and for all. Because you, and our family, are my entire life, and if I were ever to lose that..." A sob choked my throat and Tortimer went to stand up to continue the service, but I waved him down. I had to finish. "Life wouldn't be worth living, would it? I'm honoured to become your wife, and though friends may come and go, though our lives may change...I hope we'll stay the same forever. U...un...until us part."

Tom reached behind my neck and unclasped the locket from there, as a jeweller came forward to collect it. He would etch in our wedding day into the gold, and then it'd become my equivalent of a wedding ring as well as a symbol of our engagement. Tom had a normal ring- he said he didn't want anything else- but he also had our wedding day engraved within it to match my locket.

A few minutes passed, and Tom fixed my locket back around my neck, now containing our anniversary date beneath the ''married on:'' , and I slipped his ring over his claw.

"Well," Tortimer said, with a chuckle. "I declare you animal and wife may now kiss your groom!"

A stricken silence fell over the wedding party as we all stared at the mayor. Pelly, who looked agonized rushed over and muttered to him, "Bride, Mr Mayor! It's bride!"

"Oh? Well excuse me, everyone. You may now bride your groom!"

A chuckle rippled throughout the guests and I was struggling to maintain a straight face myself at the hilarity of the situation.

Labelle, meanwhile, was looking daggers at the mayor. He had done the worst thing possible...mess up her strictly planned schedule!

If looks could kill, I think Tortimer would be fine red mist.

Pelly was still muttering to the mayor, but all of a sudden, Nitch marched right up to the plinth where we were stood and faced the audience, throwing her arms out in celebration.

"OK, if the old timer isn't up to it, I'll do it!" she exclaimed, before spinning around to face Tom and I. "Sable," she began. "You can now snog his face off!"

Everyone laughed at this as she flounced back to her seat, grinning widely. I heard Tom chuckle and turned my head back to face him. He caught my gaze immediatly.

"Well?" he said. "You've been told to do something, Sable, yes?"

I blushed fiercly, and leaned forward, and went to peck him on the lips. But before I could pull away he pulled me close to him in a tight embrace, and the only thing I was vaguely aware of was the echoing laughter from outside of the darkness of my eyelids.


"Tom!" I called, lying flat on my stomach over the bed as I fiddled with the alarm clock. "What time are we getting up in the morning?"

The following morning would be when we were going to move out of Wenton and into Inwreath- and we needed an early start. Mabel was coming with us, and Labelle had thought abut it, but her heart still belonged to the city, so the city was where she'd stay.

"The morning?" his voice echoed from the bathroom. "Hm...well we want to get there before noon, so...about five-ish, yes?"

I twisted the knobs into place before setting it on the bedside table carefully as Tom emerged from the bathroom.

"Why, what's wrong?" He asked. "Is Mrs Nook unhappy that she'll have to deal with tired, cranky children?"

I sighed and rolled over onto my back, propping myself up with my elbows. "Don't you know it." I chuckled softly as he sat on the other side of the bed from me. "Mrs Nook! I'll never get used to being called that."

"Well, calling you Sable Nook sounds strange too," Tom said, patting my leg softly. "But we'll get used to it, I promise."

"Oh, speaking of which, I got some wedding photos back already." I said, wriggling up from my position to get them from my overnight bag at the side of the bed. I plucked them deftly from the side pocket, and fanned them out in my paws to show him.

"The photographer's good," he observed.

"You think so? Labelle was really ticked that the lighting emphasised my freckles in this one. She'll be a nightmare when it's her own wedding."

"Hm, really?" Tom put his head on my shoulder to get a proper look. "But your freckles are adorable."

Before I could even blush his lips found mine and kissed me softly, ever so softly. Then he suddenly tackled me to the bed, and the photos went flying up into the air from my grasp as he nibbled on my lower lip, begging entrance to my mouth. I obediently opened it, and, for a while, we French-kissed passionately. But then Tom started to unbutton my pajama top and I gasped for air and pushed him away instinctively.

"OK, OK, Tom, stop," I ordered, gasping for breath. I looked into his deep blue eyes seriously. His irises were swimming wth disappointment and longing. "Remember what happened last time we did this! I don't want anything like that ever to happen again."

"Sable," Tom sighed, almost despairingly. He let himself fall from where he was suspending himself above me, crushing right into my chest.

"Oof!" I cried at the impact.

"Sable, you're so daft," he commented, nipping at my nose affectionately with his forefinger and thumb. "We married now. I just devoted myself to you, through and through. Do you really think I'd make that mistake again, especially now?"

", but..." I hesitated, staring up at the blank white ceiling. Fable and Clarable were sleeping in Mabel's room tonight, along with Labelle on a put-up bed, who had drunk far too much champagne in the wedding reception to let her go home to the city at night. She would leave after us, sometime in the morning, and then the former Able Sisters building would be left, just standing, waiting for a new owner.

"Sable..." Tom whispered again. I turned to look at him. "If you really don't want to, I won't force you. It's your choice. But I want you to know that I'll never, ever, in my life run away from our family again."

I closed my eyes and thought about it for a few minutes.

It IS your wedding night, I could almost here Labelle say.

Yet I didn't feel pressured. I...wanted him...almost as much as he wanted me.

Maybe more.

"OK," I said quietly, barely a whisper. "But you better not be all talk."

He kissed me again, more fierce this time, and, as masochistic as it sounds, I enjoyed every second of being in his arms.

And the undying, forever symbol of our love, was born.


That. Is. The. End.

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OK, time for some TS trivia.

1. I started this on a whim at the same time as my other most popular fanfiction, Becoming The Zodiac, which I haven't updated in like a year :P TS has exceeded it in reviews by over 300.

2. Sable was originally going to have twins, one a boy, one a girl, called Fable and Gable, but I didn't like the name Gable, so Clarable instead took his place. :P

3. I actually think TS has a really weak plot, because like I said...I started it on a whim. So the fact I got so many reviews changed such a thrown-together story to a structured one was like...really contrasting.

4. Sable was going to always go live with Redd, but I didn't anticipate how small a role he'd have. He does very little in the story except when he proposes to her and all, but I found his character hard to convey, so I preferred not to focus on him.

5. I've mentioned this before, but Nitch and her family were originally swans with colour-tinted feathers, but then I realised that if they were swans Nitch would have an egg instead of a baby. :P Then I changed them to foxes, thinking about fluffy-faced orange and black and white foxes, and then realised Redd was a fox...or more accurate, a kitsune. But I couldn't use foxes, so they were badgers...because there aren't any badgers in the game! At all!

6. Yes, the sequel will be set in New Leaf, but I only planned this after I got the game. It has so many elements ideal to fit into SS's plot that I just HAVE TO use it.

7. Sable was going to write to Mabel and they would set up a location between Wenton and the city which they could use as a mail box, almost, for themselves, and Sable would make clothes to give to Mabel to sell, but I just never got around to fitting that into the story.

8. I actually never intended for Tom to reject Sable so she ran away. I wrote the first ten chapters totally going off whatever came into my head, so...woah. Imagine the story if Tom had never rejected her! It'd be half its length!

9. Ever since writing this I've had a special fondness for the Able Sisters (since I treat them (especially Sable) so badly). But I talked to Sable non stop for three days in ACNL and she still didn't want to be took nearly two weeks for her to start being more friendly. SHE KNOWS!

10. And this is pretty obvious, but I made the midwife Susan a stork 'cus...well, they deliver babies. .-. Witty, eh? If there's a popular enough demand, I might bring her back in the sequel...

11. And when Sable met up with Tom, Mabel was supposed to tell her about how Nookingtons closed and Tom rarely came out of his house. Sable would then go to his house and they would talk about stuff...and THEN Tom would give her his own notebook, a journal conveying his thoughts and feelings to how despicable he was. I scrapped this idea, I think the narrative works so much better.

12. I've never written anything quite so deep or quite so moving in my life.

But that's it for TS! My first ever complete multi-chapter fanfic!
I hoped you enjoyed the ride as much as I, and I hope you'll remember this story with fondness.

It's been so much fun.

And I'll never, ever forget you, my first 'fans', who gave me this wonderful experience, who encouraged me, and took me all the way to no.1.

I'm thankful beyond words.

Lots of my deepest, most heartful love

-Bekkii xoxo