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Chapter 3

With a thrilling promise of what was to come in his eyes, Derek smiled softly and lowered his mouth to hers. His kiss was soft, perfect, as he coaxed her into opening her mouth so that she could drink him in. Penelope shivered at the contact of his tongue against hers, just the gentlest amount, teasing, testing, and making her yearn for more.

Curling her fingertips into the still damp fabric of his t-shirt, she tried to tug him closer, tried to urge him down more to her level so that he could fill this burning ache her entire body was saturated with. Everywhere she wanted him—her fingers, her breasts, her toes, her mouth…oh, especially her mouth! Never had she felt such longing for someone standing only a breath away.

Within the next heartbeat, he lowered his hands from her face to her bottom, lifting her off her feet as he began a deeper exploration with his kiss. Penelope felt like she'd been hit with a tidal wave of lust, tingling over her, swamping her with heady wetness as she clung to him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressing her breasts against his solid chest, her soft tummy against his sculpted abs, and the juncture between her legs against the insistent bulge between his.

There was a poetry to the kiss, to their movements together. She yielded to his demands, and he gave back to her greedy requests before she even knew she was making them. A thought rolled through her head: Derek doesn't kiss like other men. It was almost unfair, the amount of skill he had in the kissing department. She'd been kissed hundreds of times in her life, but never like this, where she was being transported to a higher plane in her head and her heart.

A second later, she was literally transported to a higher plane; Derek slid his hands down over the back of her thighs and lifted her, until she had no choice but to put her legs around his waist.

"Jeepers, you're strong!" she gasped against his mouth. She'd never had a lover that lifted her up more than an inch off the ground.

His response was a knowing smirk against her lips, before he started kissing her again, leisurely strolling with her through the beaded curtain into the bedroom. Once they reached the bed, he slowly lowered her to her feet, while simultaneously taking hold of the end of her floral gown.

"Arms up," he ordered, removing his lips from hers. As she stood dazed, he gave an impatient tug at the fabric gathered at her waist.

After doing as he bid, he made short work of her gown and then leaned back to survey her near nakedness. He swept his appreciative eyes over her black bra and didn't bother hiding his smile at her white cotton bikini panties with skating penguins all over them.

She put her chin up defiantly. "They were clean."

Tugging her slightly protesting form into his arms, he said, "They're perfect...just like you."

She smiled just before his mouth fastened on hers, fanning the flames again and making that primal need she felt come to the surface again. Like drums in a savannah, her blood thrummed through her veins, centering between her legs with lightening accuracy.

She was so dazed from his kisses, and he was moving so quickly. She only knew she missed the taste of his mouth as he moved to kiss her neck, trailing kisses down until he reached her collarbone. She moaned, leaning her head back to give him more room to devour her. Penelope didn't even recognize when he'd removed her bra until he touched her. White hot electricity shot through her as he fingered her nipple, drawing circles with his thumb before brushing back and forth.

"Beautiful," he murmured against her throat, the words vibrating and sending shivers down her spine. He brought both of his hands under her breasts, lifting them in his palms, and then leaned back to watch her erect nipples poke through his fingers as he cupped her them in his hands. "So fucking beautiful..."

"You are, too," she whispered, reaching for the edge of his shirt.

So many times, she'd longed to touch him, yet hadn't, knowing he was off limits. This morning was the pinnacle of her frustration come to life. She wasn't going to wait, not any longer.

"Arms up," she ordered in the same fashion that he had, getting a brilliant smile for her efforts. Since she was shorter than he was, she had a tougher time removing his shirt over his head. He helped her, causing the muscles in his chest to move in front of her invitingly.

Trailing her fingers over the hard vaulting of his ribs and then moving to the thick strength of his pecs, she traced and touched him, cupping her hands over his muscles. She leaned forward and placed kisses on each of his flat, satiny nipples, smiling when he shivered under her touch. Lowering her hands to the indentation of his waist, she tugged at his loose fitting jeans.

"I wish you were still wearing that towel," she said, looking down while she worked the button and zipper on his Levi's.

He leaned forward and placed a hot kiss on her temple. "I wish you were wearing nothing."

Penelope raised her eyes, a slight blush heating her cheeks. "I daydreamed about you this morning."

Both of his brows rose in surprise. "You did, huh?"

She nodded quickly and swallowed, at the same time another wash of heat flowed over her. "While you were in the shower..."

Wise man that he was, Derek caught on instantly what she had been thinking about. "Oh, sugar. You're gonna give your man a heart attack. I think I can only handle one dream come true at a time."

Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed his lips quickly. "I have faith in you," she teased, as she dropped to her knees in front of him, taking his jeans and his boxer briefs swiftly down with her.

He stood in front of her, his erection bobbing slightly from the movement of his clothes. She almost giggled; it was like it was waving Hello to her. Mercy, he was beautiful! Every inch of him was worth worship. Hard, high, with only the slightest pleasure-enhancing curve, he made her mouth water.

She reached her hand up—she had seriously underestimated his erection in her daydream—wrapping as much as she could around it, and gave him a squeeze.

Derek closed his eyes as she nuzzled against him and then gave a soft kiss to the head, before giving a light lick to the opening at the top. He felt like fiery heat against her tongue, tasted salty and sweet, with a hint of his musk and bubble gum from her soap. Unable to wait a second longer, Penelope opened her mouth and took the head and his flared crown between her lips.

A groan exploded from Derek's mouth, and Penelope felt his body shake. He reached forward and gripped her head, but he didn't compel her forward or take her off. He wrapped his hands in her silky blonde hair, while she moved up and down on his shaft.

"That's enough," he guttered after a few moments. When she looked up at him, she saw that he had a somewhat sheepish smile. "The cold shower didn't help that much, sweetheart."

That made her pause for a second. "Cold shower?"

His grin grew more pronounced. "It's what you do to me, Baby Girl. Always."

She smiled, thinking even their fantasies were in harmony. She glanced up at him, winked, and then licked her lips, proceeding where she had left off before he stopped her.

"Oh, no, you little minx," he said, reaching his hands under her arms and tugging her to her feet. "You've had enough fun with me."

"Never," she whispered, giving him her best femme fatale smile. "I'll never have enough of you..."

Her words seemed to inflame him. He pulled her close into his arms, kissing her with nearly brutal intensity. She could feel the pulse of his erection against her bare tummy; it matched the rushing of blood in her own veins. There was an urgency, a necessity that wasn't there a moment ago in his kisses, and she reveled in the fact that she'd brought him to that state.

He lifted her in his arms again and lay her in the center of her bed. Her own bed. It seemed to be a fitting place to make love to Derek for the first time. Somewhere she felt safe, warm, loved. Just like she felt every time she was within his arms.

He stripped her panties off with one sweep of his hand and then joined her down on the bed, lying over her, yet protecting her from his weight. A moment later, she felt his hand between her legs, caressing, teasing, and then stroking inside her, spreading her wetness.

"I need you, Baby Girl," he growled against her throat as his fingers thrust tenderly against her slick flesh.

Turning her face, she caught his mouth again, welcoming the incursion of his tongue, drinking from him yet again. He was her life blood, her water, her wine that she thirsted for. Deeper and deeper, she fell under his spell, each smoldering kiss igniting more of a fire inside of her.

She gasped as he entered her, only to have him capture her mouth again. She was glad for the contact; she couldn't bear to be separated in any way from him. As he eased inside of her, she felt gloriously stretched, deliciously filled with Derek—her mouth, her body, her heart, her mind. She held on as he moved, as they created a rhythm that was as old as time and yet so new and unique. Each stroke touched a new part of her.

She was coming before she knew it, the pulsing waves of pleasure rocketing her into the sunshine. She cried out, clutching onto him as she shook with delicious, cataclysmic spasms.

As she was still feeling drowsy and satisfied, Derek said, "Wrap your legs around me, Penelope."

When she'd done as he bid, he slid that crucial last inch deeper and began quicker paced strokes. She moaned as he drove hard and fast into her, the heavy slides bringing new moans and new fireworks building in her body. He cupped her ass, and she met him stroke for stroke, arching her hips and reaching for the summit.

She felt him reach his peak just before her. Derek's perfect rhythm changed, and then he gripped her hips in his powerful hands and froze above her, shaking and shuddering, groaning her name. She could feel the pulse of his release just before she fell over the edge again into pure and beautiful bliss.

Long moments later, he moved off of her and tucked her near his side. "Are you okay?" he asked, his voice deeper and huskier, sounding relaxed and pleased.

Leaning up, she kissed his cheek, and then snuggled into her spot on his chest...the same spot she'd laid on so many times before. "I'm perfect. Sleepy, but perfect."

Placing two fingers under her chin, he tilted her head to look at him. "I love you, Penelope."

"I..." Unable to stop herself, she yawned hugely. Grinning sheepishly, she tried again. "I love you, too, Hot Stuff."

Chuckling, he kissed the top of her head. "Go to sleep... I'll watch over you."

Smiling, she closed her eyes and sighed happily. She knew he would..he always had.