I fell in love with the Anderberry universe and started to write this story about a month ago. I felt it was time to type the first chapter out (I have it all written out in a notebook) and post it. This is my very first Gleefic (I've been writing fanfiction for some years now but in another fandom) and it's been a while since I've written anything in English. Initially, this is supposed to be a short story (maybe not even past ten chapters) but my mind keeps on adding new ideas every day that I definitely want to include so I'll see where it turns out.I hope you'll enjoy it.

Please note that because I was taught British English grammar in school, I write with BE spell check on and that some words are written in BE (ou instead of o, s instead of z, etc.)

'Lovestruck. Like struck with a lightning bolt. The second that you see and meet the person, you are instantly in love. Head over heels, can't stop thinking about them, want to be with them, hold them hug them, and be held and hugged and loved by them in return.'

"You have a stage in your basement!"

Kurt Hummel gasped as he entered the basement of the house of his friend Rachel. It was his very first visit to the Berry-Anderson residence. The modern feeling of the house had left him in astonishment but everything faded away compared to the basement, which resembled a lounge found in big cities

"I have a very musical family," Rachel declared with a satisfied grin. "My fathers are big Broadway lovers like the two of us. We all like to give impromptu performances for our neighbours at times."

The both of them smiled. They used to be very competitive rivals in their Glee club, fighting over every single solo. But after a year of squabbling, they finally bonded over their mutual love for Broadway, musicals, classic movies and diva idols. They also had a shared dream of becoming Broadway legends.

"Wow," a voice behind them breathed. They both turned to find their friend, Mercedes Jones, decent the stairs. She and Kurt were invited for their first ever girl-and-Kurt sleepover at the Berry-Anderson's. "You have an amazing house. And this basement..."

Rachel did not get a chance to properly thank Mercedes for her compliments as Kurt's rather high pitched voice rang through the room.

"Oh my God, you have a karaoke set! We're so singing later on!"

Rachel had slipped next to him and took the West Side Story songbook Kurt was holding in his hands.

"This is my brother's favourite. He's a perfect Tony. Personally, I feel that I was born to portray Maria but for very obvious reasons, we could never play those parts at the same time. I have no problem breaking certain boundaries to further my already blooming career, but this is one boundary too far."

She half expected her friends to nod fiercely in agreement to her just made statement about her career and Maria, but all she received were two pairs of raised eyebrows.


"You have a brother?" Kurt and Mercedes said in perfect unison.

"Uhm...yeah. Blaine. He's my twin."


Rachel scurried away into a corner as her friends literally pounced on her with questions.

"Do we know him?"

"Have we ever seen him?"

"Why did you never mention him before?"

"Does he go to our school?"

"I can't believe you have a brother!"

Rachel quickly came over the initial shock caused by the amount of questions, she giggled and ushered her friends upstairs, where they all retreated to the kitchen for a cup of hot cacao.

"Okay, speak up lady," Mercedes said impatiently. Rachel giggled again.

"Well, about Blaine. As I said, he's my twin. No, you don't know him because he doesn't go to McKinley. He goes to an all-boy private school in Westerville named Dalton Academy. He usually leads their glee club, the Warblers. He's a very talented singer just like me, it runs in the family. He also plays tons of instruments and is in his school's soccer team. I guess I never mentioned him because...well...he's the only friend I had before you guys but I barely see him – only on weekends. I miss him enough as it is and talking about him makes it worse...and you and I haven't been friends that long so he just hasn't come up."

"Okay, why do you go to a public school while your twin gets to go to an expensive private school where they most likely don't have slushy facials?" Kurt asked confused.

"One of my dads got heavily bullied in high school because of his sexuality," Rachel sighed. "His parents send him to Dalton Academy because they have a zero tolerance harassment policy. Blaine got heavily bullied in our last year in middle school when someone he thought was his friend outed him. He'd come home daily with fresh bruises and torn clothes."

She chocked up a little at the memories of the bruises and scars on her twin; at the memories of him crying as she held him and feeling powerless to do anything. Her friends noticed and while Mercedes patted her back, Kurt held her hand.

"So the summer between middle school and high school we moved here, you know that. My dad was hesitant to send Blaine to a public school again and Blaine was quite scared as well. And since Dalton isn't so far from here, they decided to send him there. They did offer me to transfer to Crawford Country Day, Dalton's sister school, after the first few times I got slushied. But they don't have a Glee club or a theatre department and singing and music is what keeps me going at school, so I stayed at McKinley. Blaine really deserves being at Dalton after all he's been through and he's my twin. I love him and I want him to be as safe as possible."

The sad frown spreading on Rachel's face made her friends include her in a group hug. It made her laugh and ease a bit but for the other two, the subject Blaine wasn't finished yet.

"Miss Berry-Anderson, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive you for not telling me that you have a gay brother who most likely knows what I go through," he scoffed jokingly and flicked her nose as to admonish her. Rachel couldn't help but to let out her highly contagious laugh and quickly directed herself into Kurt's play.

"I do apologize, mister Hummel. If I buy you that Alexander McQueen jacket you've wanted for months, will I be forgiven?"

"Rach, if you buy me that jacket, you'll be forgiven for everything you'll do in the next fifty years!"

While they laughed and refilled their cups, they heard the front door unlock and the voice of young man called out.

"Dad? Pa? Rach? Anybody home?"

"Speak of the devil," Rachel smiled. "In the kitchen, Blaine!"

In the hallway, Blaine dropped his messenger bag and took of his coat when he heard the melodic voice of his twin sister and he couldn't help but hurry to the room in the back. When he entered the kitchen he noticed his sister had guests but he couldn't bother with his usual politeness. He just had to run over to the small girl with the long, wavy, brown hair first.

"Hey Rach, I missed you," he sighed, hugging her tightly and pecked her on the cheek.

"Missed you too, Blainey," she said softly and hugged him back. "These are my friends, Mercedes and Kurt. I was just telling them about you."

Blaine straightened up and saw an African American girl smiling at the both of them. He stepped over to her and accepted the hand she held out to him.

"Nice to meet you, Mercedes. I'm Blaine. How do you do?"

Mercedes giggled a little when he chivalrously kissed the back of her hand.

"Is he always this charming, Rach?"

"Always," Rachel grunted, eyeing her brother a little annoyed. She loved him but simply could not stand it when he attracted all the attention by just being himself. Blaine just grinned back at her and stepped around her to get to the other male in the room.

"Hi, I'm-"

Blaine was about to introduce himself, when he looked up into the most gorgeous pair of eyes he had ever seen. And those gorgeous eyes belonged to the most beautiful boy he had ever laid his eyes upon.

Time seemed to have frozen as he took up what must have been an angel. Flawless porcelain looking skin, short dark brown hair that was styled with uttermost care, and an attire that screamed fashionista. He had perfection written all over him. This boy and his looks had taken him aback so much that his mind had gone blank. He couldn't even tell his own name.

"I'm...I'm...ehm...Rach, who am I again?"

Rachel and Mercedes were both snickering, causing Blaine to blush heavily. He couldn't believe he had made such a fool out of himself in front of such a boy.

"I know who you are," a surprisingly high, but still rather masculine voice squeaked. "I...ehm...I am Kurt. Kurt Hummel."

To Blaine's surprise, Kurt looked flushed as well and seemed just as taken aback by Blaine as Blaine was by him. Or he'd imagined it. Of course he'd imagined it. Why on earth would someone like Kurt take interest in someone like him? Kurt must have the model-worthy men of the world lining up for him. What would he see in a nerdy, prep school boy?

Still, he took the hand Kurt had extended to him, trying not to look surprised by the softness of it. But he said nothing as his mind was very incapable of remembering any word in the English dictionary. He was also not able to remember how to let go of Kurt's hand - not that he wanted to, to be honest.

Blaine felt how he was drowning in those big, blue eyes. The longer he looked in them, the faster his heart seemed to beat. He felt lots of jitters in his stomach, and butterflies. There were butterflies there too. Oh, how he wanted to step forward and kiss those plum, pink lips. He couldn't help but wonder if they were just as soft as Kurt's hand had been.

This must be it, Blaine thought. This must be love at first sight.

His IQ had dropped so much that he never noticed that Kurt was in the same position as he was, because Kurt was lost. Lost in the pair of honey coloured eyes Blaine possessed. Deep on the inside he swooned over the curls on Blaine's head, which barely could be held down by the galleons of gel Blaine had used to control them.

Kurt also thought it was uttermost adorable that Blaine couldn't remember his own name when he first same him. He couldn't believe he actually could have that kind of impact on someone. Usually that was only capable by gorgeous cheerleaders like Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce.

The two kept staring at each other, neither realizing that they were still holding hands. They'd both actually completely forgotten their surroundings. Why, they'd even forgotten an entire world existed besides the two of them.

It wasn't until Rachel subtly coughed, that the love struck boys were sucked back to reality. Kurt was the first one to notice their joined hands and looked down to them; Blaine quickly followed. Quickly they released each other, both blushing furiously. Still, neither could help but to smile at the other.

"Ehm...I...ehm...need to go," Blaine breathed - his gaze still locked on Kurt. He took a few steps backwards and finally managed to tear away from Kurt to address his twin.

"Hey Rach, I'm going to change and go. I promised Nick I'd come over to play videogames. Can you let Dad and Pa know when they get home?"

Rachel nodded with a teasing grin plastered on her face, causing Blaine to give her a light and playful shove and ruffle through her hair. He gave Mercedes a courteous nod and proceeded his was out of the kitchen. At the door he stopped and turned to Kurt - who hadn't moved an inch.

"Bye Kurt," he smiled dreamily and waved.

"Bye Blaine," Kurt whispered in return and waved too.

When Blaine had disappeared, Rachel and Mercedes took one look at each other and simultaneously started to hum the Bridal Chorus with mocking grins on their faces.

"Oh shut up," Kurt muttered, redder than ever before.

"Wow, I thought that only happened in movies," Rachel joked and took a sip from her drink while Mercedes nodded in agreement.

"I don't blame you though," Mercedes smiled. "Blaine's hot."

"Mercedes!" Rachel shrieked, almost choking on her hot cacao. "That's my brother you're talking about."

"So?" Mercedes shrugged. "It's the truth. And even if he's not going to admit it, Kurt thinks so too. Right, Kurt?"

Kurt turned a shade redder, drank the content of his cup in one go and practically ran out of the kitchen.

"You two! Basement! Karaoke! Now!"

The two girls giggled as they emptied their cups and followed the heavily blushing boy.

The quote in the beginning comes from here: urbandictionary()com/define()php?term=lovestruck (replace all () with a dot) .I know that it's a rather weird reference but it's hard to find a good definition and I really liked the way it was described there