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~On To West City~

It had been a year since it happened. One long year since the fall of Naraku, which took every bit of strength the group could muster. Sesshomaru had shown up to help, though he would not admit it. She was grateful for that small act of kindness from the otherwise stoic lord. You would think that after the fall of Naraku, everything would go back to a semi-normal state, but no, almost immediately after the fall of the hanyou, Kikyo demands her 'lover' follow her to hell. Inuyasha had looked towards Kagome with saddened eyes and silently followed behind her.

Kagome could not believe it, she had spent the past three years hoping, hoping that he would see her as more than Kikyos reincarnation, as more than a shard detector, even hoping he would see her as more than he would see a friend; but it had not happened. Instead, she stood there, broken hearted, as he followed Kikyo. Kagome was brought out of her silent thoughts when Shippo grasped her hand. She looked down and smiled at the adorable kit, he could always find some way to cheer her up.

The two of them had been talking about what would happen after the group defeated Naraku. Shippo was not ready to have his mother leave and go back to her time for good, so he had asked if he could go with her once it was over. Kagome did not know if there was a way for him to go with her, but she searched for answers nonetheless. That was when Sesshomaru told her about an adoption youkai children do with their new human parents. If she were to adopt the kit through a blood bonding then there is the possibility that the well would let him pass.

Kagome did not hesitate on the answer, she told him she would do it, if it meant that Shippo could stay by her side. With it agreed that they would perform the blood bonding after the fall of Naraku Kagome went about helping the kit master his illusion spells, in the hopes of concealing his demon attributes in Kagomes time of modern Tokyo. It did not take the kit long to master the spell and he could keep it in place for over twelve hours.

Shippo had silently lead Kagome to Kaedes hut and made her to sit near the fire. The entire group was silent for a while. While she did not know if it was because they wished not to accept the fact that Inuyasha was gone, or that they were still in shock over the hanyou finally being defeated, she did not wish to ask. However, the always-stoic lord had been the first to break the silence.

"What do you plan to do with the jewel?" He had asked.

"I do not think there is anything I can do about it. It returned into my body as soon as it was whole and purified. I never really thought that a pure wish was possible, after all, wishes are only selfish desires anyway." Kagome had said to the lord.

He just answered with his usual monosyllable 'hn' and let the conversation drop. Kagome however picked it right back up when she asked about how she was going to perform the blood bonding with Shippo.

"It is a simple task; all you must do is place a small cut on each of your palms and join hands. The blood of each other will circulate within you and you will change, turning into a demon of the species you adopt, in this case, kitsune. It will also make the kit one of your blood, your biological son." Sesshomaru had answered her.

Kagome and Shippo had decided it would be best to do the bonding outside, in case any unfortunate mishaps may occur. Sitting seiza across from one another Shippo had used his claw to make a cut on Kagomes palm then one upon his own palm. Joining them together, they both had made an almost identical plea.

'Please, please, let Shippo become my son.'

'Please, please, let Kagome become my new mama.'

A large light blue light that slowly began to shrink in size until it only covered the two joining hands consumed the clearing. Slowly, changes began to take place within Kagome. No longer had she the rounded human ears, but two soft, black, kitsune ears atop her head and a fluffy black tail at her backside. Small fangs replaced blunt human teeth as well as claws replacing fingernails. When the light disappeared, Shippo stared at Kagome as he took in her changes.

"You are a kitsune just like me momma!" Shippo had said excitedly as he noticed her ears and tail.

"So, I take it the bonding worked?" Kagome had asked as she examined her claws.

Sesshomaru glanced at the girl then the kit and took a delicate sniff. "It is so, miko. The kit is now yours by blood."

Kagome let out a delighted laugh as she hugged Shippo close to her. The mini celebration was cut short when she sensed youki coming her way at amazing speed. Clinching her eyes shut she braced them for the blow but it never came. Looking up she saw a shimmering blue barrier protecting them.

"Hn, it seems I was correct." Sesshomaru had said as he recalled his poison whip. "You seem to have retained your miko powers."

Kagome had just stared at him dumbfounded, but decided to let it slide. If he had really wished to harm her, he could have done it already. Looking to the rest of the group she smiled sadly, and they all understood what that meant. Walking up to Sango, she had given the slayer a fierce hug.

"I'll never forget you, sister of my heart, promise to give me loads of nieces and nephews, and great nieces and nephews, and great-great nieces and nephews…you get my point." Kagome had said with a tear-filled laugh, and Sango nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks as she hugged Kagome tighter.

"I'll miss you Kagome." Sango had said while choking back her tears and Kagome said she would miss her more.

"Miroku, you had better treat Sango right, you have been just like a brother to me these past three years." Kagome had said as she hugged the monk. "I'll never forget you, brother of my heart, and I will miss you just as dearly as Sango."

Miroku had just hugged her back, not even thinking to do anything inappropriate to the woman. "I will name our first girl after you." Miroku had said as he hugged her back. Nodding, she walked back to Shippo and took hold of his hand.

"Are you ready to go?" She had asked, and Shippo just nodded. Walking towards the well had given the group one final wave as a farewell before she and Shippo jumped through the well.

Now here she was, one year later, at her cousins' place, living the high life with her son. She had needed to get away from the shrine and all the painful memories that came with it. Her mother had been the one to suggest that she live in West City with her Aunt and Uncle, being as they had so much space. Her cousin, Bulma, was the one who was most excited about it. She loved her cousin Kagome dearly, and she could not wait to tell her of the adventures she had been part of in her youth. Kagome was excited as well; she wanted to share of her travels with Bulma. The first night of Kagomes stay there was spent swapping stories and explaining how she adopted Shippo.

Kagome was somewhat nervous when she told Bulma about her becoming a kitsune, but she had just gushed over how adorable she was with the ears and tail. Kagome made Bulma swear to secrecy about it, but other than that, the girls had spent the first couple of weeks shopping for clothing for Shippo. Bulma had insisted on shopping for Kagome as well, but she waved the offer off, she wanted Shippo to have a nice selection of clothing. That did not stop Bulma from secretly shopping for Kagome as well. The end of the third week had Kagome and Shippo living in a Capsule Corp home on Bulmas property, so she and Shippo could have their privacy.

After that, the months seemed to fly by for Kagome. She had enrolled Shippo into school and she had enrolled in classes at a nearby community college. If she had learned anything from the past, it was that she had a gift of healing, so she took any class in the medical field that she could. She just finished a course that would allow her to become a nurse so she was very excited. Bulma took Kagome out later that night to celebrate.

"Hey, I'm going to a reunion tomorrow afternoon, would you want to come along?" Bulma asked as she took a sip of her drink.

"Sure, it sounds like fun. Do you think Auntie would watch Shippo?" Kagome asked.

"Of course, she absolutely loves that child!" Bulma said. They continued their celebratory drinks on into the night, at least until the bar closed.

The next morning Kagome explained to Shippo that she was going to go with Bulma to the reunion and he was to behave for Mrs. Brief while she is away. Shippo grudgingly accepts and runs off to play while Bulma and Kagome pick through her wardrobe, finally just settling on a pair of wide leg jeans, a simple black fitted t-shirt, and a pair of white wedge sandals. Bulma rushed upstairs to get ready then they left in one of her capsule planes.

"Uh, Bulma, why do we need to use a plane?" Kagome asked as she boarded the small plane.

"Because, Master Roshi lives on an island in the middle of the ocean," Bulma said, when she noticed her confused face she continued, "Roshi likes his privacy, but be wary, he has a tendency to excessively flirt with pretty ladies, a habit he has yet to break." Bulma said with a laugh.

"Great, another Miroku, just what I need." Kagome said with a sigh, silently remembering her dear friend. The plane ride took no more than an hour tops, and when they touched down Kagome looked around the small island.

"Ah, what a beautiful view!" Kagome exclaimed as she admired the ocean.

"Not as beautiful as what I'm viewing." Came a male voice from behind Kagome. Kagome did not have a chance to retort before she heard her cousin scolding the male.

"Pervert! This is my cousin Kagome; she is off limits to you." Bulma said as she rushed and hugged Kagome protectively to her chest.

"He he, my apologies, I'm Master Roshi, I'm a martial arts teacher here at Kame house." Roshi introduced with a slight bow.

Kagome bowed back. "I'm Kagome Higurashi, average, everyday girl and aspiring miko."

"Miko eh, you don't see many of those now a days." Roshi said as he examined the girl. "Have you ever thought of training in martial arts?"

"I've got some experience in fighting; my friend Sango had shown me some things before…before I left." Kagome finished sadly. Roshi noticed the change in moods and quickly dropped the subject.

"Krillin is inside, boy it's been so long since I've seen you Bulma, but you look as beautiful as ever." Roshi said in an attempt of flattery.

"Oh you men," Bulma said looking away, "you're impossible."

"Guess you forgot about my truffles." Roshi said as he picked up his drink. "But that's okay, I'll forgive you." He finished as he took a drink. Bulma handed him a wrapped package.

"See, I didn't forget." She said with a laugh.

"Goodness, you're going to spoil this old man." He said with a laugh.

"Yeah yea, now let's go say hi to Krillin. I have not seen him in a long time." Bulma said as she dragged Kagome into Kame house. "Where is my favorite baldy at?" Bulma asked no one in particular as she entered the house.

"Hey Bulma! How've ya been? What's Yamcha been up to nowadays?" Krillin asked.

Kagome visibly braced for the storm that was about be unleashed on the poor fool. Kagome knew of Bulmas on again off again relationship to Yamcha, and they were currently off again. Kagome sighed as she saw her cousin visible stiffen.

"That idiot! He's playing baseball for one of the pro teams in the city, but he made me so mad that I didn't even tell him we were going to be here today. I'm through with him URGH! He took someone else out!" Bulma exclaimed angrily.

"Breaking up is hard to do." Roshi said to Krillin.

"I wouldn't know." Krillin answered.

"You asked for it, Yamcha is always a tender subject with Bulma." Kagome said to the two.

"Ah, who are you?" Krillin asked.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi, Bulmas cousin." Kagome said giving him a bow.

"I'm…I'm Krillin." He answered with a blush and Kagome just giggled.

"So, where is Goku at?" Bulma asked.

"Oh, he said he was going to be here, I guess he's on his way." Krillin said as he sat the box of truffles on the table.

"Goku? Who is Goku?" Kagome asked.

"Oh, he is the one I was telling you about when you first came to live with me." Bulma answered, but before Kagome could ask any more questions, she heard a voice holler on the island.

"Hey, is anyone home?" Came the male voice.

Bulma and Krillin rushed out the front door, both shouting Gokus name.

"Hey guys!" Goku said as he held up his hand in greeting, in the other he held a little boy, similar to him.

"Hey, who's the kid?" Bulma asked looking at the boy.

"Goku babysitting? Well I'll be darned!" Krillin joked.

"He's my son." Goku said while looking at the somewhat nervous little boy.

Krillin, Roshi, and Bulma all looked rather shocked at the turn of events. Kagome just looked at the father and son warmly, they looked like very happy together, it melted Kagome's heart.

"Pretty wild huh," Goku said with a laugh.

"Goku, he's adorable!" Bulma squealed in delight.

"Gohan, say hi." Goku encouraged from behind the boy.

"Hello, everybody." He said nervously with a bow, to which everyone copied and said their hellos as well.

"This is Gohan." Goku introduced.

Roshi looked thoughtful for a moment. "After your grandfather I take it."

"You're right." Goku said with a smile.

Bulma walked up to the little boy and knelt down towards him. "Hey Gohan, how old are you?" She asked kindly.

Gohan concentrated for a moment and counted on his fingers. "Five and a half." He said proudly.

She patted the little boy's head fondly. "Are you going to be a brave fighter like you dad?"

"Chi-Chi doesn't let him train when he's with her, but I train him anyway, he seems to enjoy it." Goku answered.

"I thought you and Chi-Chi got married?" Bulma asked.

"Well, that's what she wanted at first, but I asked if we could slow down. One thing led to another and she decided that I was not the right one for her, so she broke it off. Later she found she was pregnant with Gohan. I offered to marry her, but she didn't want to, she didn't even want to keep Gohan at first, but I convinced her. Now she plays a small role in his life, mostly just teaching him. She doesn't like the thought of another me running around causing trouble." Goku said while picking his son back up.

"I never really liked her anyway." Bulma said angrily and Goku just laughed nervously.

Kagome watched the two of them exchanging pleasantries while she continued to probe their aura. From what she could see and sense, they bother were very strong, but they didn't seem to be full earthlings. They seemed…different from what most humans felt like. It looked like Gohan had a tail, but that didn't mean anything, but what did mean something was that the ball atop his hat seemed to give her the same tingling feeling that the Shikon-No-Tama gave her.

Goku noticed the girl beside Bulma seemed to be analyzing him. "Who's that Bulma?" Goku asked.

"Oh, this is my cousin Kagome." Bulma said as she pushed Kagome forward.

Kagome stumbled a moment before straitening herself. "Err, yeah, I'm Kagome Higurashi, nice to meet you." She said with a bow.

"I'm Goku." He said with a smile. 'She has such blue eyes.' Goku thought, slight butterflies filling his stomach.

It was then Bulma took notice of Gohans tail. "He has a tail, like you did?" Bulma said, slightly alarmed.

Goku turned his attention away from Kagome to answer Bulma. "Yeah, he was born with it."

"Oh man," Bulma panicked, "Has anything strange ever happened to Gohan at night?"

"What do you mean?" Goku asked confused.

"What she means is has Gohan ever looked at the full moon?" Roshi said, just as panicked. Kagome just watched on in confusion.

"I don't think so?" Goku answered. "We go to bed pretty early, why?"

Roshi and Bulma tensed. "He-he, no reason."

"Oh hey, that's a real dragon ball on your hat, isn't it Gohan." Bulma asked the little boy.

"Yeah, he wants to meet the dragon, but he'll have to give his up if he wants to. That one belonged to my grandfather." Goku answered.

"What would you wish for Goku?" Krillin asked. That part caught Kagomes attention.

"You know, that's a good question, come to think of it, I don't want anything." Goku answered.

"Wish?" Kagome asked Bulma quietly.

"Oh yea, did I forget to tell you that? If you collect all seven dragon balls the eternal dragon will appear and grant you one wish." Bulma told Kagome.

"So it's like my Shikon-No-Tama then?" Kagome asked.

"No, it doesn't have to be a pure wish, but it does have to be within the power of the dragon."

"I see. Maybe that's why I am able to sense it as I do the Shikon." Kagome thought, mostly to herself.

"What would you wish for Kagome?" Goku asked.

"Hm…maybe I would wish to fly…I've always thought that would be cool." Kagome said with a laugh.

"I could always teach you how to fly." Goku offered.

"You know how to fly?" Kagome asked in awe.

"Oh yeah, it's easy!" Goku answered before he tensed. Roshi, Krillin, and Bulma looked at Goku confused.

"What is it?" Roshi asked.

"Man, something is heading straight for us!" Goku exclaimed. "I've never felt a power like this before."

Right about that time, Kagome seemed to sense it as well and took a slightly defensive position. Keeping an eye trained in the sky. Whatever it was, it felt malicious, and dangerous. Kagome watched as Goku and Krillin took defensive positions as well. 'This isn't good.' Kagome thought to herself, slightly panicked, as the power source seemed to come closer and closer to the tiny island.

"I see it!" Roshi shouted as he pointed towards a small black dot traveling rapidly to their location until it finally touched down in front of them.

"So we meet again at last." The male with long black hair said. "You've grown up, I've recognized you though, Kakarrot."

"Kakar…rot?" Goku said confused.

"That's right, that's your name." The man answered.

"Huh…who is this? I guess he's nuts." Krillin asked, standing straight.

"Kakarrot! What have you been doing here all these years?" The male asked agitated. "Your mission was to terminate all life forms on this planet, so why haven't you carried it out."

Goku looked at Roshi confused.

"Listen mister," Krillin started, "I don't know who you are but I think you've got the wrong party." Krillin said as he made shooing motions with his hands.

"Kuririn, watch out!" Kagome exclaimed as she sensed a major flux in the males' aura, but it seemed too late, the male had already brought his tail out and attacked him, sending him into the side of Kame house.

"Krillin!" Goku exclaimed as he turned back to face the male, taking notice of his tail. "A tail, he's got a tail too!"

"So you know who I am at last." The male said as he swished his tail back and forth.

"What are you talking about? I've never seen you before." Goku replied.

At that moment Gohan, who was back with Bulma and Kagome, became scared and rushed to his father. "Daddy!" Gohan cried in fear.

"No Gohan, get back, it's not safe here." He said to the boy.

"Hey, tell me, did you ever suffer a serious blow to the head when you were younger?" The male asked.

"Yes, I don't remember it well, but I did hit my head when I was a child." Goku said as Kagome and Bulma managed to pry Gohan away from his leg. "I still have a scar from where it happened."

"You fool! You forgot!" The male exclaimed angrily.

"I forgot what? Tell me!" Goku asked even more confused.

"Goku," Roshi interrupted, "There's something your grandfather told me that I think you should know. Your grandfather found a space pod, and inside it, there you were. He told me you were rather unruly as a child and unusually powerful for a child. You wanted nothing to do with Gohans kindness, then one day there was an accident. You fell into a ravine and badly injured yourself, but you recovered, and from that day on you became a happy loving boy."

"I'm from outer space?" Goku asked, mostly to himself. "Alright," Goku exclaimed as he pointed to the male. "Who are you and what do you want from me?"

"I want to put you to work." The male answered.

It was then that Krillin managed to pull himself from the side of the house. "Be careful Goku, the guys not normal."

"You are not normal either, my forgetful little friend." The male replied. "You were born on planet Vegeta; you are a space fighter, a Saiyan warrior, just like me. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Raditz, your big brother." He said with a smug grin.

The people on the lone island looked on in shock. "Goku…Goku has a brother?" Krillin said in disbelief.

"Why should I believe you?" Goku seethed.

"That's right, how is he from another planet when he is here on earth!" Krillin asked.

"That's simple," began Raditz, "We had desperate clients who were in need of a plant like this one. So Kakarrot was sent to take it over. You see, we Saiyans are like, planet brokers. We find planets that bring a high price in the galactic market, and send our warriors to take it over and make them ready for sale. We send strong fighters to planets with strong inhabitants, but for a planet like earth, only a babe was needed; you." Raditz informed Goku.

"If what you're saying is true, you Saiyans are an abomination. You're a space pirate, that's what you are!" Krillin exclaimed angrily.

"Don't get me mad." Raditz seethed. "Kakarrot, with the help of the full moon, you could have wiped this planet clean in a few years tops!"

"What's a full moon got to do with it?" Goku asked.

"What happened to your tail?" Raditz exclaimed when he noticed the appendage missing.

"My tail? Why?" Goku asked.

"Just answer me, now!" Raditz yelled.

"It was removed for good a long time ago." Goku answered.

"You…you fool! Do you know what you've done? Your true power is gone now!" Raditz seethed, Goku just looked at him confused. "You've lost your ability to transform at the full moon! Now I see how you could be on good terms with the pathetic humans!"

"Listen this is my home and these are my friends," Goku seethed, "So it doesn't matter what you say I am, besides, you don't sound like any brother I'd want to have."

Raditz just scoffed.

"My name is Son Goku, and I live here! Now leave us alone." Goku exclaimed.

"So baby brother wants to be left alone." Raditz mocked. "I can't allow that. Our home planed, Vegeta, was destroyed three years ago by a comet. All the inhabitants were exterminated, except for four of us, you, Kakarrot, are one of the four. You see, you are very valuable to us; we could use your help right now, little brother. We found a choice planet that will bring a premium rate, but the job requires a little more…man power than what we currently have, that's where you come in. Well now, what do you think?" Raditz asked with a smirk.

"I've had enough!" Goku exclaimed, and Raditz looked rather surprised at his outburst. Gohan clutched Kagome tighter as he watched with fearful eyes. "You don't have to worry about that, the answer is NO!" Goku said.

"Interesting…" Raditz said as he looked beyond Goku to Kagome and Gohan. "Now there's a true Saiyan, I'll take the boy instead, and my my, what do we have here? Such a lovely countenance." Raditz said as he walked towards Kagome.

Goku moved to stand in front of them. "We'll see." Goku seethed.

"I see the fire in you brother. You should come with us, it is in your blood; you love to fight. Now…" Raditz said as he stalked towards Goku. Before he could even move to defend himself Raditz landed a kick to Gokus abdomen, sending him to flying into the sand. He lay there, clutching his stomach in pain. Raditz took the opportunity to snatch up a fearful Gohan and a stunned Kagome.

"Kakarrot, listen carefully, I've got your boy and mate; while you think things over they will be spending some…quality time with me. I would love to get to know my sister-in-law and nephew." Raditz said with a dark laugh. "If you ever want to see them again you will do exactly as I say do you understand?"

Goku just grunted from his spot on the ground.

"Well good, I have a little exercise for you. Now then, eliminate one hundred earthlings by tomorrow, got it?" Raditz said with a sinister smirk. Bulma, Roshi, and Krillin just stood frozen in fear as Goku managed to grab ahold of Raditz boot.

"Please, just leave Gohan and Kagome out of this." Goku pleaded.

"I would if I could Kakarrot, but then there would be no guarantee that you would do as I request." Raditz said.

"Please, don't go." He pleaded to the male.

"Hn, look how pathetic you've become. Please brother, have some pride. You have until tomorrow, try and enjoy it." Raditz said as he flew off with Kagome and Gohan.

Goku watched as he flew away, screaming at him to bring Gohan back. He pounded at the waves mercilessly while the rest told him there was nothing they could do. Getting to his feet, he hollered for his nimbus. The others tried to persuade him not to go in his condition, but he ignored them, he had to get Gohan back and Kagome as well. They finally managed to get him to calm down long enough to convince him to think of a smart plan of attack. Raditz was too strong for Goku to take down by himself.

"I've got it." Goku said. "His tail, that's his weakness, remember how I was when someone took hold of my tail. It hurt, I couldn't even move.

"Yeah, but that guys strong Goku, do you think you will be able to grasp his tail?" Krillin asked concerned.

"No, not by myself anyway." Goku answered honestly.

"I wonder who would…" Krillin began nervously.

Roshi stood firm as he walked up beside Krillin. "Krillin and I are ready, we'll put that no good punk in his place."

"Well…there are three of us, so I guess it's possible…" Krillin said "But…uh…not likely…" He finished, just as nervous as before.

"Hey, if anything happens why don't I wish you back with the dragon balls?" Bulma asked, hoping to ease Krillins nerves.

"You've both been wished back by the dragon balls already, it wouldn't work." Goku answered sadly. "That's it; in this case it would be for keeps. The dragon won't grant the same wish more than once."

"Wow…what a bummer…" Krillin said.

"You guys should just stay here." Goku said.

"Psh, nonsense!" Roshi said.

"Yeah, you can count on us." Krillin added.

"No, I can't ask that of you both." Goku said sternly.

"I got it, why don't we gather the dragon balls and wish for the dragon to save the earth?" Bulma suggested.

Krillin looked at Bulma excitedly. "Yeah! Why not?"

"Krillin, we can't collect all the balls in a day." Roshi interrupted.

"Oh yea, that's right." Krillin said dejectedly.

"I say we go there and attack him head on, it's the one thing he'd never expect." Goku said as he began to walk off. "It might give us an edge, and we need everything we can get."

"But, how are we going to find him?" Roshi asked.

"I don't know, I haven't figured that out yet." Goku said sheepishly.

Bulma pulled out her dragon radar. "Gohan had a dragon ball on his hat right?" She asked while looking at the device, noticing a dot moving further away from their location. "That's them there." The group was ready to rush off once the dot stopped.

"You'll never succeed, you're too weak." Came a voice from above them.

"Piccolo!" Krillin shouted in surprise. "Great, what else could go wrong today?"

"I suppose you could get me angry." Piccolo said as he slowly descended to the ground.

"Why are you here…this is my island." Roshi said.

"That makes two uninvited guests." Piccolo said.

"Get to the point Piccolo; I don't have time for this." Goku replied agitated.

"Well it might be wise if you made some time." Piccolo shot back. "You three can't beat this guy, I've seen his power."

"Win or lose, we must try to stop him." Goku said.

"You're all being foolish. There's only one chance you'll beat him, and that's if I go with you." Piccolo said seriously.

They looked at him doubtfully.

"I know we're enemies, but listen. I want that guy out of the way because I have my own plans for taking over the world, and you want him out of the way so you can get your kid and that girl back. Therefore, I think it's best if we team up. Agreed?" Piccolo asked.

"Hold on, how do I know you're not going to turn on me." Goku asked.

Piccolo laughed. "Don't worry, there's plenty of time to deal with you, but only after our work is completed."

"I don't get you Piccolo, I don't see why you want to control the world, it's wrong, and you're wrong if you think you can beat me." Goku said. "But, in this case you're right. Let's team up. The enemy of my enemy is my friend right?"

"Alright then, let's consider it done, but after this is done, our alliance is terminated." Piccolo said.

With that and the dragon radar, Goku hopped onto his nimbus. "Think you can keep up Piccolo?" Goku asked.

"Please, I'd be embarrassed if you could keep up with me on that toy." Piccolo scoffed. With that the two headed off in the direction of the four star dragon ball.

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