Author's Notes: Written for TuesdayNovember's "Time" Challenge on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful forum.

This fortnight's challenge is 'times of day' (or night). For this challenge, I want you to set or focus your fic at a specific time, be that either an exact hour (X o'clock) or something more vague, like afternoon. The time can be either a prominent feature, or just a subtle reference, as long as it's included.

And, to return us to our challenge roots, so to speak, the word limits are either 100 or 500 words (give or take a few.)

Also written for femslash100 Challenge #304 – "Curve" – on Livejournal.

100 words.


Andromeda loved Lily like a little sister, and more. She was the one person who Andromeda felt knew her completely.

So she was the first person she told about her and Ted.

Andromeda made some excuse to get away from home and met Lily up on the moors and told her that she was going to marry Ted.

Though Lily's lips curved up into her beautiful smile, and she assured Andromeda that she was happy, so happy for them, Andromeda thought she would never be as happy with Ted as she was with Lily, there, together under the midday sun.