Finnthealgebraic is back yo! Thanks to my readers who inspire me oh so much, a third installment of the What Was Series is up! This might just be the most action and adventure packed story yet, dudes and ladies, soooooo... just read the first chapter and tell me what y'all think. But, to the first time readers, please read the first story "What Was Missing" and the second story "What Was Unnoticed" before engaging in this work. To my loyal fans, this is basicly the last chapter of What Was Unnoticed re-written with more detail for the kick-off. Speaking of kick-offs, since the Super Bowl is this sunday, I would like to see who you want to win! So hit the comment button and tell me who's it gonna be. No vandalizim to the opposing team, because I am warning everyone now no flames or "grammar and punctuation" corrections because they bother me. I am with the Patriots because I live in good old historical Massachusettes! Anyway, let's get to the story.


"What Was Unexpected"

Chapter 1- A Forced Surrender

"CANDY PARTY!" Yelled Finn as he and the group ran out of the lab and down to the celebration outside. Or at least everyone but Princess Bubblegum; nobody knew she had stayed behind.

She was searching around for Science. Something shifted slightly in the corner. Out of the corner of her eye she saw some boxes of sciencey stuff move. "S- Science?" PB whispered, then got a little scared when no rat scrambled happily towards her.

"Freeze." A man's voiced demanded. "Hands up." Then there was the sound of many guns being loaded. Armed lemon soilders stepped out from the shadows.

Her arms shakily rose into the air. It was a forced surrender- somthing Finn told her to never do. But she couldn't fight this time.

She had no help.

Everyone was at the celebration.

Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Ranicorn, Peppermint Butler, Marshall Lee, Marceline, the candy people, even the Ice King and Gunter were partying. For no reason at all, and just cause he is the best little thing, the Banana Man was there. Let's just say he couldn't resist dancing. But when he looked over and saw Jake and remembered that day, he went paranoid and bolted back to his dome shaped house "on the sun". People danced, lights flashed, music played; it was all fun. The kingdom was all together extremely ecstatic.

Cinnimon Bun was at the refreshment table, of course. "Hey, hey everyone!" He called to some of the people closer to him. "Everybody watch, I'm gonna do a flip!"

That poor fool; he actually flipped backwards right into the punch bowl. CB looked up and smiled at the people around him watching his stunt. They cheered and laughed, very amused. Else where, Finn and Jake danced with their limbs flying everywhere.

"Jake, this party is so crazy!" Yelled Finn to his buddy, doing somthing similar to the Science Dance.

Jake shouted back, "I know, Finn. I know! Ha ha!" Then he went over to dance with Lady Ranicorn. She said somthing to him.

"Yeah, I remember." He replied. She whispered another thing in Korean.

"Heh, heh... oh..." Jake laughed, embarassed.

Finn observed this and turned his head to the side, sticking his tongue out in disgust. "Squeek!" Suddenly, noise was heard from ground level. Finn looked down and exclaimed, "Science! We've got to get you to the princess. I bet she's missed you, girl. Where have you been?"

He picked up the rat and weaved through the crowd in search for the girl he liked, avoiding other flailing arms or legs, determined to locate her. But he couldn't. Where was she?... he kept looking. Finn was worried. Very worried. Was somthing else wrong? Had somthing happened to her? He searched harder, and more despretly. Finn started to sweat.

At the other side of the party, two vampires talked. Akwardly. There was silence until Marceline said, "You know, you're ok."

"Same to you, cool guy." Marshall complemented back with a small smile.

"I'm a girl, stupid." She corrected and jokingly laughed.


"A girl into you." She said, slipping her hand into his.

"Heh heh, w-what a coincidence... because I'm a guy into you, Marcy."

"That's one coincidence I can live with."

"Oh, really?"

Just as Marceline said that, there were screams near the front gate of the kingdom. Many footsteps followed the noise. A lot of footsteps, like an army. Then a fimilliar voice peirced the now silent air.

"Candy Kingdom! I am your new leader!" It was shrill and... actually, kind of crabby.

"Who said?" A brave soul rang out from the crowd. It was young and brave.

The Earl of Lemongrab spat, "Who- said- THAT?" With a narrowing of his eyes.

A blue figure stepped out from all the candy people. With a rat on his shoulder and both fists raised in righteous anger, he hissed, "I did." ... it was Finn. "Where is the princess, Lemongrab?"

"Ah, one of the nitorious ghost prankers. Oh, but where is your partner? I think I know..." Lemongrab turned around to his now army of more than three hundred rifle armed lemon men. "Bring the princess forward."

Two soilders stepped forward, holding chains. There, in the middle of the two, was a shakled Princess Bubblegum. "Finn..." she pleaded. "Save me."

Finn's face turned blank. "Poibles..." he wispered. "No. No..." Science had jumped off him and hid behind Jake's leg.

"Let- her- GO!" Finn screamed at the top of his lungs and charged at Lemongrab.