I love these types of logical puzzles and so decided to write one about Toriko. If you've never done one before, the idea is simple; using the clues provided match up four pieces of information, one from each set without using any twice, so that the results fit the clues provided. It's mainly done by process of elimination, but the trick is to work out what order to figure out the clues in so that everything makes sense. I've given you a hint at the bottom to start you off.

I'm going to put this up on Tumblr and FFN at the same time and see what people come up with. If you think you know the answer, send me a message. If you need a hint, leave me a comment. I'll post answers in about a week.

Also, thanks to Latenightiridescence for testing the puzzle worked for me :)

The Four Kings have travelled to the Green Hollow, a valley high in the Ripple Mountains, with Komatsu in tow. The plant and animal species that live there are reputed to be of great quality, and each member of the group is focussed on catching one ingredient in particular. Can you work out from these clues what kind of plant or animal each member of the group hunted for, how many samples of it they caught and how Komatsu decided that each ingredient should be prepared?








Pepper Mites (insect)

Sinewy Clover (plant)

Low Cloud Buzzard (bird)

Bombshell Pears (plant)

Tantrum Oryx (mammal)

Number of samples caught







Roasted over a fire

Deep fried

Eaten raw

Ground to powder


1. Komatsu and Coco spent easily 20 minutes defusing a fight between Toriko and Zebra; Zebra had boasted that he was the most successful hunter of the day, having caught 10 of his target ingredient. Toriko argued that, though he had caught fewer individual creatures, the animals he was hunting were bigger than anyone else's. Neither of them had been hunting a plant ingredient.

The argument was nipped in the bud when both were offered food and became distracted.

2. Komatsu was pleasantly surprised to find an ingredient of capture level 1 that he was able to gather all by himself. The Sinewy Clover had been given its capture level because the stems of the plant are extremely difficult to cut, but anyone with a Melk knife needn't worry about trifles like that! Komatsu gathered more samples of his ingredient than Sunny did, but not as many as Coco.

3. The Bombshell Pears don't fall from their tree, nor can they be picked. The hunter has to strike the trunk in exactly the right place to make the branches fire the fruit towards the ground at high speed, hence the name. Komatsu decided to make a classic desert dish by poaching the pears in wine.

4. The ingredient that Toriko caught was best cooked by his favourite method, that of roasting over an open fire.

There were 8 samples of the ingredient that would be ground into powder and used to season other foods.

The food that would be eaten raw was one of the plants.

5. The Tantrum Oryx has a high capture level as it is a large, strong, antelope-like creature with very sharp horns, prone to violent outbursts, and a cry that sounds rather like a whiny human voice saying 'It's not fair!' Due to these factors, the hunter who targeted them had a difficult task, and ended up catching only four animals.

6. Pepper Mites are tiny but very flavoursome insects that live in the bark of trees and are almost invisible to the naked eye. Coco, however, had little trouble spotting them and had tweezered up quite a few of them before the rest of the colony noticed his presence and vanished under the bark. Coco caught exactly twice as many samples of his ingredient as Toriko.

Can you work out the answers from these clues?

Hint: to begin with, work out how many Pepper Mites Coco caught.


Can the person who left an answer in comments PLEASE take it down, so other people can guess? If you think you know the answer then send me a message, please leave comments just for if people need a hint. I don't want to spoil it for anyone.