Transformers Prime: A Sparkling adveture

Sparkling= Baby


Energon a liquid or a solid they use for fuel or nourishment.

It was finally quite in the base Arcee, Optimus, And Bulkhead were all investigating some energon deposites and Bumblebee was in his room. "STUPID PRIMATIVE EARTH TECHNOLOGY!" Ratchet was yelling as a computer screen turned off.

"Oh the screen just needs to be replaced there should be a spare in the storeroom" Ratchet said to himself as he walked down the hall.

"Hi Watchet!" Bumblebee Buzzed happily as he was Hanging from his ceiling.

"…Yeah hi bee…." Ratchet said Ignoring Bumblebee. "Primus Why Is the door to the storeroom open doesn't anyone know how to shut doors there's things in here that bots and certain sparklings can't play with keep the door shut!" Ratchet said talking to himself yet again.

"Wratch talkin self gain?" Bee buzzed with a slight hint of laughter.

"Mind your own business!" Ratchet yelled back as he pulled what he needed out of the hall storeroom.

"Me no mean it" Bee buzzed in a soft tone.

"Yeah I know kid sorry for snapping at you" Ratchet said as he entered Bumblebee's room.


"sticky stuff in the storeroom brought it in my room maybe I walk on walls with this stuff and me did " "Bulkhead he always leaves the door open!" Ratchet yelled. "never mind that well get down from there!" Ratchet yelled staring at Bumblebee.

Bumblebee just gave ratchet a worried look of guilt "no can Wratch"

Ratchet now vibrating with anger "WELL OF COURSE YOU CAN'T GET DOWN!" Ratchet now screaming at Bumblebee.

"Can you hewp me down pwease?" Bumblebee pleaded tears now filling his optics


Bumblebee just winced when Ratchet yelled.

"primus help me!" Ratchet said walking out of the room.

"NO WATCHET PWEASE!" Bumblebee was now crying energon tears falling onto the floor below. Ratchet didn't say a word he just went straight to his lab and replaced the screen while Bumblebee continued to cry out Ratchets name.

"Argh I'm going to regret this" Ratchet sighed walking into the room were a crying Sparkling was hanging from the ceiling upside down. Ratchet stepped on a sturdy crate and poured a hot liquid on the part were Bumblebee's feet were glued to the ceiling.

With 15 seconds Ratchet heard a thump as Bumblebee Hit The Floor "OW WATCHET!" Bumblebee continued to cry.

"Hmm maybe I should have thought that through a little more" Ratchet said to himself stepping off the crate and onto the floor were Bumblebee was just picking himself up of the floor. "Come here" Ratchet said holding some cleaning fluid and some sort of wash cloth. "I have to wash your feet I put an acid them so the sticky substance would come off" Bumblebee hated anything to do with a wash he stared at Ratchet with tear filled optics. "Don't give me that look let me wash your feet" Ratchet said with anger as he walked towards Bumblebee. Bumblebee was slowly starting to walk backwards out of the room. "No it's going to get every were if you run arou…." To Late with that Bumblebee was down the hall and running towards the front door. While Bulkhead, Optimus, and Arcee were just stepping in the base from the door they saw a charging Bumblebee.

Ratchet wasn't to far behind "Get back Here!" Ratchet yelled then looked up to see the rest of the team

"NO!" Bumblebee managed to whimper a buzz.

"Grab Him!" Ratchet yelled at his comrades.

As Bumblebee was just passing his team mates Bumblebee squeaked as a strong pair of hands quickly grabbed him and pulled him up. The bot that was holding him turned towards the medic bay were Ratchet was waiting impatiently as they got closer Bumblebee could see a wrench in Ratchets other hand.

At that site Bumblebee Squirmed for his life trying desperately to get out of the gentle hands that were carrying him.

"NO NO NO!" Bumblebee yet again started to cry.

Ratchet just rolled his optics at the site of his tantrum as Optimus handed Bee to Ratchet Bumblebee stopped squirming and stayed limp in Ratchets arms staring up at Optimus with tear filled optics. "Finally now lets get you all washed up" The Medic said putting Bee on the med bay table. Arcee got ready to get catch a fleeing Bee but Ratchet just waved her off. "Don't worry he's not going anywhere" Ratchet said knowing Bumblebee cried himself into a light recharge. Optimus just smiled watching the tiny yellow bots optics flickering trying desperately to stay awake.

"So what happened with squeaky that you had to give him a wash?" The gaint green bot asked with a laugh.

"Oh are little bumblebee decided to go on an adventure into the storeroom found the sticky substance I use for cracks in armour and decided to paint his feet and his walls in it!" Ratchet said with a hint of anger.

"And you told me to come with you guys and leave him here to recharge Ha!" Ratchet scoffed

And the room filled quickly with giggles at Ratchets comment.

"I'm sorry old friend I did not know Bumblebee would be at that much trouble to handle" The prime apologized to his friend with a warm smile.

"He's still a sparkling you don't forget how he went back to back to the sparkling stage when he mixed my chemicals to gather that's why he's a sparkling once more and he hasn't been out on a mission since than"

"we just treat him like he's a soldier" the medical officer said to his leader.

"Yes but he is a strong sparkling and an excellent scout" the prime said to the medic

"Yes but he is a scout that is back in the sparkling stage" the medic corrected his friend.

"Optimus I have to agree with Ratchet he's done to much in this war for us and how is he paid for his heroic actions he gets his voiced robbed from him and leaving him for ever a mute" Arcee cut in.

"Arcee I agree completely with you and Ratchet 100% but I just don't know what to do with him how to keep him safe from harm and evil" the prime said with worry gathered in

his voice.

"So we protect him with all are spark" Arcee said in a very stern voice.

Optimus took what Arcee said and had it replaying in his head.

with that being said the prime walked down the hall and into his room to rest.

"So the little guy made you work did he?" Arcee said sitting next to the recharging sparkling.

"Of Cou…" Ratchet was cut off by the sounds of an alarm on the main screen.

"The con's never want us to take a break do they!" Bulkhead shouted throwing his arms up.

"Cons are hitting a rich energon source!" Arcee shouted to her comrades

The words alarming the prime as he came out to the main room.

The alarm woke up Bumblebee instantly "We can't let the decepticons get a hold of that energon autobots" The Primes booming voice echoed.

"Ratchet get the ground bridge" as soon as the prime finished his sentence the bridge opened and the autobots ran to the bridge.

Bumblebee wanted to come to so he quickly climbed off the berth and ran after his caretakers.

Just as Bee was entering the bridge he was pulled back and away from the bridge.

"aaaaaw" Bumblebee buzzed in a depressed tone.

"Your staying right here" Ratchet said hands on his hips staring down at the tiny bot.

Optimus turned around and stoped just before he could go through the bridge and watched as the medic stood over the sparkling.

"Optimus why are you stopping!" Arcee said anxious to go kick some con ass.

"Stay with Ratchet Bumblebee" Optimus said leaving the tiny bot with the medic.

Bumblebee just stared back into the medics optics as the bridge closed.

"tis cause I stuck to ceiwing?" Bee asked with guilt in his tone.

Ratchet let out a small laugh "No Bee that is not the reason…"

"What the reas…" Bee was cut off by Ratchet

"On that subject here lets go clean your room all of it the walls the floor and the ceiling" Ratchet said pushing the scout into his room.

Bee sighed and tried to scrub the floor and the medic laughed at the sparklings effort to clean up.

A few hours later after the sparkling told the medic he can clean all by himself.

Ratchet was in the main room in the med bay sterilizing some instruments.

"Watchet?" CLANG! "aah!… Bumblebee hi what's up sparkling?" Ratchet said as he picked up a tool he dropped.

" I can't weach ceiling " The bubbly scout buzzed.

"Oh ok I will come help you" Ratchet said heading towards Bees room leaving his tools.

As the bridge closed the tired trio went to the med bay for some energon and minor repairs.

Bumblebee ran up to the bots in the med bay greeting them with a cheerful buzz and happy glowing optics.

That just seemed to put a warm smile on every ones face. "Hello there bee" Arcee said in a friendly voice.

"Hi hi! Cee UP?" Bee jumped into Arcee's arms and hugged everyone in the med bay than quickly ran into his room.

Ratchet rolled his optics even though he did appreciate the hug "what a crazy little guy" Ratchet scoffed to the bots in the med bay handing them energon.

"Yeah but he's so adorable" Arcee said with a giant smile.

"Can't argue with that" Bulkhead agreed.

Optimus didn't say anything but nodded his head in agreement.

Later Arcee was in her room filling out some reports when she heard bubbly giggling coming from the next room.

the giggling stopped as soon as it started so Arcee continued to do her reports when the giggling started again. She decided to Investigate and when she did she found Bumblebee on his floor flat out on his stomach and continued to giggle non-stop If he had a mouth he would have a giant smile on his face but his optics said it all.

Arcee smiled warmly and entered his room and stared down at the bubbly bot on the floor.

"What are you doing you little psycho?" Arcee laughed

"cee...cee hi" Bumblebee managed to beep out through giggles.

"cee! wook what I do!" Bumblebee buzzed happily and did a handstand against a wall.

"Wow very impressive" Arcee said with a warm laugh.

Ratchet came into the room curious to what all the giggling was about.

"hi Watchet!" Bee laughed.

"So you didn't get enough time hanging upside did you?" Ratchet said sarcastically as he poked Bees stomach and watched Bee slide down the wall and onto his back laughing.

Optimus heard the laughter and also came in the room to find the tiny yellow bot lying on his back. Optimus smiled and walked in "what's going on I seem to be missing all the fun?".

"Bumblebee was just showing us how to hang upside down and not get stuck to the ceiling" Ratchet said with a smirk on his faceplate.

"hey!" Bumblebee buzzed with a giggle.

"aaaah!" Bee schreeched as Optimus grabbed his feet and pulled him up.

"me upside down!" Bumblebee laughed swaying his arms.

Optimus laughed at the tiny bots giggles and buzzes.

As Arcee and Ratchet both smiled and walked out of the room as Bumblebee watched their every move.

"go play" the prime said putting the bot down and giving him a little push towards the door.

The sparkling gave a cheerful chirp and quickly waddled over to a giant friendly bot and Blue and pink femme that was holding her welcoming arms out encouraging the tiny bot to walk.

The medic couldn't help but smile as he walked over to his leader "I know this is just a random outburst But I hope some day when he grows up that there will be no war for him to fight" The medical officer said as he watched Arcee grab Bee and placed him on his back on the ground and tickle him.

"I hope your right old friend" Optimus said as he watched Bulkhead join the tickle fest.

Later that Night when every bot was in recharge

Bumblebee quickly scooted off his berth and ran into Optimus's room and tried to quickly climb up onto the berth but had no success.

Then Bee finally got halfway up than tried to pull the bottom half of body up but was to tired to but he continued to try.

Bee squeaked as The bigger bot picked him up and placed him their own chest.

"what is troubling you sparkling?" the prime asked whispering

"Watchet has monsters in his room they come in vents in my room!" The tiny Bot said as tears started filling his optics.

"monsters?" The prime questioned

"yeah!" Bumblebee yelped

"Alright lets so what I can do about these monsters" The prime said putting the sparkling on the berth and headed for the door.

"Stay on the berth ok?" the prime said walking out the door.

Bumblebee nodded and curled up on the berth.

Prime started to enter Ratchets room when he heard Ratchet say get out of here!

Prime entered the already light room to see Ratchet swinging a crowbar at some rats.

The prime laughed at the scene.

Ratchet heard him and looked at him with the glare of death "what is it prime?"

"Nothing Ratchet just checking for monsters" the prime laughed and walked away back to his room.

"Nothing to worry about Bumblebee Ratchet has rats that's all" the prime smiled walking in to notice that no one was listening he looked on his berth to see a slumbering sparkling.

Prime swore if he smiled any bigger his faceplates would be sore for weeks. The Prime scooped the bot up and quietly lay back down and put the sparkling on his chest and smiled as the warm sparkling shifted on his giant chest and slowly fell back into recharge


"I'm right here no need to yell!" Arcee shouted back.

"he's in his play area" Arcee pointed to the sparkling in the corner of the room laying on the floor playing with his feet.

An alarm alerted everyone in the base.

"Decepticons are stealing information from a military base" The CMO said to his comrades.

"Open the ground bridge lets stop those decepticons!" Optimus roared and the femme and the bigger bot followed the leader through the bridge.

"what we do Watchet!" an enthusiastic Bumblebee buzzed.

"You can go for a recharge I've got work to do" Ratchet said not even looking at the other bot in the room.

"but me no tired" Bee whined.

"Don't whine!" Ratchet snapped.

"me tired of recharge" Bee complained.

"go for a dwive?" Bee suggested excitedly.

"no your energy levels are getting low go take a stasis nap" The medic demanded.

"after?" Bee asked yawning.

"we shall see" the medic said examining some tools.

Hours later

Bumblebee flickered on his optics from recharge he slowly jumped off his berth and ran down the hall running towards Ratchet who was doing formulas Bumblebee just ran out from the hall way and was grabbed form behind and thrown up into the air he as Bee giggled madly he finally on the third toss got a look at his suspect.

"hey you little monster where are you off to?" Prime cooed

"Watchet!" The small bot giggled.

Prime placed Bumblebee down, and Bumblebee ran towards the medic just before he could get to the medic he tripped over his own feet Optimus and Ratchet both watched with giant optics Bee slid half way across the room and land on his stomach.

"Aw you poor thing!" Arcee said shocked at what just happened she quickly picked up the now tear filled optics Sparkling. She held him on her chest and rubbed his back trying to sooth him. "shh it's ok" Arcee said in a soothing voice Bumblebee was buzzing watery buzzes and whirs as he calmed down.

"Cee Down" Bee Buzzed after a few minutes.

With a small laugh and a warm smile Arcee wiped his last tears away and put him back on his feet. And watched him waddle over to ratchet.

"I guess you learned you can't go very far yet better stick to crawling" Ratchet said picking the Sparkling up and examining him for any damage he had from his fall.

"only some minor scrapes and dents nothing serious" The CMO said with a smile.

"Watchet dwive?" Bumblebee Whistled.

"aaaaw dam he remembered" Ratchet said rolling his optics.

"hmm according to my scans you haven't had some low grade in a while nobody seems to remember you need to be fed!" Ratchet said glaring at Arcee and Bulkhead.

"I shall take him off your servos while you get him some low grade" Optimus said as Ratchet handed Bumblebee to him.

Bumblebee buzzed and clicked and chattered while he put his little servos all over primes face.

Prime smiled and nipped at the fingers near his mouth.

Bumblebee gasped and giggled at prime nipping his fingers and continued to high five the primes face.

"Ratchet quickly he's getting antsy" the prime said avoiding getting poked in the optic.

"here" Ratchet said handing the prime a small bottle of warm liquid.

The sparkling impatiently reached for the bottle the prime smiled and placed the bottle in a small opening in the sparklings faceplate probably were his mouth would be.

Prime watched as the sparkling drank greedily from the bottle.

About half way through the bottle Bumblebee pushed it away not wanting anymore and spit up some excess fluid all over himself.

Optimus smiled at the site and was thrown a cloth as it landed on his head to wipe up Bumblebees mess.

Wiping Bee all clean Bumblebee giggled and chirped while prime finished wiping him up.

"Ratchet were do you want this cloth?" The prime asked his old friend

"uh just over there on the table I'll deal with it later" The medic said in his occupied voice.

Prime looked back in his arm to see a humble slumbering sparkling the prime smiled watching the sparkling twitch in his arm. As he walked back to his room to get some reports done.

A few hours Later there was a familiar sound of a chattering clicking sparkling heard through out the base "Watchet?" the tiny sparkling asked

"yes?" Ratchet answered in an annoyed tone.

"Dwive?" The bot buzzed.

"STILL?" The medic asked surprised.

"aw Come on Ratch just take him with you when you go on patrol" The green bot said happily.

"as much as your suggestion is clever I don't go on patrol today only you and Arcee today" Ratchet said in his normal gruff voice.

"ok well than me and Arcee will take him" Bulkhead quickly answered.

"hmm I don't know" The CMO said not very confident about bulkheads answer.

"Aw it's just patrol nothings going to happen the only thing horrific that happens is the amount of bugs that hit my windshield" The giant said jokingly.

"yeah whatever go" the medic sighed.

"alright come on Bee lets go for a drive" The green giant said plucking the sparkling off the floor.

Arcee just rolled her optics and walked towards the door waiting for her team mate to join her on patrol.

Bulkhead walked towards the door with the sparkling and smiled at Arcee.

"Can we go now!" The femme asked impatiently.

"yep!" The joyful giant said Transforming.

"Bee stay still!" Bulkhead giggled as Bee moved in the giants interior watching the motorcycle drive beside them.

"hi cee!" Bee buzzed waving to the motorcycle that beeped back.

"There's two spark signals coming your way you two!" the familiar voice of a medic came over the com.

"how'd they find us?" Bulkhead asked in an alert voice.

"you found them your near one of their energon mines" the voice came back on the com answering Bulkheads question.

"great well I guess the cons aren't going to let us retreat in peace?" Bulkhead asked sarcastically.

"YEAH MORE LIKE PIECES!" Arcee yelled as she dodged a missile from a large con that went by the name breakdown.

Bumblebee fell of the seat he was in and onto the floor of Bulkheads vehicle mode.

Bulkhead tried desperately to dodge missiles and not frighten Bee at the same time.

Bee whimpered as was tossed from one side to the other in Bulkhead

"Bulkhead I could use some backup!" Arcee said dodging punches from con drones that joined their fellow cons.

"yep I'm on it hang on a sec!" Bulk said as he quickly drove behind a bolder transformed and placed a tiny yellow sparkling on the ground.

"stay here don't move I will be right back" Bulkhead said firmly and ran off to join his team mate in combat.

Bee whimpered and peeked around the bolder to see what his caretakers were doing.

Bulkhead easily bulldozed through ten con drones.

Arcee kicked down three drones and fired at several coming her way.

"Well aren't you two productive!" a voice growled from behind Knockout out and Breakdown who were watching the drones get beaten to death.

" Starscream! Oh uh we were just observing the autobots and waiting for the right moment to strike the" The red bot quickly lied.

"Nice excuse!" The seeker snapped watching the same battle.

Bee Whimpered noticing the scary bots where awfully close to stepping on him.

"What was that?" The seeker snapped at the sleek muscle car.

"I didn't say a thing Starscream" the bot quickly answered to the temperamental seeker.

"Breakdown you have something to say!" The aggravated Fighter jet asked.

"No I didn't say anything!" Breakdown said not wanting to join the conversation.

"opt" Bee Whimpered backing crawling away from the evil bots.

"Well isn't that something" The seeker smirked and pushed through Knockout.

Bee squeaked when claws plucked him up from the ground.

"well well look what we have here a sparkling" The seeker laughed as he brought Bee in front of his face.

"OPT!" managed to screech from his vocal processor.

"Lets Take him to lord Megatron" Knockout said as winced at the screech that came from the sparkling.

"Agreed" Starscream said and took off with the sparkling as his comrades followed.

"NO!" Arcee shouted at the scene of Bee being taken away.

She rapidly fired at the ones who took the sparkling Bulkhead turned and fired as well but were interrupted by cons that flew in front of them and fired shots at them.

As the two auto bots quickly took down the cons that attacked them

They looked to see the cons that took the sparkling were no where to be seen.

"DAM IT!" a frustrated Arcee cursed.

"Con scum!" Bulkhead shouted angrily.

At the base Optimus was looking around the base for a certain tiny bubbly Sparkling

"Optimus may I ask what you are doing" Ratchet asked curious to what his leader was doing.

"oh I was looking for Bumblebee he wasn't in his room recharging" the prime laughed.

At that moment Arcee and Bulkhead came speeding in and transformed with guilty looks on their faces.

Optimus walked up to his troubled looking comrades "something happen on your patrol?"

Bulkhead put his head down not able to stare his leader in the optics.

Arcee looked away slightly with a devastated look "Bumblebee…"

She started almost tearing up.

Ratchet looked up from the tools he was working with hopping to not hear the words that he knew was going to come out of Arcee's mouth.

"Bumblebee what?" The prime asked concerned

"Bumblebee was taken by those horrid cons!" Arcee finally chocked out the words.

Ratchet just lowered his head and closed his optics.

"How!" The Prime asked surprised at what the femme said.

"we took him on patrol with us I didn't think the cons would attack us they usually don't on patrols" Bulkhead quickly said with worry in his voice.

"Why didn't you tell me I would have accompanied you!" The now frustrated prime snapped at his soldiers.

"It's not their fault I gave them permission to which I know was wrong when I didn't tell you" The CMO said with a guilty look.

"I'm disappointed in all of you but right now are biggest priority is getting Bumblebee back" A disappointed prime said Transforming "show me where he was taken"

On The Nemesis

"What do you want Starscream!" Megatron roared at his second in command.

"I have something that might bring of great interest to you my lord" The seeker said sinisterly. Both leader and second command of the decepticons walked down the hall into a room where Soundwave was watching something on the medical berth.

Megatron walked right up beside Soundwave and looked at the tiny creature on the berth

"uh the youngling of the autobots" Megatron said in a sinister voice.

"he's a sparkling now?" Megatron asked confused slightly.

"yes it seems that some how he went back to sparkling stage and has no memory of the war or of us" Knockout explained in a clear voice.

"Oh really!" Megatron Hissed with an evil smile

"do you have any further Imformation?" Megatron asked.

"Besides him being abnormally small Yes actually" Starscream answered.

"go on" Megatron said calmly waiting for an answer.

"We strongly Believe that this is Optimus primes Sparkling" Starscream said in a deep dark voice.

Megatron evil Smile grew larger at hearing that "Oh Optimus you are so foolish as to have a sparkling during a war what were you thinking" Magetron Laughed sinisterly and picked up the slumbering sparkling and walked out of the medical room.

"don't you think it's a bit odd that we have a science lab in the medical bay?" Starscream asked.

"No why?" Knockout asked half interested in what the seeker said.

"oh no reason" The seeker said walking away.

"Opt?" Bee buzzed as his optics flickered back on from his recharge.

"No Uncle Megatron" Megatron said with a evil smile.

Bee Jumped at seeing this bots face and backed into one of the bots claws.

Megatron laughed at seeing the shocked optics on the sparklings face.

"opt no tell Bee have uncwe" Bee whistled at the bot and crawled back into the palm of the larger bots servo.

"Of course he didn't he can be very forget full at times" Megatron said to the sparkling.

"he can?" Bee Buzzed Tilting his head slightly.

"Oh Yes he Can and at some point the will forget all about you sparkling" Megatron said sinisterly.

"no! opt never forget bee!" Bumblebee cried through a watery buzz.

"Oh yes sparkling he's probably doesn't even know your missing" Megatron said upsetting the sparkling even more.

Tears running down Bumblebee's face plate he jumped as the door opened and Bee looked to see a very slim scary looking con.

"have you connected to them yet Soundwave?" Megatron asked not even looking at the door to see who it was.

The con in the doorway nodded and waved for Megatron to come out of the room.

Megatron got up and handed a Crying Bumblebee to soundwave and walked down the hallway.

"Watch the sparkling while I have a Chat with his daddy" Megatron said in a deep dark voice.

The con holding Bee just stood in the hallway and watched Megatron enter a different room.

As soon as Megatron disappeared The con turned and walked down the hall and into another room filled with giant screens and buttons.

The con sat on a berth in the room and held a crying Bumblebee close to his chest and rubbed The sparklings back.

Bee calmed down and hid his face in the bots chest the con kept rubbing Bee's back making bee feel a little more comfortable.

"Optimus how nice to hear your voice" Megatron said sarcastically to a screen.

"Megatron You have something that doesn't belong to you!" The familiar voice of a heroic leader.

"Oh do I now?" Megarton said sarcastic again.

"DON'T PLAY STUPID WITH ME!" the angry voice of the prime came through the com.

"Oh right you mean your tiny sparkling Optimus? May I ask you why you had a sparkling during a war?" Megatron sinister voice echoed in the autobot base.

Optimus looked Behind him to see a look of shock on his autobots.

Turning back to the screen "we're getting off the subject" the prime said in a stern voice.

"Oh touched a nerve there did I?" Megatron laughed.

The con wiped the last tears off of Bumblebee's faceplate and tilted bee back in his one servo and used one of his fingers from his other servo to tickle the sparkling.

Bee screeched and giggled curling up into a ball and tried to push the finger away

The bot let out a slight laugh and let the sparkling cool off.

Bee rolled over onto his stomach on the hand and looked around.

"dis you room?" Bee buzzed curiously and looked back at the bots face.

The bot nodded and brought Bee up to his face. Bee giggled and pressed his helm up against the cons the con let out another quite laugh and rubbed his helm against Bees.

Then lowered bee back down to his chest Bee then threw his arms around the cons neck

And warmly chirped and clicked the con put his other hand on Bee and began to rub the sparkling back again.

"If you wish to see your sparkling alive I suggest you collect enough energon to match the amount you blew up In my decepticon mines you have two days" Megatron said with out a single change in his evil tone.

"two days that's insane!" A medical officer yelled over the com.

"Two days or never see the sparkling again those are your only choices!" Megatron snapped.

"We will find a way to collect the energon Megatron we will contact you when we have done so" The Prime said in a clear serious tone.

"Two days" Megatron abruptly ended the call.

Autobot base

"Optimus how are we to collect that much energon in three days!" Arcee asked with anger and concern in her voice.

"Two… two days" Bulkhead corrected Arcee turned and gave him an nasty glare.

"Optimus we don't have the time or even a source how are we going to do this?" a medic desperate for an answer asked his leader.

Optimus just stared at the medic "that's crazy we would offline in we took that much energon from ourselves!" The CMO snapped at the prime.

"Than we better start searching for a source then" the Prime said walking towards the door.


"Soundwave!" a seeker yelled as he invaded the cons room.

Soundwave quickly shushed the seeker and pointed to a slumbering sparkling hanging onto his neck.

"stop coddling that sparkling and go do monitor duty it's your shift!"

The con got off his berth and walked past the seeker into the hall were Megatron was standing.

"I'll take the sparkling off your servos while you go do your shift" the seeker said reaching for the sparkling.

Soundwave quickly backed away from the seeker shielding the sparkling from the seekers claws.

"Soundwave!" The seeker called out in anger. That caught Megatrons attention

"whats going on here?" he asked in a not amused at all.

"Soundwave won't give me the sparkling!" The seeker whined.

"have you looked at your self I wouldn't give you the sparkling either" Megatron laughed.

"very funny Give me the sparkling Soundwave!" the seeker now angered at the comment yelled waking an unpleased Bumblebee That started cry.

A hunched over Soundwave now angry Starscream for waking the sparkling kicked the seekers shin "Ow you ass!" The Seeker yelled at the faceless con.

"ENOUGH!" an unpleased Megatron yelled at his two cons that were acting like idiots.

"Starscream leave him be! It's just monitor duty you stare at a screen and press buttons!" Megatron yelled at his second in command as whacked him upside the head.

"Yes sorry my lord go on your way to your duties Soundwave" The seeker said rubbing his head.

Soundwave turned and walked away towards the intelligence room Bumblebee hid his faceplate that was covered in tears in Soundwaves chest.

Soundwave calmly entered the room where there was four con drones each working on a different screen they turned to see who entered the room and watched as the faceless con walked in carrying a whimpering sparkling.

The drones gave each other a look and returned to their duties Soundwave shook his head thinking to himself how pathetic the drones were.

As Soundwave rubbed the sparklings back calming Bee down bee looked up at the faceless caretaker and tried to smile but having no mouth it didn't work very well

Soundwave laughed at the sparklings effort knowing how the sparkling felt since he didn't have a mouth either.

"what are you laughing about?" a drone asked another

"I didn't laugh what the hell are you taking about?" the drone he asked answered trying to focus on his work.

"you laughed don't pretend you didn't" the drone that asked said angry at the other drone.

Bee than stood up on Soundwave"s servo "he no waugh uncwe Soundwave Waugh" Bee chirped to the con drone

Every drone in the room looked at Soundwave who quickly cover the entire sparkling with his hand and shook his head at the sparkling and then quickly snapped his head towards the cons that were staring at him.

They quickly turned back to their work not wanting to be killed by the faceless cons wrath Soundwave slowly uncovered the sparkling and stared at him.

"uncwe mad at bee?" Bee buzzed sadly Soundwave shook his head and put his head against the sparklings and his helm against the sparklings that giggled bubbly.

Bee than sat back donw on the cons hand and watched the screen that had various moving things on it. Bee then turned and looked up at the faceless con and whimpered Soundwave looked down at the sparkling that looked upset Soundwave took one of his masive fingers and rubbed the sparklings cheek plate trying to ask what's wrong.

"me hungy" Bee buzzed with big adorable watery optics.

"yeah uncle Soundwave the sparkling's hungry you better feed him" A very sinister con said.

Soundwave turned his head to face the con who spoke to him Bumblebee tried to hide behind one of Soundwaves fingers after he got a good look of the sinister con.

"uh isn't that the autobot bug?" the sinister con expressively spoke.

"I heard he was a sparkling" the sinister voice echoed through the room.

Soundwave walked out of the room and past the con femme ignoring every comment that came from her.

"ha you'd make a good mother Soundwave" the femme con laughed

Soundwave just threw his head back and sighed quietly and kept walking down the hall.

Soundwave looked back down to see a wrestles sparkling sitting in his hand Soundwave poked the tiny bots stomach telling him to be patient Bee giggled and nodded as if reading the cons mind.


"Agh Theres nothing but scrap in this old mine!" an irritated blue and pink femme bot shouted throwing a small piace of energon at the mine wall.

"Arcee don't throw a fit we need all the energon we can get now go pick up that piece of energon you threw!" The irritated medic said.

"yep what ever!" Arcee said throwing her arms up.

"Founf some but not much" Bulkhead said as punched a hole in the mine wall and pulled a piece of energon out.

"Autobots I know we're all frustrated with the situation but we have to keep trying" the strong leader begged his autobots.

"I know all I want is to have that bubbly little sparkling in my arms" Arcee chocked out

"ME….TO!" Bulkhead said jumping up and down in one spot.

"Bulkhead what are you doing?" Arcee yelled running up to Bulkhead.

"I'm trying to get this piece of energon on the ceiling!" Bulkhe said still jumping up and down

"You can just.." Arcee was cut off suddenly by the ground collapsing from beneath their feet.

A shocked Optimus and Ratchet ran towards the hole where the two bots were arguing

"are you guys alri.." now Ratchet was cut off By a grumpy femme.

"ARG! BULK…HEAD…GET…OFF!" Arcee struggled to say the words since she just ate a bunch of dirt.

"oops sorry" Bulkhead said quickly jumping to his feet.

"you Big idiot!" Arcee said picking herself up from the ground.

Ratchet rolled his Optics as Optimus just Laughed "Are you two ok?" the medic asked again.

"yeah we're.. Primus!" Arcee said interrupting herself.

"What what is it!" The medic asked with worry building in his voice.

"we just found enough energon to collect for are selves and the cons!" Bulkhead said enthusiastically.

"well then we're glad you guys fell down there lets get this energon and get Bumblebee back!" The leader said with joy coming back into his tone.


"hi there Soundwave" Knockout said sarcastically

Soundwave gave him a half wave as he walked in the med bay.

"what brings you here Megatron?" Knockout asked slightly annoyed that cons think they can just walk in at anytime they wanted.

Soundwave pointed to the sparkling in his hand "the sparkling brought you here?" Knockout asked.

Soundwave face palmed and then poked the sparkling than pointed to knockout.

"hungy" A now Starving Bumblebee whimpered.

"Oh and what you want me to warm up some low grade for you is that it?"

Soundwave nodded to knockout

"yeah well I'm busy!" Knockout snapped at Soundwave.

Soundwave just walked right in front of Knockout an inch away from his face and pointed to where they kept the energon.

"busy helping you feed a sparkling" Knockout grined and sidestepped his way over to the energon and quickly worked on making an energon bottle small enough to give to Bumblebee.

"I'm almost finished Soundwave don't you worry ill be done before you can say…well never mind" Knockout said quickly finishing the bottle and warming the low grade.

"there all done one extra small low grade not to hot not to cold" Knockout said his face in front of Bumblebee's tiny frame.

Bumblebee happily purred and patted Knockouts face with his tiny servos.

"huh cute little thing aren't you" Knockout said smiling as he poked the sparklings stomach making both the sparkling and himself giggle at that Soundwave snatched the bottle out of Knockouts servo and glared at him.

"geez I'm sorry mother Soundwave" Knockout said turning around and going back to his work.

Sounwave just turned and walked out of the room and into the hall then looked down to a hungry sparkling that was eagerly trying to grab hold of the bottle.

Soundwave quietly laughed and tilted sparkling back in his arm and fed the sparkling

And jumped when a voice come on ever the ship intercom.

"Lord Megatron Optimus prime and his slaves said they have salvaged the energon you asked them to get" The familiar voice of a sinister seeker said.

Soundwave looked down at the sparkling that was pushing away the half finished bottle.

Soundwave just shrugged and moved the bottle away as Bumblebee spat up some excess fluid all over his tiny frame.

Soundwave started to wipe the fluid off with his finger and turned as the door next to them opened and The not so friendly seeker came out.

"well it looks like you have to give up that sparkling mother Soundwave!" The seeker laughed sinisterly.

Soundwave flung the excess fluid at Starscream getting it all over the seeker.

"EW SOUNDWAVE THAT'S DISCUSTING!" the seeker whined at the faceless con.

Bumblebee bounced up and down laughing at the seekers freak out.

"Why you little!" Starscream snapped reaching for the sparkling but failed to grab him when Soundwave moved his hand away.

"Good looks like your forgetful daddy remembered the deal a made with him" Megatron said as he walked past and grabbed Bumblebee out of Soundwaves hande and walked to the outside deck of the ship.

Bee surprised at this looked over Megatron's shoulder and tried to reach for back for his newly adopted Uncle Soundwave.

"uncwe Soundwave!" the sparkling wailed threw buzzes.

"Stop that!" Megaton said moving the sparkling down more.

Bee just peeked around from Megatron's massive arm "wave…" Bee whined out a watery buzz with tears pouring down his faceplate.

Soundwave stood dead still as he watched Megatron take away the one thing that actually brought him joy for once. "humph looks like your precious sparkling is going back to his real caretakers he doesn't need you anymore" The seeker said with a smirk.

Soundwave grabbed the seekers throat and pulled him close to what would be his face.

"Sou…Sound…Soundwave don't Please!" The seeker begged the faceless con.

"STARSCREAM GET OUT HERE!" Megatron Yelled from outside.

Soundwave Threw Starscream all the way outside and flew past Megatron and The Autobots that were coming threw a ground bridge with a whole bunch of energon.

"was that just who I think that was?" Arcee asked as she helped push the crates of energon further on the ship.

Megatron angered by the seen accidentally dug one of his razor sharp claws into the sparkling he held and rolled his Optics and sighed.

Bee just squealed in pain as energon started leaking from his side.

"Megatron here's your energon now give us Back the sparkling!" The prime roared in a stern voice.

Megatron walked over to the crates of energon to and checked to see if actual energon was there and not rocks or dirt.

"well well you never cease to amaze me you can have your precious sparkling back!" Megatron snapped and abruptly tossed the sparkling to the prime who cought the sparkling gently.

"But! I can't guarantee you will get him back the next time my decepticons find him I just might keep him and raise him to be a decepticon he seems to have quite a bond with one of my cons"

Arcee and Optimus both drew their swords at the last comment Megatron said topped them off.

Megatron laughed at them.

"Optimus Arcee we don't have time for this you have 15 seconds go back through the bridge now!" A medic shouted through their com.

The auto bots turned and run back through the space bridge.

"that's right little Autobots retreat" Megatron laughed as Starscream was climbing back up on the ship deck a beeping came from the energon beside Megatron "huh! Those sneaky sons of!" Megatron said and took of into the skies just missing the blast from the explosion and Starscream was again flung off the ship.

A few days later

"He just keeps himself locked up in his room all day if Megatron has nothing for him to do" Knockout said to Breakdown.

"Huh I guess the little sparkling leaving really did shatter his spark" Breakdown laughed.

"A The sparkling was actually pretty cute" Knockout mentioned.

"agh you've gone soft!" Breakdown scoffed.

"I'm not! Soundwaves the one moping around cause the sparklings gone not me!" Knockout quickly defended himself.

Back at the Autobot base

"hey you ever wonder what decepticon had the soft spot for sparklings?" Arcee asked as Bee sat in her lap and giggled while she played with his arms.

"yeah I do" The prime answered smiling at his sparkling.

"your thinking that what ever con it was would consider changing sides aren't you" Arcee asked with a smile.

"No well maybe" The prime said with a soft laugh.

Arcee lifted Bee up in front of here and laughed when he squeaked.

"So who was the big bad con that took care are little Bee?" She asked jokingly.

"Uncwe Soundwave!" Bee bubbly whistled.

Arcee almost dropped Bee from the shock But quickly put him on her lap.

"SOUNDWAVE!" Optimus and Arcee Both stared at each other as Ratchet and Bulkhead rushed in.

"Soundwave what were!" Bulkhead asked Ratchet looked on the monitor for any signs of the con.

"Soundwve was the one that had a soft spot for Bee…." Arcee burly got the words out.

Bumblebee just stared at everyone in the room everyone of them had jaws hanging.

"BEE WOVES! EVEYBODY!" Bumblebee Buzzed breaking the silence and everyone in the room turned to The sparkling who loved them they smiled "Love you to Bee!" Everyone giggled out.