"We be back late tomorrow" Optimus told Soundwave.

"Ok" Soundwave nodded.

"Ok be good don't cause any trouble for Soundwave" Optimus told a shaky Bumblebee who was sitting on the couch pouting.

"I wanna come with…" Bumblebee whined.

"We won't be long and you would get bored if you went" Optimus explained to the pouting sparkling/youngling.

"But the Sunny n Sides are goin they fun" Bumblebee continued to whine.

"Why are we going again?" The twins sighed.

"Yeah but you get to spend time with Soundwave" Optimus smiled and gestured to the faceless mech.

"Ok" Bumblebee chirped jumping of the couch and walking up to the ex con.

"Don't worry I'll make sure he stays out of trouble" Soundwave laughed.

"Why does I have to be watched?" Bumblebee asked the two.

"Because your.." the medic was interrupted

"Your to young" Optimus told the shaky sparkling as he patted Bee's helm.

"Am not!" Bumblebee complained folding his arms.

"ok see you two tomorrow" Optimus said as he followed the rest of the bots through the bridge.

"Isn't it cause his processors reverted him back to a sparkling?" Sunstreaker asked.

"Wow you actually listen congratulations" Ratchet sarcastically cheered.

"Well is it?" Sunstreaker asked annoyed.

"yes so technically Optimus is right" Ratchet rolled his optics.

"So sparkling what you wanna do?" Soundwave asked turning around to see the sparkling gone.

"Crap…" Soundwave sighed to himself looking around for the sparkling.

"Optimus you haven't happened to have seen Bumblebee have you?" Soundwave asked over the COM.

"No if your playing hide n seek tag he's most likely in a storage crate" Optimus explained as agent fowler waited for Optimus to bored the aircraft carrier.

"I'm not playing Hide n Seek" Soundwave panicked.

"No I haven't seen him" Optimus answered in a concerned tone.

"I haven't seen him either" Soundwave was getting very panicky.

"What is the worried look for Optimus?" Ratchet asked walking up to the prime.

"Bumblebee is missing" Optimus told the medic.

"Wow not even an hour and Soundwave already lost the sparkling" Ratchet sighed.

"What Bumblebee's missing" concerned twins asked.

"I didn't lose him!" Soundwave argued over the COM.

"Soundwave I'm sure you didn't you will find him" Optimus told upset mech.

"What's going on?" Arcee asked walking over to the four mechs.

"Soundwave can't find Bee" Sideswipe explained.

"check topside he likes to watch the sunset" Arcee remembered when the team couldn't find the sparkling.

"There you are sparkling you scared the hell outa me!" Soundwave told Bumblebee as he picked him up off the ground.

"Wave!" Bee chirped and giggled as he was hugged by the faceless Autobot.

"why I scare you?" Bee clicked.

"tell me when you want to come up here so I know where you are" Soundwave told the shaky sparkling.

"K" Bee squirmed in Soundwave arms.

"why are you so squirmy?" Soundwave questioned.

"Wave…" Bee squirmed in discomfort.

"yes?" Soundwave asked as he cradled the squirming sparkling.

"down…" Bumblebee whimpered.

"but I just picked you up" Soundwave cooed at the sparkling.

"down!" Bumblebee continued.

"Fine fine ok geez…" Soundwave sighed placing Bumblebee down on his wobbly legs.

"So what you want to do sparkling Soundwave asked ready to walk down into the base and turned to see Bumblebee sitting on the ground.

Bumblebee happily chirped and clicked as he sat on the dirt ground and made piles of dirt.

Soundwave sighed and calmly walked up to the clicking sparkling "See this is I'm going to carry you" Soundwave sighed and picked up the dirt covered sparkling.

"No!" Bee squirmed and cried.

"Oh that's enough we're going back inside" Soundwave firmly told the squawking sparkling.

"Ok there" Soundwave said placing Bumblebee on the couch.

"so?" Soundwave said to a pouting Bumblebee.

Bumblebee pouted and didn't answerer just sat there with his arms folded.

"Aw come on Bee you can't stay and play up there it's not safe for a sparkling" Soundwave explained to the moody sparkling.

"I not a sparkling!" Bumblebee Beeped.

"Yes you are" Soundwave told Bumblebee.

"No" Bumblebee cooed.

"Yes" Soundwave cooed back tickling the sparkling with his finger.

"aaaah!" Bumblebee giggled and curled up on the couch.

"what do you want to do?" Soundwave laughed.

"Hide n Seek!" Bumblebee chirped.

"No we just played that and you won" Soundwave laughed at the sparkling.

"What wave wanna play?" Bee clicked.

"Well I have some work I have to do" Soundwave told Bumblebee.

"Dad work me cowor!" Bee chirped.

"Cowor?" Soundwave repeated.

"yeah!" Bee whistled.

"ok then" Soundwave said picking up Bee up and taking him to his room.

"Cowor!" Bee whined waiting for his supplies.

"Ok Bee just hang on a sec" Soundwave put a finger in front of Bee.

"Optimus what is cowor?" Soundwave asked the prime over COM.

"Oh ha ha it's coloring just get some paper some coloring crayons and a bottle of low grade, the coloring supplies is in my room beside my desk" Optimus told Soundwave.

"Alright thank you" Soundwave ended the call and got the coloring supplies and got some low grade.

"Ok here you go" Soundwave gave the paper crayons and low grade to the sparkling on the floor.

Bumblebee purred and clicked and happily scribbled on the paper.

Soundwave gave a happy sigh and sat and started his work.

"uh oh…." Bee whirred as he spilt the low grade on himself.

"Right! Warmed in a bottle…stupid!" Soundwave blamed himself and took the energon cube away from Bumblebee.

"alright here you go" Soundwave gave Bee the bottle of warm ow grade and wiped Bee clean, than went back to his work.

Bumblebee happily clicked as he sat on the floor drinking the warm liquid in the bottle, Soundwave watched the adorable yellow sparkling drink the low grade happily, Bumblebee put the half empty bottle on it's side and continued to color, Soundwave went back to his work.

About an hour and a half later Soundwave was finishing his work.

"Wave!" Bee chirped and held up a piece of paper.

"Yes?" Soundwave turned and looked at the paper that Bee held.

"Wave, Cee, miwage, sunny sides, watchet, houn, prow, jack, buwk, me n dad" Bee clicked and chirped pointing to the colourful scribbles.

"Aw that's very sweet picture good job" Soundwave cooed as he was handed the picture.

Soundwave put it on his wall and picked Bee up and walked out to the main room and sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

Bumblebee gurgled and chirped as he squirmed around on Soundwave that was looking for a good channel.

"Wave me hungy" Bee buzzed putting his helm up against Soundwave's.

"Alright here you try and find a good channel Soundwave gave Bee the TV controller and went to prep Bee's low grade, Bee clicked as he smacked the controller switching from channel to channel, Bumblebee stopped on one channel and watched the screen with huge optics.

"What?" Soundwave asked walking back with the bottle, as he got a quick glimpse of the screen.

"Hey don't watch that! Filthy animals!" Soundwave quickly changed the channel to a cartoon.

"There watch this no more nature channel" Soundwave placed Bee back on his chest and fed the chirping sparkling.

"wow cartoons are violent" Soundwave watched the cartoons in surprise.

"Soundwave Bee you there" a voice come from the main room control boards.

"Yes we are" Soundwave carried a tired sparkling over to the screen.

"Oh ok I just wanted to call and say goodnight to you two before you go recharge" Optimus explained himself.

"Oh that's very thoughtful of you" Soundwave said calmly.

"Dad" Bee chirped tiredly.

"Yes hello Bumblebee" Optimus smiled.

"Wove you" Bee yawned.

"Love you to, someone's tired" Optimus cooed.

"Yeah I just fed him he's ready to recharge and so am I, little guys more work than I thought" Soundwave laughed.

"Alright goodnight you two" Optimus let out a slight laugh.

"Night" Soundwave ended the call and went into his room and lay down on his berth with the sparkling and they both fell into a peaceful recharge.