A/n: Okay this is a really really really short little thing. While I was reading Brave New World, I had to write something about our group. We were called the Accidental Alphas (think of Hogwarts and House points because that's what it was like for us). So ...This is the little thing we wrote ...Maybe I'll make it into a story. Enjoy!

-The Beginning-

In a brave new world, where everything is perfect, an unstoppable force meets and immovable object. When the government tries to suppress us, we will rise against it. Making us alphas was their greatest mistake. We are made to think, to learn, to question. We think of plans. We learn to fight. We question the government's power.

We will do whatever it takes to stop the assembly line from rolling. The people blinded by soma will see again. They will open their minds and see the error of their ways. Man is not a machine to be programmed.

This society is like a china doll, pretty to look at but oh so fragile. Chaos is like gravity, all it takes is a little push

A/n: So there it is! :D So Rate, Review. If you think I should make this into a story let me know!