Chapter 1 – (Nobody's POV)

'I can't do this anymore Shane!' Claire yells at him.

'Well then go!' he yells back. 'Go on, go! You'll just come back. Hell, you probably won't even get out of the door before you lose your nerve!'

Claire gasps. 'You don't mean that' she says quietly.

'Yeah? You wanna try me?'

'Shane how many times do I have to tell you? He's my boss that is it!'

Eve and Michael had taken off a while back. They were busy trying to find something to do in the boring town of Morganville to avoid all the arguing.

'If you let me walk out of that door then I won't come back! You'll never see me again!'

'I'll take my chances.' He mutters under his breath.

Claire loses it. She storms up to her room, grabs her suitcase from under the bed, and starts filling it with all of her things. She packs her clothes first, then her books, then pictures and every other thing she can fit in. she zips the suitcase up and drags it to the front door. She pulls out her phone and dials Amelie. She answers on the third ring.

'Hello, Claire. What can I do for you?'

'I want out' was all Claire says.

'Are you sure? Your services have done great things for this town. We wouldn't despise the idea of you staying for a little longer'

'No' Claire says, flatly. 'I want out. No arguing'

'I'll have your pass ready in ten minutes. I will send for Oliver to come for you. He will then bring you to me and you will be free to go from there.'

'Thank you Amelie' Claire says, before hanging up.

Shane comes out of the living room and eyes her suitcase. His face, full of anger and stupid pride, falters slightly before the mask of arrogance returns.

'Guess this is goodbye then Shane' Claire says, tears filling her eyes.

'Yep. Guess so. Well… until you come crawling back here, as per usual' He replies.

God his pride can turn him into such a dick when it wants to.

'You're an asshole' she says. And holds her chin high as she grabs the suitcase, opens the door, and storms out. She slams the door behind her and sits down on the front steps, waiting for Oliver to arrive.