The Ice Man and the Pesky Little Brother

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

Set after Hound of The Baskervilles.

Mycroft walked quickly to Baker Street. He was feeling quite angry, and he had good reason to be. A couple of weeks ago, Sherlock had been on a case up at Baskerville and had broken into one of the government's top science labs. Mycroft had received a security breach on his mobile and had known instantly that it was Sherlock. Exasperated, he had texted Sherlock, asking what he was doing and received no reply. After that though Sherlock had phoned him and explained the need of which of course he had granted but it was the principal. When he got there, he heard Sherlock playing his violin and knocked. Mrs Hudson opened the door and he smiled,

'Good day Mrs Hudson, is my brother in?'

Mrs Hudson gave half a smile, 'Yes, I am surprised that you did not hear him.'

'Is John in?'

'No, he is seeing a patient.'

'Right! Good!' Mycroft headed up the stairs.

As he opened the door, Sherlock immediately stopped playing, 'Ah! Mycroft! I thought it'd be you!' He turned round to look at his older brother.

Mycroft didn't waste any time, 'Don't you ever do that again!'

Sherlock tolled his eyes and sighed, 'I assume you are talking about the break-in at the Baskerville lab?'

'Absolutely!' Mycroft glared at him, 'Imagine how embarrassed I felt when I received a security breach alert! Only to realise it was my own little brother!'

Sherlock fought the urge not to smile, 'Yeah! About that! It took, what? Seven minutes? Your people really need to wake up!'

He sighed, exasperated, 'Honestly Sherlock! You are the most exasperating person on the planet! There are top secret projects in there! If it hadn't been for my talking to Dr Frankland..!'

Sherlock grinned, 'Oh yeah! Thanks for that bro!' He smile faded under Mycroft's stony glare and he sighed, 'Look, I needed information. A man's sanity was at stake.'

'Even so, you go by the proper channels.' Mycroft held out his hand, 'Give me my security card. Now.'

Sherlock stared at him for a while than sighed, he got up and went over to a drawer, fished it out and gave it to his brother.

'…And the rest!'

Sherlock glared at him, 'You are such a spoilsport! You know that!' Nevertheless, he went into his bedroom. A minute later he came out with a handful and put them on the desk. 'There! That's all of them!'

Mycroft shook his head, 'You are the end Sherlock Holmes! The absolute end!'

'I would never have blabbed about any of the projects going on in there, you know that.'

'That maybe but unfortunately the government doesn't extend security privileges to little brothers of their employees!' Mycroft snapped.

Sherlock held up his hands, 'Ok! Ok! I'm sorry! I won't do it again! I promise.'

'I mean, what was wrong with asking me for twenty-four hour access in the first place?'

'Well, I needed to get in quickly without going through all the tedious formalities.'

'Those "tedious" formalities are there for a reason!' Mycroft snapped.

Sherlock sighed, 'Alright! Alright! I've already said I'm sorry!'

Mycroft nodded, 'OK!' He looked at his watch, 'I'd better go.'

'Say "hello" to the Prime Minister for me!' Sherlock chuckled but stopped abruptly as Mycroft turned round to glare at him, 'Not ready to make a joke of it yet? OK! Bye!'

Mycroft left, annoyed and feeling that the adjective 'annoying' being linked with little brothers, although a cliché, was surprisingly accurate.

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