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The Doctor snapped straight into action. With one hand, he shoved Donna several metres to the side, using his other hand to reach into his pocket and find the sonic screwdriver. His nimble fingers found the right switch in seconds, and a moment later a sinister green glow began to radiate from the device as the Doctor aimed it at the spirit.

A split second before the screwdriver could work however, the 'spirit' crashed straight into the Doctor with all the force of a ton of bricks. They both fell to the ground, a tangle of limbs as they struggled to right themselves. Donna leaned over and grabbed a tuft of pale hair, yanking the attacker back so the Doctor could stand. As the Doctor did so, a mess of loose paper sheets tumbled to the ground.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I didn't- I don't know what I was thinking, I just-" The 'attacker' turned out to be a young teenage boy, probably no more than seventeen. His wide eyes were a deep blue colour, his waves of snowy white hair tumbling down his shoulders and softening his sharp features. Donna guiltily released him, and he fell to the Doctor's feet, scrambling to pick up his papers. Amongst the pages of hastily scrawled writing, Donna spotted a drawing. A haunting pair of deep brown eyes, both malevolent and childlike. And so, so sad. They could have been the Doctor's eyes, were it not for the unmistakably evil glint.

"You an artist?" The boy jumped at Donna's question, clutching the drawing to his chest as he drew panicked breaths. He looked on the verge of a break-down, and the Doctor seemed to sense this, crouching so he could meet the boy's eyes.

"Hey, hey. Calm down. No lasting damage done, except maybe to my pride. But I've always had a bit too much of that anyway. There's no need to apologize." The Doctor murmured, and the boy nodded. His breaths were still shallow though, and the Doctor shot Donna an annoyed look. She shrugged in silent protest, gesticulating wildly as she mouthed her outrage. The Doctor looked back at the boy, gently helping him to his feet. When they both stood, the Doctor offered the boy a friendly smile.

"Where were you in such a rush to, anyway?" He asked him curiously, and the boy's eyes widened in confusion. He stammered incoherently as he looked through his papers. They gave him no answer though, and the boy looked questioningly at the Doctor. It was only then that the Doctor noticed the wildness of the boy's eyes, the shadows under them indicating how little sleep he had been getting. His behaviour was erratic, his movements sharp. The Doctor tried a different approach.

"I don't suppose you could tell us where we are? Judging from the street signs, I'd say either Japan or Rigidomania. Big galaxy though, Rigidomania, and at least fifty planets in it speak Japanese. Or at least they will, in 3150. What year is it here? I can never tell, I really need-"

"School!" The boy interrupted the Doctor's rambling, eyes brightening momentarily as he remembered.

"I'm late for school!" He sounded anxious, and he started to hurry past the TARDIS. The Doctor caught his shoulder though, and he stopped, arms raised instantly to defend himself. When he saw the Doctor wasn't going to attack, he hesitantly lowered his arms. Donna was bewildered. What on Earth had happened to this boy to leave him so on edge?

"What's your name?" The Doctor asked. The boy looked unsure, shifting uncomfortably where he stood.

"Ryou." He answered eventually, and the Doctor stiffened.

"Ryou?" His tone was guarded, not giving anything away. Donna could tell from his posture though that something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

"Ryou Bakura. Sorry, I really have to go to school now." With that, Ryou broke into a jog. The Doctor still wasn't moving, and Donna tugged anxiously on his arm.

"What's wrong, spaceboy?' She disguised her worry with a teasing tone, but even her old nickname for the Doctor failed to get a positive reaction.

"This is definitely Japan. And we definitely need to stop Ryou from getting to school today!" The Doctor broke into a sprint before Donna could ask him what he meant, wiry arms pumping as he rapidly caught up with Ryou. Ryou however, sensing he had a follower, changed his jog to a run without a second's thought. He was surprisingly fast, but the Doctor was used to running.

Donna watched as the two figures quickly became tinier as they grew further away, and she wondered whether or not she ought to follow them But wouldn't the Doctor want her to guard the TARDIS? She reached for the door handle, but the TARDIS seemed to have locked automatically. Pleased that her problem seemed to have been solved, Donna prepared to run.

And then she saw it. A small sheet of paper, slightly tattered around the edges. It didn't look like a piece of litter though; more like one of Ryou's many pages. Donna bent to retrieve it and, before she could help herself, began to read.

Meanwhile, the Doctor was struggling to keep up with Ryou. The Doctor may have had 900 years of running experience on his side, but Ryou had his youth. Despite the Doctor's agile body frame, he was still an old man. Even two hearts couldn't keep the Doctor sprinting for long.

"Ryou! Ryou, you have to listen to me! You can't go to school today!" The Doctor settled for the loudest yell he could muster, but Ryou ignored him. The Doctor narrowed his eyes. It never boded well for people who chose to ignore the Doctor.

"Ryou, you need to trust me!" The Doctor was yelling himself hoarse, and Ryou risked a glance back towards the Doctor. The glance cost him his escape, his foot catching on a discarded car tyre close to the entrance of an alleyway. He fell to the ground with a cry of alarm, and the Doctor took advantage of Ryou's stop to race towards him.

And then the world ended.

Or that's how it felt, anyway. The ground shuddered under the Doctor's feet, the clouds above his head turning an ominous black as a fierce rumble shook the Earth. All the Doctor had time to process was the animal terror in Ryou's eyes before lightning split the sky and struck the ground between them. The Doctor watched, horrified, as the crack in the ground quickly turned into a gaping black pit, the split continuing down the entire street and sending a wave of cars and people plummeting down to certain death. Their screams filled the air, drowning out the unearthly groans and rumbles of the planet splitting itself open.

"Stop it! I didn't want you to do this, stop it!" Ryou's eyes were unfocused as he stared at the Doctor, his raw screams pleading and utterly terrified. The Doctor stood motionless though, unable to properly comprehend the level of destruction around him. It was all happening too soon, too fast.

The hand appeared first. Rising out of the cavern the street had once been, the smoky black shape was at least twice the size of the Doctor, and was armed with five razor-sharp claws. The Doctor quickly remembered the sonic screwdriver still clenched in his fist, aiming it at the monster's hand as a soft green ray of energy burst from the tip. The effect was simply that of angering the beast. The hand swiped blindly at the Doctor, missing him by inches. He darted closer to the hole, fiddling with the sonic screwdriver until an ear-piercing screech drowned out even the sounds of the dying. The Doctor grinned with satisfaction, and moments later a low groan of pain came from within the pit.

"Result!" The Doctor crowed triumphantly, a split second before the sonic screwdriver fell silent. The Doctor frowned. Rattled the device hopefully. No such luck. It stayed silent, and the Doctor lost his smile as a warning growl filled the air. For several seconds, there was silence.

"Doctor!" The Doctor turned to face Donna, the warning still on his lips as the ground beneath Donna's feet exploded. Donna was thrown into the air, still clutching a piece of paper, with eyes wide with shock as they found the Doctor's horrified expression. Then her eyes fell to the ground, and she began gesturing desperately to the Doctor. He started to run, ready to catch Donna- until he understood her gestures. She didn't want him to save her. No, she'd been pointing to the TARDIS...

"No! No, no, no, no, no! You can't do that, it's-" The Doctor fell silent, his protests cut short. The huge black hand had closed around the TARDIS, fingers tightening to crush the aging police box. At the sound of the Doctor's pleas, the monster hesitated. The Doctor waited for it to release the TARDIS, to sink back into the ground. But instead the hand began to rise. The TARDIS was lifted clean off the ground, hanging aloft for what felt like forever to the Doctor.

Then, slowly, the hand descended, back into the depths of the Earth. The Doctor sprinted before he knew what he was doing, despite knowing he was far too late. The TARDIS was gone. The Doctor stood for a moment, aghast. What was he going to do? He couldn't travel, couldn't save all those who needed his help, couldn't return Donna to her family-

Donna! The Doctor snapped his head skywards, eyes scanning the heavens for any trace of her fiery red hair. When he finally found her, she was lying spread-eagled across the sky, seemingly suspended. Donna's eyes were fixed on something behind the Doctor, and as he turned, he knew already what he would see.

Ryou. His eyes were fully focused on Donna; the soft words muttered under his breath the only thing stopping Donna from falling to her death. The Doctor shook his head sadly.

"Oh, Ryou. What have you done?"

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