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"Both of us wanna top, huh?" Naruto's eyes glinted challengingly. "Just 'cause you caught me off guard doesn't mean you get 'ta be seme. So it's on. May the best man top," he finished with a devious grin.

Sasuke's lips curled up into a smirk. Everything else between them was a contest, why shouldn't this be? "Alright, dobe. It's on, then."


Before Sasuke could finish lowering his head to press his mouth back onto Naruto's, and start this fight for dominance, Naruto's eyes suddenly widened and he grabbed Sasuke's shoulders to stop him.

"Hey, uh, teme," he said, his voice small.

Annoyed, Sasuke let Naruto push him away. "What now?"

"Well, uh, see," Naruto said, squinting his eyes in that weird way he did, "I couldn't help but notice―the curtains are open…"

"So? They were open last night, too." Sasuke failed to see the point. He wanted Naruto now, and did not appreciate this dilly-dallying.

"Yeah, well, last night, it was dark, and no one was outside. It's almost noon now… People walk by in the little balcony thingie all the time…" He blushed a bit. "Someone might… see us," he said pathetically, not meeting Sasuke's eyes. "That would be... heh, awkward."

With an irritated sigh, Sasuke stood, steadying himself against the aching pain all over his body—damn Naruto for that— and hobbled over to the curtains. He didn't bother hiding his annoyance―he was horny, and waiting did not sit well with him― as he roughly slid them shut, making the room dark except for the light coming in from the hallway beyond the open door. "Happy?" he said with a raised eyebrow, turning around just in time to see Naruto grinning wickedly at him. "What's with the face, loser?" he asked suspiciously.

"Ah, nothing. It's just funny seeing you walk all weird like that." His blue eyes glinted and he grinned some more.

"Tch." Sasuke walked back to the bed, as quickly as he could without collapsing. There was something in Naruto's eyes that made him wary, but he couldn't figure out what. "You're really annoying, you know?"

Naruto grabbed his hips before he could even get the chance to climb onto the mattress and yanked the brunet onto his lap. "It'll be even funnier when you can't walk at all," he said with a wink, flicking his tongue across Sasuke's parted lips.

Sasuke scoffed, sliding his hands down Naruto's chest. That damned shirt was still on. "Whatever," he said as he tugged it over Naruto's messy blond spikes. "I'll be the one laughing in the en―nnnddmm!" He'd barely even thrown the shirt aside before Naruto wound his fingers through black hair and pulled him―not gently―into a hard, open-mouthed kiss. He let out a muffled moan and pushed Naruto down into the sheets. They got tangled around his ankles and he kicked irritably at them, but Naruto distracted him from that by sliding his tongue into his mouth and pulling him down further until they were in contact everywhere, spreading Sasuke's knees with this thighs to make more room. They both let out blissful moans as their groins pressed together and deepened the messy kiss. Breathing harshly and as well as he could through his nose so he didn't have to pull away, Sasuke ground his hips down into Naruto's. The fox broke the kiss—to Sasuke's displeasure—and tossed his head back, a long, wanton moan ripping out of his throat. Okay, no. That's better than a kiss any time. He did it again, the friction sending waves of pleasure to both of their throbbing lengths.

"Naruto," he moaned breathlessly. Naruto's eyes flew open and he kissed him again, making the most lewd sounds Sasuke had ever had the pleasure of hearing. The feeling of their hips rubbing together was intense, but they both knew they needed more.

Sasuke sat up, breaking the kiss, and his feet got all tangled in the sheets again. He made a sound of irritation, until an idea occurred to him—They were still fighting for dominance, and they both had things to use against each other. It was pretty even, but if he... Hm... Naruto did always seem to have a thing for bondage..I remember that one time he tied me up... He let a smirk creep onto his face. Naruto propped himself up on his elbows, frowning.

"Why'd ya stop?" he asked, his voice husky. He jerked his hips into Sasuke's, which made the brunet bounce on top of him and fight back a moan.

"Ah... nothing." Sasuke shook his head, licking his lips. He grabbed Naruto's hips in order to still them, so that he could keep his plan in action. "Never mind."

"Okay... but..." Before Naruto could say anything else, Sasuke pounced; he rolled him over onto his stomach, grabbed the sheets, and tied them around Naruto's wrists before Naruto could even process it.

"What—Hey! Bastard!" Naruto exclaimed a few moments later, realizing what had just happened. He pulled at the bindings. "Why did you—"

Sasuke hushed him by grabbing his hair and pulling his head back. Grinning, he nipped at tanned shoulders, working his way to the side of Naruto's neck. Naruto shuddered, melting into his arms, but he was still growling.

"You're mean," he whined, choking off any other complaints with a broken moan as Sasuke rubbed himself against his hole. "Nnn... I'm gonna get you back for this..." His words were ignored, and Sasuke reached around the tanned body to lightly scrape his fingernails across the seal of Naruto's tight stomach. The reaction was instant; Naruto arched and bucked up, a loud cry flying from his mouth. That spot was almost as sensitive as his dick, which was pulsing as Sasuke's hand lowered to just above where he needed it most.

Sasuke couldn't keep the smirk off of his face; Naruto was sogoing down. The blond struggled underneath him, growling curses and trying to bite back sounds that voiced his pleasure. He pulled at the sheets that bound his wrists, letting out a raspy moan when Sasuke's fingers left his stomach and found their way back to his spasming entrance, brushing the sensitive skin with his fingernails. Naruto squirmed and moaned, his hips jerking wildly downwards as he attempted to get some much needed friction on his swollen member and, in a show of defiance, away from Sasuke, though it was pretty half-assed. Sasuke wasn't an idiot; he could see the desperate look in those fiery blue eyes that he loved so much.

"Not fair! You can't tie me up!" Naruto's voice was strangled and breathless as he fought against the bonds and tried to ward off Sasuke's teasing fingers. "Aahh… sooooo unfair!" he panted, licking his lips and throwing a glare back towards the Uchiha.

"You never said we had to play fair, Naruto," Sasuke said with a smug grin, repressing a shudder of pleasure as he gripped himself in one hand while sliding his other around tanned hips to stroke the base of Naruto's dick softly. Teasingly.

"Ahhhh!" Blue eyes screwed together and his head fell forward, breath coming out harsher. "Bastard! Don't think I'm gonna give in this easy! I don't do giving up! Believeit―aahh!" His rant was replaced by a scream of surprise and ecstasy and probably some pain as well as Sasuke shoved his hips forward and impaled Naruto on his dick completely, not bothering to prep him first—he'd done that already, earlier. The blond moaned, arching hotly into the sheets, and then a light laugh escaped his lips.


Sasuke froze a minute. It was hard to think with the almost painfully tight heat he was encased in clenching (purposely, he swore) around him, but it clicked that this wasn't right; Naruto should notbe laughing at a time like this.

In an indignant tone he moved his hips once, making Naruto cry out, and hissed, "What the hell are you—"

"Wow, teme, kinda hard to believe you actually fell for that!"

Wait wait wait. Sasuke looked down at the panting blond he was inside, completely frozen, but Naruto wasn't talking. His lips were simply curled up in a wicked grin as he took in quick, shaky breaths. It was honestly reallysexy, but wrong! Why the hell― Sudden weight on the bed behind him made him start. With wide eyes he looked back, only to see Naruto's grinning face directly behind him.

"What the fuck?" he looked down at the blond underneath him, who sniggered and stuck his tongue out. Realization dawned on him.

"You used a clone?" he demanded as the Naruto under him snickered some more. He snapped his hips forward harshly, effectively making the clone stop laughing and start moaning loudly. "That's not fair!"

"Hehehe!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's thrusting hips and rubbed himself against the puckered entrance, licking the shell of Sasuke's ear with the very tip of his tongue. He worked his way down the pale, sweaty neck until he found the place where Orochimaru's seal had been. His teeth and lips latched onto the soft skin and sucked, sending waves of hot pain and desire to Sasuke's groin. Sasuke couldn't repress the shudder of pleasure that ripped up his spine and involuntarily jerked his hips forward hard as he continued to fuck the clone. This had to be some twisted wet dream.

"When did you—"

"When you went to get the curtains."

"Not fair, dobe!"

"You said so yourself, Sasuke!" Naruto was saying as an identical voice cried and moaned beneath them both. It was almost too much. One Naruto was more than enough, and two? Sasuke thought he would die if Naruto did anything else, because damn if that voice so close to his ear was enough to make him want to come already… "No one said we had to play fair!" He chuckled, and Sasuke shivered; he'd never heard Naruto's voice so damn deep and sexy. He moaned weakly as he felt Naruto's hot mouth travelling down his back, planting wet kisses and nipping at heated skin every once in a while. Sasuke didn't know how he managed to keep thrusting into the clone underneath him, but he did, clenching his teeth against the almost unbearable tightness.

"Ah, fuck, Naruto," he groaned, not really knowing which one he was talking to—the one underneath him, or the one nipping at the base of his spine and lowering suggestively. The pace at which he was going was rather slow, but he made sure it was hard; but not so hard that he'd, you know, ram his ass into Naruto's face... Though the blond didn't seem to mind. Sasuke nearly came when he felt something wet ghost over his entrance. Looking back through hazy eyes, he was startled (and very muchly turned on) by the sight he was met with.

"Naruto, don't, that's so gross—Fuck!" Sasuke howled, cutting himself off as Naruto ignored him as usual and thrust his tongue inside of Sasuke. Inside of me. His tongue is inside me. Holy fucking shit, how can something so nasty be so hot and feel so— "Naruto," he moaned, and the blond grinned, taking the sensitive bud into his skin and sucking, earning a moan so strangled it was almost a scream. Sasuke felt dirty, but he couldn't help the moans of pleasure that spilled from him; surely nothing should be allowed to feel like this. He nearly collapsed onto the clone, but managed to keep fucking it unsteadily from sheer will. He was sure that he was going to die from lack of proper blood circulation, and he was so close to coming it almost hurt. Naruto kept sucking, with his tongue rubbing the inside walls of the brunet's body. Trembling, Sasuke gasped, "Enough!"

Naruto grinned, sliding his tongue out. He gave it one last lick before straightening up and kissing Sasuke's lips.

"Gross," Sasuke complained, shoving him away. "You just ate my ass, don't kiss me." His voice was very weak, and he had no clue how he was still functioning. He needed to come, and as stubborn as he was, had to admit that he wanted Naruto inside of him. Now. He enjoyed topping, but he couldn't deny it anymore—Naruto taking him was the best feeling in the world.

"Come on, I came in your mouth and let you kiss me," Naruto said, grinning. He pressed against Sasuke's hole, and the brunet moaned as he jerked his hips back, and forward again, trying to convey 'Get the fuck inside right now before I kill you' and keep hitting that spot inside of the clone, in the same moment. Damnit, he was hard.

"That's different," Sasuke panted, even though it wasn't, really. "Hurry," he begged. He was still sane enough to feel somewhat ashamed for begging, but he was too horny to care.

"Fuck, you're so sexy..."

"Shut up!" Sasuke whined. "Just hurry the fuck up and take me!"

"Sheesh, fine!" And with that he roughly entered Sasuke, making the brunet gasp and jolt his hips forward even harder than he'd been before. The momentum of their bodies crashing together had the clone screaming profanities into the pillow. Three cries of pleasure ricocheted off the walls and Sasuke nearly collapsed onto the clone's trembling body. After last night Naruto had no trouble locating his prostate, which he intended to take advantage of. Sasuke could feel the blond's lips curl up viciously against the nape of his neck as he coaxed all sorts of colourful swears from Sasuke's lips.

"Hehe, Sasuke," Naruto said, though his voice sounded strained. "I win!"

Sasuke growled, "I hate you. Start moving."

After a moment of snickering his victory, Naruto did as he was told, slowly starting to rock in and out. He pressed his chest flush to Sasuke's writhing back, kissing the back of his neck hotly. His fingers dug into Sasuke's already bruised hips, his head falling into the crook between Sasuke's shoulder and neck. Sasuke was panting hard, but he wasn't moaning yet—Naruto was very displeased with this. He paused a moment, adjusted the brunet's hips, and then dove back in. He knew he hit the spot when Sasuke arched like he was going to snap and bit down hard on the clone's shoulder to muffle a scream.

"Naruto!" Sasuke cried out, moaning as Naruto groaned again and began to thrust his dick in and out of Sasuke much harder, who in turn was pounding the now screaming clone into the mattress. The bed was rocking from three bodies writhing and fucking on it, and Sasuke was vaguely worried that Naruto's neighbours would complain, but all and any words he might have said turned into a stream of gibberish as Naruto sucked on his neck again, one hand leaving white hips to tweak and tease the Uchiha's hard nipples. Sasuke hated the sounds that were coming from his mouth―they were so pathetic, so desperate and wanton―but he couldn't contain them. He was in ecstasy, not even able to remember his own name anymore. He already felt so close to release and they'd barely done anything yet; but the sensation of being buried inside of the slick, rippling heat of Naruto's body and at the same time being filled the same person's throbbing length was almost too much to bear. The room was filled with the heavy, musky scent of sex and it made him dizzy with pleasure.

"Ahh…hhhah… fuck…" he panted, digging his nails into the clones hips. He buried his face into the blond head under him as the coil in his stomach started to tighten. Behind him Naruto moaned as Sasuke became almost unbearably tight, the wet inferno clamping down so hard it brought tears to his eyes. Any inkling of reality he might have still had disappeared with that, and carnal lust consumed him; the Naruto clone screamed into the sheets, and Naruto could tell from Sasuke's pained gasp that the clone had just reached its climax. Not a minute later it disappeared and Sasuke fell onto the sheets, burying his face into the pillow as Naruto kept a firm hold on his lifted hips and kept sliding in and out in and out in and out until it was all Sasuke could do not to start screaming his throat raw and crying until he ran out of tears. White spots danced in his eyesight as his groin rubbed against the sheets, giving a blissful relief to the throbbing pain that was so close to exploding.

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered into his ear, his voice breathless and strained.

"Nnnghh―w-what―Aahh…" His head lolled. So close. He was so close, but he never wanted it to end. His throat hurt from screaming and his hips hurt from the brute force behind Naruto's thrusts, but each throb of pain only heightened the hot pleasure of the moment. "Harder," he urged, his fingers curling into the sheets.

It turned out that Naruto had nothing to say. He just whispered the name over and over again, like it was the most precious thing in the world. Sasuke's heart was beating impossibly fast, and he was breathing so quickly he was afraid he was about to black out, and he knew he was at his limit. Clutching the sheets, he cried out Naruto's name, and everything exploded into white hot ecstasy.

As pleasure throbbed through his spasming body, Sasuke was dimly aware of the familiar feeling of Naruto moaning and releasing inside of him. It felt weird, kind of dirty, but he liked it. Panting, Naruto pulled out and planted a soft kiss on Sasuke's lips parted. They both lay there in their afterglow, a mess of sweat and come and limbs, trying to regain their sanity enough to function again.

"Heh, so I win," Naruto murmured a few moments later, winding his hand into Sasuke's messy black hair.

Sasuke curled up next to him. He wasn't particularly a cuddly person, but as always Naruto was an exception to that rule. "Tch, whatever. We both win."

"You fucked a fake me."

"…Shut up, I'm too tired to fight with you right now."

"Then don't," Naruto said cheekily. He kissed Sasuke's lips, smiling widely when the brunet responded just as enthusiastically as before. He loved seeing Sasuke like this, without his walls of protection up; honestly, to him, it was the most beautiful and perfect thing in the world. He'd give up his everything just for these few precious moments where Sasuke was completely open to him.

Sasuke didn't know what he was thinking, but he seemed to have a bad case of mouth diarrhoea when Naruto was around. Breaking the kiss, he blurted, "I love you."

Naruto looked so happy it was funny. His eyes wide, he exclaimed, "Really? You do?"

What unnecessary shock. "Nah." Sasuke couldn't resist the urge to tease him…

Naruto glared.

"Just kidding." Sasuke let a crooked smile grace his lips. He hadn't felt this happy since… well, ever. Nothing in his depressing life could ever beat this moment. It was weird to feel like this, but he decided he could get used to it. I feel so girly and weird... Sheesh.Naruto's glare melted back into a smile, and he tackled Sasuke into a huge hug.

"I love you too, teme. Believe it." His voice sounded close to tears, and when Sasuke looked into his eyes, they were wet and red. It made his heart feel funny, like it was trying to spontaneously combust inside his ribcage.

"…You know," he murmured thoughtfully, "I probably owe Sai an apology…"

"Nah, he's an ass, he knows what he did," Naruto said nonchalantly. "But you do owe Sakura a huge thank you."


"It was her idea to okay Truth or Dare yesterday. This wouldn't have happened if not for that," he sighed. Then he grinned again, and hugged Sasuke tightly enough to make the brunet gasp. "Which would suck completely!"

"Lemme go―need oxygen―" Sasuke gasped. When Naruto finally did, he took a few breaths. "Yeah, I guess I'll say thanks to her later."

"Okie dokie, Sas'cakes," Naruto said.

Sasuke's eyes darkened. He has to go and ruin the moment, doesn't he? "Dobe," he said calmly. "I said, never call me that."

"Sorry Sas'cakes."

"Oh god, don't start this shit again!"

"But you love it, Sas'caaaaaakes~"



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