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I was running. Running from several dogs proportionate to rhinos; each with vivacious appetites, and teeth the size of a kitchen knives. Now, it wasn't that I couldn't handle myself against a hellhound; shoot, I'd done that many times. And two hellhounds? Bring it, baby. Three hellhounds? That was questionable. Four hellhounds? It was starting to look not so good. Five? That was bad. Six? Seven? Eight? Nine? Hit the road, Jack; and get the heck outta there.

And that was precisely what I was doing.

I had been sent by camp to Forks, Washington; to find a few demigod children that were living out in the area. Annabeth had wanted to come with me, but, in the end, decided not to out of a very busy schedule concerning her job as Olympus' architect. So I'd told her it was fine, and that I'd be back within a week. When I'd gotten to Forks, I found the three children, two girls and one boy, who had turned out to be children of Demeter. Apparently, they had individually run away from home and found each other. They were living in the woods outside of Forks, and were very surprised, and scared, when I showed up. But, after I'd convinced them that I was a friend and not a monster, they let me take them back to town. I was going to bring them back by train to New York, where Argus would pick us up and take us to camp. Unfortunately, I did not have enough money for four train tickets; just three. The simple solution was that someone would have to stay behind. So, I put them on the train, gave them what little cash was leftover, and sent them on their way. I figured that I could swim back home; after all, the sea was pretty close by… But, very unfortunately, so were the hellhounds. The dogs had been stalking the children, and were getting ready to attack when I had showed up. So they waited until I was alone before they attacked. And that's where you find me now: running my butt off.

I nearly tripped on a tree root that was sticking out of the ground. The blackness of the night made it hard for me to see where I was going. Catching myself, I continued to make my way through the tangled underbrush and thick pine branches. I'd been running hard for about a mile, and was getting tired fast. I heard a chilling howl somewhere behind me. One that was far too close for comfort. I pressed on, trying harder than ever to put distance between me and my pursuers.

Suddenly, I burst into a circular clearing. It was about forty feet in diameter, with brownish green grass that still bore traces of a late summer. There were no trees in the clearing.

I ran forward; trying get across. Just as I was about halfway through the clearing, I saw a black shadow bound out of the woods in front of me. I turned to run the opposite way and saw red eyes about twenty feet away from me. I looked to my left, and to my right. There were red eyes all around me. Desperately, I scanned the area for anything that I could use in my defense. There were no trees I could climb; and no way could I get to one. I was trapped. The hellhounds started to circle me; like wolves going in for the kill. I backed into the center of the clearing and drew my sword, Riptide. I pushed aside my fears and determined myself. If this was my end, then I was going to give such an accounting of myself, that monsters would talk about it for another thousand years. 'Die with my boots on,' as the saying went.

The hellhounds started to circle closer. I raised my sword higher; trying to look intimidating. With a growl one of the hellhounds sprang at me. I dodged and slashed. The monster gave a yelp and dissipated. One down, eight to go.

The remaining monsters eyed me warily. They were more cautious now, but even more dangerous because of it.

Suddenly, two hellhounds leaped at me simultaneously. I dodged one, but was unable to avoid the other. I screamed in pain as the monster ripped my back open with its claws. It felt as though someone had laid hot irons across my back. Emboldened by the sight of blood, the other monsters jumped at me; trying finish me off. I managed to swing my sword around in a circle; killing two of them. The rest jumped backwards.

I was weak with loss of blood and still out of energy from trying to outrun the beasts. Blood was seeping down my legs; and there was a very nasty gash on my left leg. It was not looking good at all. I considered trying to cut my way through the monsters to get to the forest and maybe climb a tree, but then discarded the idea; I'd never make it. My best option was to try and kill the monsters individually.

I leaped forward and sliced at a hellhound. The dog, taken by surprise, did not expect the sudden attack and was killed. That was four. There were still five left. I quickly turned to the nearest dog left and killed it. By now the monsters had recovered from their initial surprise and were now on the defensive.

I felt hope surge through my limbs, giving me new strength. Things might be okay after all.

I quickly moved through the rest of the monsters; finishing them off, one by one. Finally there was only one left; the largest. It was a huge brute; bigger than the rest. It was about ten feet tall at its shoulders, and fifteen feet long from muzzle to hind legs. Its canines were the size of daggers; with claws bigger than my pinky finger. Its eyes shone with evil intelligence. It had refrained from attacking me hitherto, and it was alone now; but I felt I'd rather take the rest of the pack put together, than this monster by itself. I gripped my sword harder and readied myself.

Growling viciously, the hellhound launched itself at me with blinding speed. I barely had time react before the dog smashed into me; knocking Riptide out of my hand and sending it flying into the darkness. I was thrown to the ground. I struggled to get back to my feet; but before I could make it, the monster scooped me up with its mouth and bit down hard. I screamed in agony as its razor sharp teeth pierced my chest. Blood spurted out of my mouth. The hellhound shook me like a rag doll and tossed me onto the ground. Dark spots appeared in my vision. The monster advanced slowly; taking its time before moving in for the kill. I tried to back up, but couldn't find the strength.

This was it; this was end. And I was going to be dog chow. I wished that I could have go out a little more heroically.

Suddenly, I felt something hard in my pocket. My sword. Fresh hope took hold of me. Somehow, I mustered enough strength to reach into my pocket and take out the pen. The hellhound was getting closer. Trying desperately to get the cap off, I looked up to see the monster standing above me. It was about to pounce. The hellhound reared its head up like snake, opened its mouth and came down for the killing blow. In that instant, I uncapped Riptide and stabbed upwards. The sword pierced the monster's mouth; and imbeded itself in the dog's throat. The hellhound choked and staggered backwards; taking Riptide with it. Letting out a wailing howl, it vanished; sword and all.

My head fell back, and I closed my eyes in relief. As the adrenaline left me, the severity of my wounds came to me in a flash. I opened my eyes and looked down at my chest. Blood was flowing freely from two holes below my heart. My left arm was broken in two places. And the gashes on my leg and back were still bleeding badly. There was no way I could survive all this. Even as my brain was taking all of my injuries in, I could feel my body shutting down. I was getting very, very tired. I couldn't fight it anymore.

I closed my eyes and saw my life flash before me. I saw my mother, and Paul, celebrating my eighteenth birthday; which was quite an accomplishment considering I was a demigod. I saw Chiron, training me in archery class; which I sucked at. I saw Grover, and the time I first saw him without any pants on. It was quite a shocker. And finally, I saw Annabeth. I how when she would spar with me in the training field; her blond hair flying all about her. She always won. I saw when she would throw her arms around my neck and kiss me. I saw how beautiful she looked when she was mad. A tear trickled down my check. I would miss her the most. I wasn't a planner, but I'd be lying if I told you that I had no plans for that girl. I wanted to marry her. I wanted to settle down and raise a family with her. In my mind's eye, I saw her holding a baby and laughing. She looked so happy. Now, none of that would ever happen. At least with me.

Suddenly, something touched me. I opened my eyes with difficulty and looked up. I was startled when I saw a man was standing over me. He had pale skin, blond hair, and amber eyes. They were deep, and full of wisdom; like Chiron's. His face had a youthful appearance, and he looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. What startled me most about him was the his inhuman beauty. I wasn't gay, or bi, by any means, but I was amazed at the sheer physical perfection the man displayed. However, I wasn't interested in how the man looked at the moment; I badly needed help. I tried to speak, but failed.

"Hush there, lad; be still," the man said in a velvety voice. The sound was more beautiful than anything I had ever heard.

I tried again to speak and managed to croak out, "Help me."

The man hesitated, but then nodded and picked me up. He did so with surprising ease. As he started to run, the world seemed to blur around me. I had the sensation of flying as I closed my eyes. It was so dizzying that I almost felt like throwing up, but I didn't have the strength to do even that. The next thing I knew was that that the man was laying me down on a hard surface in a white room. I blacked out, shifting back and forth from concious to unconcious. In one of my concious moments, I heard voices.

"We can't do it!"

"What about the treaty?"

"He'll die if we don't!"

What was going on? What treaty? And what are they going to do?

I heard a door open and close. The man that had found me leaned over and looked me in the eyes.

"I'm sorry, but this is to save your life. This will be very painful," the man said with a pained expression.

He reached out and took hold of my right arm. He brought it to his mouth. I began to panic. What was he doing? The man opened his mouth; revealing a set of even white teeth. My eyes widened. I tried to struggle, but there was no energy left in me. I could only watch helplessly as the man put my arm between his teeth and bit down. A sharp pain erupted from my wrist area. The man held my arm in his mouth for about ten seconds; then took it out and set it down. He then walked over the other side of the table and did the same for my left arm.

He stood up and walked to the door. Before closing it behind him he said, "It is done. I'm sorry, Percy, but this is the only way to save your life."

He spoke with sympathy in his voice, as if he knew what was to come and was sorry. I realized, with a start, I'd never told him my name. I wondered how he knew it.

As I was thinking on that, I became aware of a warm sensation in my arms where he'd bitten my arms. It was spreading. The warmth started to become hotter. It was still getting hotter. It was starting to become unbearable. I moaned. The fire was building up, spreading throughout my entire body. My brain started to block out all other thoughts and instead focused on the burning that was killing me.

When I blew Mt. St. Helen's, the telekhines there had plastered me with lava. It didn't feel half as bad as the fire inside me did now.

The fire spread to the rest of my body; engulfing it in a horribly painful burning. The pain was so intense, wondered if I was dreaming it up. I lost track of time; it could have hours, days, or years, for all I knew. All that I was aware of was the fire that raged within me. The man said that this was the only way to keep me alive. If that's true, then I would rather die. I'd never wish this pain on anyone else, even if they were my worst enemy.

After what seemed like forever, the fire inside seemed to lessen in pain; though it was still quite painful. I felt it start to recede from the tips of my fingers and toes. I felt life in them again. I tried flexing my finger. There was the smallest bit of movement. I felt the fire retreating from the ends of my body, toward my chest area. My heart was thudding loudly, and its heartbeats were getting timed closer together. My heart and the fire within me seemed to be locked in a struggle for domination. The fire was receding to one point in my body: the little muscular organ in the body that never stops working while the body is alive. The pain in my chest seemed to intensify while my heart continued to beat with ever increasing rapidity. All at once, I seemed to reach a climax and pain in my chest started to disappear. My heart was slowing down, too. The beats were getting slower and weaker with each beat. Finally, my heart stopped in mid-beat. There was silence.

What had just happened? How was I still alive? I knew I was, for I could think; and I could breath. I hoped I was not some sort of zombie.

I flexed my arm; and it worked perfectly. I took a deep breath of air and opened my eyes.

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