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So, this is just a fun little drabble that will update when it updates. Lol. Sorry to say that, but time is scarce these days, but with short chapters, maybe it will be a few times a week.

Chapter 1

I'm just past Mobile, Alabama, in some Podunk little town when I start hearing the banging and clanging of my engine. Freaking Perfect! I just wanted to get as far away from him and her, as possible.

It's amazing that I can even hear the noise; as I have my radio blaring to some nonsensical country music station that I had hoped would drown out my crazy thoughts of turning around and beating the shit out of both of them. Oh, but I'll not let them turn me into the crazy woman.

That's why, when I saw them in bed together, on my brand new Egyptian Cotton one thousand count sheets, mind you, I packed up some things and left. No screaming words of anger. No cowardice crying of, "how could you do this to me?" No, I just grabbed some clothes and toiletries and left without a word or a backwards glance. I was more upset over the fact that they soiled my new sheets that I worked hard to obtain. I just left them behind for them to desecrate with their infidelities and backstabbing. They deserve each other.

The loud clanging and the steam spewing from my hood brings me back to the newest catastrophe at hand. I'm about fifty miles from the nearest town, according to the last sign. I took a detour in the last big town, deciding to take some back roads, hoping if I swerved due to the torrential downpour of tears, it would go mostly unnoticed.

Looks like it would've gone unnoticed if my piece of shit SUV would've held up on me. I turn down the radio with a loud sigh, and then pull over to the side of this little barely paved road, laden with pot holes. I turn off the engine, and grab my flashlight from the glove compartment. I'm thankful that Charlie insisted that I have one in my vehicle at all times.

I glance at my phone before I climb out, checking both the time and to see if there is any service. What do you know? There isn't a lick of service in this little one horse town and besides, it's eleven o'clock at night and I'm sure everyone is sound asleep. Who the hell even knows where I'm at either?

I have a mini freak out and decide to put my big girl panties on and see if I can figure out what the problem is. I pop the hood and hop out of the vehicle.

Once I lift the hood, smoke is welling up all around, like a thick gray fog. I cough and sputter just as my engine was doing moments ago, swatting my hands back and forth to make the smog go away. I then take a peek down at the metal and wires.

There is really no need to even look, as it seems as if the engine is overheated. It's happened before and I should've been prepared for this with several gallons of water. Actually he should've fixed it months ago, like he promised he would.

His promises proved to be shit though.

I'm at level ten in pissyness, fear and frustration. I send up a silent prayer that God will give me a small break here and like a little beacon from heaven, he answers.

I see headlights pulling up behind my blue Honda Pilot and I let out a sigh of relief and maybe another prayer that this won't be some crazed backwoods hillbilly. I think it's obvious at this point that I've seen one too many horror movies that start out this way.

I see a brown leather boot emerge and I clutch the hood tighter, waiting to see if this person will be my hero or my villain.

I'm praying for option A.

A/N: This is just going to be a little fun drabble. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter.