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Chapter 35

Once I compose myself and truly grasp what, or rather who, is in front of me beating down my ex with both a tongue and hands and feet lashing, I begin laughing. Meanwhile, Ben is basically sobbing for help and for us to pull off the little raven haired dixie chic that is attacking him like a little pecking chicken.

Edward is beside me, doing a piss poor job of covering up his amusement over the situation. In fact he hollers, "Get 'em sis, yeah, right there! Do that holding move I taught ya when we were kids."

I should stop this. I mean I really should. This is neither lady like nor adult behavior, but watching Alice clobber him over and over and him attempting to remove her from his person is just too damn funny to stop. In fact, I wish my phone weren't dead, so I could record this. It's that hilarious.

As we continue to watch the "chicken fight," we don't hear Jasper and Jackson approach until it's too late.

Alice is yelling, "Don't mess with my bubba and new sissy!" This plays on a continuous loop as she hits and kicks him on any available body part she can find.

And, if I weren't so entertained, I might ponder her words and her use of one in particular, "sissy." Not sure when she had the sudden change of heart, but it seems I'm now seeing or better yet, understanding another part of Alice this morning. She's fiercely protective of her family and loved ones and I'm suddenly grateful to be on the positive side of that.

Jasper breaks up our fun as he shields Jackson's eyes and ears. "Alright darlin' you've done enough. Let the guy go."

He lets go of Jackson and Edward escorts him in the house to get him away from the crazy that is his mother and my ex-boyfriend.

Jasper then pulls Alice from Ben, as she continues to kick and punch with all her might and scream profanities at him. I should feel bad for him, but honestly all I feel is grateful. I'm grateful for Alice and this small, crazy family I stumbled upon.

Alice stands up as she tells Jasper that she's done. She brushes the hair out of her eyes and tries to tame the short spiky mess. Her lanky husband is whispering soothing words in her ear as his shaggy blonde hair covers both of their faces from my view. However, I still manage to see her relax further and further into him and his words. It's sweet and odd to see them this way. It's a new day and a refreshing positive light has been cast upon them and is quickly replacing my crazy first impression of them from yesterday.

Though, I'm still not quite sure I'll be calling her sissy anytime soon.

I shake out of my thoughts as Ben tries to approach me. Alice and Jasper are immediately on guard, but there is no need, Edward chooses that moment to step back outside with us and he wraps a protective arm around me. I lean in to his embrace and bend my head down to place a loving kiss on his arm before righting myself with fierce determination and a touch of confidence as I stare back at Ben.

He looks hurt and I find that amusing. Yes, he should be the one feeling hurt after all of the crap he put me through. I have no words, no words at all to say to him. Still he looks at me with hopeful, yet sad eyes that are practically begging me to take him back and give him another chance.

He steps closer still as he says, "Bella, please. Please come home with me and leave these backwood hillbillies behind. Your home is with me in Phoenix."

I want to laugh at him. My home is with him in Phoenix? Really? Does he just want Angie and I to become some sort of sister wives or something. I'm sure that would be the perfect situation for him. While that is fine for some, I want a man that wants me and only me. I don't share.

I snarl at Ben, and then glance around at Edward's family that has unconsciously formed a sort of protective semi circle around me. It's nice to feel so loved and cherished, like I belong somewhere with someone for the first time in my life. I give Edward's arm, that just might have been getting tighter and tighter the longer I stood there in silence, a squeeze. He squeezes back before easing up and I clutch on to his arm for support as I deliver what I hope will be the final blow to Ben.

"Listen Ben, these people are my family now. Edward makes me feel more loved and cherished in just two short days then you did in all of those years we were together. He's made me the most important thing in his world and his home and you show up here begging me to come back with you after you cheated on me with my best friend no less."

I make direct eye contact with him, brown on hazel and thankfully he has the decency to look ashamed, even taken back by my sudden boldness and confidence. I'm a little taken back myself, but also extremely proud that for the first time in my life, I'm doing something that makes me happy. I'm making a decision to stay with a man that was sent to me. Actually there was no decision to make. Fate and God made my decision for me when they worked together and made my car breakdown in Edward's little town. When they sent this gorgeous man who is just as lonely as I am, to come and literally be my knight and shining armor and teach me how a man should really love his woman.

I might have hated breaking down here just a few short nights ago, with the pitch black forest surrounding me on that narrow little pot holed road, but now, now it's the best, most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I can't imagine ever leaving my new home.

Ben lets out a loud sigh and admits defeat. We all stand there watching him as he hobbles back to his car and drives away down the long white fenced lined driveway, away from me once and for all.

I look at these three people and smile and say thank you. Hoping they know it's for more than just helping me deal with my ex-boyfriend, so much more.

We walk back into the house, what will soon be our house, once I share with Edward that I don't ever plan on leaving him and as crazy as it might sound, that I'll stay as long as he'll have me.

Fate doesn't care where your heart's been, when your person, your one true intended person finds you, even if it is on the side of the road in the middle of the night, well that heart only beats for them and only them and all of the formers were just another broken down vehicle in the grand scheme of finding your one and only true love.

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