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Yorozuya, where have you been?

Currently, in the Shinsegumi headquarters a hero could be found sitting in a rather spacious room. The silver soul had, much to his displeasure, one shinsengumi on each side of himself on guard. Just in case he did any unneccesary movements; such as drumming his fingers on the table infront of him out of boredom he had noted as they immediately asked him to stop with their hands on their blades, ready to cut him down. Of course they were not of the more intelligent Shinsengumi, neither did they know that they did noy have to threaten him as he would not run away anyways.

After about half a hour of waiting, with the very impatient guards, Kondo Isao, Hijikata Toshiro and Okita Sougo enters the room. By now Sakata Gintoki, the lone Yorozuya in the room, have had enough of time to change his mind. He wish he had left earlier. Looking at the three newly arrived Shinsengumi he grins nervously and waves a hand which the guards react to right away and they grip their blades once again.

"Relax", Hijikata commands. "He doesn't intend to pull any tricks at the moment." 'I hope', he adds to himself silently afterwards and rolls his eyes. The three sits down on the opposite side of the table, facing Gintoki. The three share a few glances among themselves and then settle down some papers on the table.

"The reason for summoning you here is for questioning regarding a few incidents lately, Yorozuya", Kondo explains briefly with a somewhat bothered face but without any worry in it. Hijikata lights a cigarette in silence and nods. Gintoki himself chose silence and listens.

"As well of a bit older incidents that have taken place during the time we have known you, danna", Sougo adds to complete Kondo's short reasoning. "Since you made a slip of tongue and announced loud and clear that you are the famed Shiroyasha from the Amanto war.. We simply had to take action to see if we could get a better picture of these incidents. We are also hoping for information on Katsura Kotaro. No hard feelings?" Sougo asks with a smile. Gintoki smiles in return; in a rather evil way.

"Oi, brat. There would be no hard feelings if you didn't arrest me!" he exclaims, rather loudly in fact. At which silence endues for a few minutes. Hijikata breaks the silence by sighing heavily, letting his shoulders heave up in a quick motion and then down slowly as he breath out.

"Then just answer our questions and get lost, Shiroyasha", he says and puts emphasize on the name and gives its nameholder a steady glare. Gintoki stares back with equal intensity.

"Fine, however I chose to reply or not to", he answers and Hijikata nods. He suppose he could not get much more from such a stubborn person, not even through means such as torture.

"First of all. How many people know that you are Shiroyasha?" Hijikata questions while Sougo takes a rare chance to be useful and takes out a notepad and pencil from under the table to take notes. The questioned man looks a bit puzzled at first as he thinks. 'Exact number, dear Shinsengumi?' He sighs.

"I don't really know. I left that battlefield behind..." Gintoki says quite solemnly. "Shinpachi and Kagura knows. The Shinsengumi knows." He adds after a little more thought.

"How about Katsura Kotaro and Takasugi Shinsuke?" asks Hijikata, he took the mission of asking the questions after all. Kondo would be a bad choice and Sougo... It explains itself. Hearing the name Takasugi, Gintoki's eyes widen for a split second, just enough for the vicecaptain to notice. The owner of the silver soul wonders if telling the Shinsengumi would be a good idea... Although, he doesn't have to tell the connection...

"They should be aware of it", he replies lazily and in a not too direct manner either. Which annoys Hijikata.

"Do they know, yes or no", he simple states in frustration. Gintoki sighs.


"We are certain that there is a connection between you and Katsura. Are you comrades? Also, do you have any connection to Takasugi?"

"Zu-, sorry, I mean Katsura. Well, yes, I've heard he's quite good at rap music..." Gintoki trails off with a smile. Earning an outburst from the vicecaptain who punshes his right fist in the table.


"Well, yes of course. He's not as good as Gin-san though..." he continues.

"Tch, nevermind. We can find that out ourselves since we know he got a connection to you. How about Takasugi then?" he asks after calming down a bit. He earned a pair of serious eyes, dead-fish-serious and beyond, with that question. The leader of the Yorozuya took a minute or two to collect his thoughts before replying:

"He's mine to cut down", he says in a deep furious, yet calm and collected, voice. All five Shinsengumi got taken back a bit by the dead serious voice that could promise many things; death and harm among them. Hijikata exchanged glances with the two Shinsengumi guards guarding Gintoki, telling them to go back to their initial posts and as such they stand up quietly and leaves. The three Shinsengumi still in the room look after the two leaving; making sure they do actually leave. When a few minutes has passed with the four souls left in the room, Hijikata decides to continue.

"And? What has he done to become your target?"

To be continued...

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