Warning: Rimming, Anal penetration, Oral pleasure, & the probable misuse of a wand

The start of term feast was well underway and all the students were eating and chatting to their housemates about Merlin knows what. The professors themselves were in their own little world, enjoying conversations ranging from lessons and politics to Quidditch as they ate their dinner at the Head Table.

All of them, that is, except for one professor.

Severus had no interest whatsoever in conversing with his dismal colleagues during meal time, or any other time for that matter. It was especially irritating when they tried to bring him into their chats, and Albus was especially guilty of this.

"How's the roast chicken, Severus?" Albus asked casually, taking a bite of his lemon meringue pie. As if the man would eat anything other than that yellow abomination.

"It is palatable Albus." Severus intoned- perhaps if he sounded uninterested, Albus will cease his mindless banter.

"Good, good. You should try this lemon meringue pie, it is quite delightful!"

Severus ignored the comment, scrunching his face in disgust. He preferred the bitter taste of dark chocolate.

He scanned over the whole of the room, observing the new students who were just arriving at the castle, and the ones who had returned from the summer.

With the war over and the worries gone, many of the students who were pulled out of the school by their parents had returned. Of course, he would never outwardly admit it to anyone that he missed this bustle of familiar faces.

However, there were quite a few new first years as well, thirty in all this year- less than before the war, but at least more than last year.

As he continued to look about the room, one of the students caught Severus' eye.

The young man in question had unruly black hair -getting to be a bit shaggy- untamed emerald eyes, and wide grin on his face as he talked animatedly with his friends.

Ah yes, Harry Potter.

The boy had matured from the scrawny, trouble seeking brat from his first year, to the brilliant and handsome young man he was now.

Seventeen suited him well.

Severus studied the boy's features carefully. The dark circles that had once hung stubbornly under his eyes had disappeared, the scar on his forehead was only a faint white mark, he was no longer sickly pale and thin. Perhaps, however, the greatest difference was that the stress so often evident on his face was nowhere to be found. The boy looked happy.

"He looks a lot more relaxed now, doesn't he?" Albus questioned, as he himself studied Harry. His eyes twinkled with contentment at the sight of the boy.

"Indeed." Was the indifferent reply.

Severus continued to stare, paying no mind to everything around him. He was mesmerized by the way Harry's face projected many emotions as he talked, his hands waving around to accentuate his many points. As Severus watched, the boy's lips quirked into a lopsided grin when someone mentioned something amusing, his eyes glittering with joy.

It's very alluring in a Potter sort of way.

The young man was definitely nothing like his parents, though Severus has once thought him to be the spitting image of James. No, he became his own person characterized by overcoming the many challenges he was presented with.

Perhaps it was because of all that then, why Severus thought Harry was simply irresistible. He shuddered in his realization and he found that he wasn't completely disturbed by the fact. The boy was seventeen now, it was…allowed. His eyes gleamed with desire.

The feast was coming to an end as the students finished up their desserts; Albus stood and addressed the hall once more bidding them all a pleasant evening and sweet dreams. The students were filing out of the door way heading for their common rooms

Severus had a last minute idea as he stared at the retreating form of Harry. He had plenty of room for dessert yet and no dark chocolate could sate his sudden craving for Potter. He planned to savor every last drop of exquisite ecstasy.

With practiced grace he silently slipped out the teachers entrance to stalk his prey in the corridors.

Harry followed Ron and Hermione silently, making their way to the Gryffindor common room. His two best friends were holding hands and talking to each other. Harry felt like a third wheel but he was rather content with how his life was now.

No more worries beyond those of school work, Quidditch matches, and detentions. It was surreal- he thought this state of calm would never become reality.

Harry decided that he wasn't yet ready to return to the dormitories, he needed a bit of alone time and he definitely wouldn't get it with the imminent back to school party that often took place in the boys' dorms.

The Chamber of Secrets was the perfect place to seek solace.

Thankfully he had learned to keep the Invisibility cloak shrunk and stuffed into his pocket at all times, just in case the need would arise- he wouldn't make if back before curfew in a half hour.

"I'll catch up with you guys in a bit, I need to go see Dumbledore about something before curfew." Harry spoke up.

The trio stopped, Ron and Hermione turned back to look at him still grinning.

"Alright Harry, just don't get into any trouble. We don't need to start the first day of classes with negative points…again" Hermione warned him with a teasing tone.

"You definitely don't want to get detention with Filch either." Ron added.

Harry shuddered at the thought. "I'll be careful guys, no worries."

"Famous last words, Harry." Hermione countered to which Ron snorted and Harry grinned like a fool.

They split up and went their separate ways, Ron and Hermione to Gryffindor tower and Harry to the girls' bathroom on the second floor.

Severus watched the exchange quietly from the shadows, thanking Merlin for his luck. Getting Potter alone wouldn't be a difficult task at all when he was doing all the work for Severus.

It was like the boy knew.

He followed Potter down the corridor, admiring the view from behind.

Harry had taken off the outer cloak of his school uniform, a finger hooked into the hood and hanging over his shoulder as he walked at a normal pace. He was oblivious to everything around him.

The boy really was making this too easy.

After five minutes of walking, Harry made it to the girls lavatory without any trouble. Snape was grateful. It wouldn't do for Potter to get caught while everything was working out in his favor.

Harry unlatched the door and stepped in, closing it behind him. Stepping out from his hiding place Severus entered the girls bathroom without making any noise. He had long practiced the art of moving without making a sound, never dreaming that he would one day use this technique to attempt to bed Harry Potter.

Harry had his back turned towards his professor, hunched over the sink with the snake etched tap. The young wizard was still unaware of the extra presence in the room, the boy had his eyes closed, enjoying the quiet.

It was now or never and Severus had no plans to run away.

He crossed the room with a few quick strides, taking a firm grip on Harry's arm spinning him around. He pushed him back into the sink firmly. Yes, it was now or never.

Harry had no time to register what was happening.

Demanding lips covered his own in a fervent kiss, a wily tongue licking at his bottom lip coaxing him to open up. Harry was tense and confused so he did nothing but let his attacker continue his invasion. Severus moved from Harry's mouth to suck at the uncovered skin just under his jaw.

Harry snapped out of his confusion, looking up through the haze. When he recognized who it was currently doing amazing things to his neck, it frightened him a bit.

"Pro-professor...what...are you doing?" He sputtered.

Snape traveled up to Harry's ear, using his tongue to trace around its contour, nibbling the earlobe, and sucking on a spot behind it. It earned him a shiver.

Whether it was a shiver of disgust or pleasure, Severus could not tell.

"Shut it Potter." Severus went back to giving Harry's earlobe some more attention, it didn't keep Potter silent though. "You are going to not make a sound unless it is in utter pleasure."

"That's...not a very...good answer, sir." He panted out. Severus wasn't going to take no for an answer, but he wouldn't force Potter to do anything he didn't want. It wouldn't be long now, the lithe body was already screaming yes.

Besides, the boy hadn't said no- and Severus had noticed.

"If you're still talking then I'm not doing it right." Severus growled and went back to devour those sweet defiant lips. Harry protested a bit, but could not deny that he had thought about this before. Many, many times before…

Severus slipped his left hand to the middle of Harry's back, as his right hand busied itself with untucking the sweater vest and white button down shirt from the boy's trousers, pausing to pull the sweater up over Harry's head without any protest which was a good sign.

Harry seemed a bit more compliant so he tried his luck again with sneaking his tongue into the young man's mouth. He licked at Harry's bottom lip again.

Harry didn't know what to do, his Potion's Master was practically assaulting him, yet he wasn't fighting. Snape was kissing and touching him, yet he was not upset. Hell, he didn't even mind. Why didn't he mind, what was wrong with him?

Harry presented Severus with the opening that he so desired, moving his own mouth against the man's, exploring what he could. Harry timidly moved his tongue against Severus', experimenting with the contact. He found that it wasn't so bad—enjoyable even. Harry moved his arms up to wrap around Snape's neck pulling him closer to his lips, deepening the kiss.

The professor took that as consent. He slipped his hand underneath Harry's shirt and ran it up towards the young man's chest, clawing the skin gently as he brought it back down towards the navel. Harry gasped as the older wizard ran a finger nail over the sensitive nub of his left nipple. Severus broke their lip lock, turning his attention towards the buttons of the boy's shirt. Severus was so very tempted just to rip it open, but he kept his control and unbuttoned each and everyone in record time.

The first time he had to be calm, he had to be in control at all times.

He admired the skin, humming in appreciation and taking note of the few errant scars. He traced them carefully with his long calloused fingers, moving his attention towards the nipple that had caused the young man to gasp in the first place. He ghosted over it with the pad of his thumb, enjoying the way Harry squirmed under the touch.

Things were moving very quickly, and Severus knew it. But he just couldn't bring himself to slow down. He wanted the boy, ad he wanted him now- before Harry had the chance to change his mind.

Severus knew that he didn't have a whole lot of time to work with so he ignored the responsive nubs, instead bringing his head down the suck on the hollow between Harry's collar bones. The young wizard couldn't suppress the groan that made it past his lips and it went straight to Snape's groin.

He could feel Harry's erection pressing up against his thigh, eagerly waiting for attention. While the boy was distracted he trailed his right hand down Harry's stomach, enjoying the way the muscles twitched at the fleeting touch.

Severus made quick work of unbuttoning and unzipping the boy's trousers and sneaking a hand past the elastic band of his boxers.

Harry's breath hitched as he felt the hand deal with the fastenings of his pants and he couldn't help the noises that now freely trickled out of his throat as Snape took a firm hold of his cock.

This was all happening so fast, but Harry couldn't pretend that he didn't love every second of it.

The hand slowly stroked him, the touch was maddening and he clung tightly to that sturdy body, he let his head fall backwards and bucked his hips into that wonderful hand.

Severus chuckled and stroked him a couple more times before removing his hand from the needy engorged flesh. There were other things he wanted to do besides giving Harry a quick hand job. He had waited too long for this for it to be over so quickly.

He dropped to his knees and tugged the trousers and underwear down to Harry's feet, freeing his prick from its imprisonment. Harry squeezed his eyes shut as Severus wrapped his fingers tightly around the base of his cock- the pressure was glorious.

As Harry gazed down at Severus, a fiery wet heat engulfed him completely. He groaned and immediately his hands were in Snape's surprisingly soft hair- there was absolutely no traces of grease in those fine strands.

Severus devoured the entire length of Harry's erection, humming when it hit the back of his throat.

"Merlin..." The warm wetness of Snape's mouth and the tight opening of his throat were driving Harry insane. His most hated professor was giving him a blow job and he fucking loved it.

Severus' acerbic tongue was doing the most sinful things to the spongy sensitive head of his cock, his thin lips moving up and down the length slowly- terrorizing his senses. Severus let a hand drop from Harry's arse to move around between his legs to fondle the testicles gingerly between his fingers, causing him to buck his hips forward.

"Oh god...Sna...hnnng.." Severus knew that Harry wouldn't last much longer under these ministrations. He released Harry's cock from his mouth and fingers untangled themselves from Severus' hair.

"Turn around." The potions master commanded but made no move to get up. As he turned, Harry kicked off his shoes and pants, not wanting to trip in the heat of the moment. He braced himself against the sink, awaiting whatever other torture methods Snape had in store. The anticipation was overwhelming.

Severus smirked and rubbed at the boy's pucker with his thumb, teasing him a bit. The noises flowing forth from Harry's mouth were highly arousing and quite distracting, and it caused Snape's focus to slip some more.

Harry let his head fall forward, fingers grasping the porcelain fixture and making them go white with the intensity of his hold. He could feel something warm and wet trailing from his perineum up long his crease to the pucker of his hole. He spread his legs further apart and wiggled a bit.

Harry moaned as the tongue swirled and danced around the tight ring of muscle, teasing and pleasuring it mercilessly, swearing as it pushed against his opening entering the tight heat. Harry threw his head back and arched forward, practically screaming when Snape added a finger to his tongue twisting it a little so it hit his prostate, distracting him from the discomfort of intrusion. He soon added a second finger with the first and the tongue, stretching and preparing.

When he felt that Harry was stretched well enough, the older wizard removed his fingers, loving the sound the boy made at the loss of his touch. Severus stood up, admiring the way the uniform shirt barely hung off Harry's shoulders, exposing the smooth skin and shoulder blades.

Severus took out his wand and banished his clothing to the corner, his own erection grateful to be free of constricting trousers. He stepped forward, setting his non-wand hand on the fixture next to Harry's while he brought his wand up to the boys pucker and pressed into him gently.

"Gngh...What's that.?" Harry rasped out in alarm- feeling the cool wood slide in was an odd feeling at best.

"Shhh. It's just my wand." Severus tried to soothe him, "I promise you won't lose anything."

Harry's breathing hitched as he felt the wand oozing something warm and slick inside of him. The stick was pressed a bit deeper and then pulled back out agonizingly slow. Snape did this a couple times, making sure that the area was properly lubricated.

"Bloody fucking..."

"Language Mr. Potter." Snape interrupted, kissing the back of Harry's neck. "I believe that I have adequately prepared you for what is to come. I will ask only once, do you wish to proceed. Yes or No?"

The deep baritone voice of his potions professor made Harry's cock twitch with need. He found that he couldn't say no or stop the pleasure that was crashing through his body in violent waves.

"Yes. Merlin...please don't stop..."

Those words almost destroyed the last of what was left of Snape's self control.

Patience is a virtue he struggled to remind himself.

"Have you done this before, Potter?" He managed to speak, his teeth clenched together.

"N-not with another person...Just my fingers. Do it already!" He ground out, voice thick with lust.

"You will feel uncomfortable momentarily, but it will get better. I promise." Severus explained as he aligned his leaking shaft up with Harry's entrance. The contact had him rubbing up against the head of the cock eagerly.

"Bloody tease." Harry grumbled impatiently.

Snape took a deep breath and pushed forward, headlong into that torrid hole. He bit down on the inside of his cheek sharply to keep himself in line. Harry hissed, pain spreading through the lower half of his body as he was filled by Severus.

Hands were on his hips as the Potions Master massaged them gently as sarcastic lips spoke reassurances into his ear, telling him to relax and that it will feel so much better all while he slowly pushed further into the tight heat.

Once fully buried into Harry, Severus allowed the boy a short moment to adjust to his size, he didn't get this far just to ruin everything by severely hurting Harry. He rested his chin on Potter's shoulder waiting for the go ahead, running his hands soothingly up and down the front of his thighs. Harry moved a little bit- testing out the new feeling of being filled. It was a strange feeling, pleasuring himself didn't really compare to how this felt in the slightest.

"I'm good, I think." Harry spoke, confident that he was indeed ready.

Snape held Harry's hips firmly in place and pulled his cock out so that that head remained inside, thrusting back in at a slow pace to accommodate Potter. The most beautiful sounds filled the lavatory as Severus pumped slowly into him, adjusting his angle in an attempt to look for that bundle of nerves that would liberate Harry of his sanity. It took a few long moments before his quest was soon over as Harry let out a strangled gurgling noise when his prostate was prodded.

"Like that do you?" Snape queried hoarsely.

Harry didn't trust his voice so he nodded furiously instead. Severus growled and began pounding into that spot at a faster pace this time, without fear of causing pain.

"Ahh...ahh...Harder—Snape." Harry begged shamelessly, he began moving his hips in rhythm with Severus' thrusting. He was all too happy to comply with the boy's pleasure laden voice.

He could feel his climax nearing, if the sounds Harry was making were anything to go by he assumed he was close to his climax as well. He reached around and took hold of the neglected prick. It was so very hard, and weeping for release like the one it was attached to.

Severus stroked the length with every thrust. The thrusting and pumping became erratic, the pleasure overload became too much for Harry and he screamed Severus' name loudly- shooting his seed all over the tiled flooring. His muscles contracted around his professor's cock, Snape grunted as his body went rigid. Harry felt a spasm of warmth released deep inside.

The older wizard draped himself over Harry's back, allowing himself to catch his breath as he pulled his softening cock from the young man's sensitive bum.

This was fucking ingenious, by far the best plan he ever had. He didn't regret doing this- this was beyond all morals.

"That was—brilliant." Harry admitted openly, panting heavily.

"I am glad you found it so." He grumbled into Harry's shoulder.

"This better not be just a one off, I don't fancy one night stands..." He mumbled. "You also owe me dinner." He added thoughtfully.

"Shut up Potter, you're ruining the moment." Snape growled and snaked an arm around his waist possessively.

Oh yeah. Way beyond all morals.

Author's Note

This chapter has been beta'd and polished thanks to PinkJinx876.