Warnings: Very sexual content, possible drug usage (Potions, and just in case it can be considered as such), filthy language (lots of F bombs), some humor.

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Part 3

Harry groaned as he began to rouse from his spell induced sleep.

His head throbbed painfully, whatever it was that had hit him while his attention was elsewhere had really done a number on him, and he was rather disappointed in himself for letting his guard drop so easily. The pain surged from a spot somewhere on the right side of his head, a spot he suspected he hit when he fell to the floor. He shook his head and rotated it in a clockwise circle in an attempt to stretch his cramped muscles. The position he was put in did horrible things to his neck, aside from his obvious head injury. Harry was definitely going to inflict some major pain on whoever did this to him.

Where had he been again?

When he tried to open his eyes, he found that his vision was blurry, and though the lights were dimmed he was blinded by the flickering of the firelight emanating from the hearth he was facing. The second thing he noticed, aside from his absurd sensitivity to light, was the unexplained chill that was creeping its way slowly up his spine. His body shivered a little, trying to keep itself warm in the cool air of wherever he was.

Harry then realized that his clothes were missing.

He tried again desperately to open his sensitive eyes so that he could observe his surroundings, though his eyes of course were trying to rebel against the sudden action. With the ability to see once more, he was a little bit grateful - and equally confused - that whoever it was that did this to him had the decency to leave his glasses sitting on his face. Blinking a couple times to clear up his vision, the boy inspected the chair he was made to sit upon.

His arms were bound by the wrists to the wooden arms of the chair. Harry struggled with the bindings, checking to see if there was any possible way he could get free of them. There wasn't.

The pieces of rope that held his wrists were well tied, and curiously not spelled, but created by hand. His attacker opted to tie him down, rather than simply use magic. Harry thought it was peculiar for someone to attack him with magic, and then do the manual labor themselves later.

The boy tried to move his legs next and felt that they were in the same state his arms were, but tied to the legs of the chair; his torso was secured to the back of the chair so his hope of moving at all was reduced to zero.

Harry remembered well all the times he managed to get out of situations that had seemingly zero probability of surviving, this one was quite similar to those ordeals. The difference between this time and all the other times he had been captured was that he had been able to keep his clothes on those times. With all of the careful planning he had done with Draco and the dangerously precise executions, Harry failed to predict the marginal error and probability of collateral damage. He failed to add Snape's wrath into his not so carefully calculated equation.

Yes, Severus was the perfect spy in every sense of the word and its meaning. He could act so very well, and he played his roles to the letter. He had the ability to walk amongst the shadows and stalk his prey like the most vicious of predators. The Potions Master had eyes and ears everywhere, there was nothing said or done that Severus Snape did not know about first. Harry did not take into account how ruthless Severus Snape could be; nor did he notice that from the far corner, bathed in shadows, he was being watched closely.

Harry wiggled around in the chair, trying to get loose. Though he knew deep down that his chances of actually getting out of his bindings were futile, he continued to waste his energy trying.

He tried to get the chair to hop, but it was spelled to the floor so trying to tip the chair over was out of the equation as well. Harry then tried to call his magic to him, hoping that all the practice he put into wandless spell casting last year would do him some good in this ridiculous scenario. The young man closed his eyes and concentrated on the points of his body that were bound by rope. The magic stirred around him for a fleeting moment before it was gone again.

Harry couldn't take much more physical exertion, as his magical ability wasn't even present to exert. What part of him wasn't tied to the chair slumped forward, with what room he had, and he grunted as the throbbing pain in his head intensified.

Severus felt that the waiting was over, the shadows shifted around him and he moved forward towards the back of chair where Harry sat.

The Potions Master had been pushed beyond all of his boundaries because of this brat. The same brat that now made him shiver with excitement. Severus would very much enjoy exacting his revenge upon the boy. If Harry thought he was going to get off the hook without so much as a festering wound, he was in for a pretty serious reality check.

"I see you have finally decided to return to the world of the living," Snape drawled as he walked around the chair, as if to inspect it.

Hearing that familiar voice made Harry snap his head up at an almost breakneck speed, swinging it around to find the man who the voice belonged to.

Severus quite liked seeing all the different facial expressions pass over the brat's face like a slide show. Harry didn't know what to do at first, he was surprised and his mouth didn't know whether to stay closed or open.

"You bastard!" Harry finally growled, "that was unfuckingcalled for!" The adrenaline that began pumping through his body gave him new strength to struggle against the ropes that kept him in the chair.

"I strongly disagree, Potter. Let's call it pay back." Severus said nonchalantly as he walked over to the hearth, picking up the glass of red wine that sat upon the mantle.

"You deserved it!" Harry tried to argue, still struggling to get free of the ropes.

Severus sipped his wine as he reached a hand into the pocket of his trousers and fingered the glass phials that he had placed there. His lips twitched as he struggled to keep his smirk at bay while he ran Harry in circles with words.

"And you most certainly deserved this, Potter." Snape retorted confidently, though he wanted to say so much more.

"I am not going to have this conversation with you again, Snape..." Harry of course had a lot more to say as well but was cut short with the hammering pain in his skull. He groaned, what had the man done to his head?

Severus was prepared for this naturally.

When he had began drawing up his own plans he couldn't quite pin how he would go about getting the brat to drink the concoction he had brewed up specially for this. The opportunity had shown itself when he had taken down Potter with a rather strong stupefy, even unconscious Harry had managed to hurt himself; though it was partially his fault for hexing the boy.

The Potions Master placed his wine glass back on the mantle of the fireplace and took the first phial from his trouser pocket. A metallic, light blue liquid swirled innocently around inside the container. Harry eyed the glass with plenty of malice as he watch Severus pull the stopper on it as he approached.

"Drink this." Severus ordered as he pressed the cool glass to the young man's dry lips.

Harry refused to open his mouth, skeptical because the blue liquid smelled sweet and alluring. He never had the pleasure of drinking a potion that didn't smell like an unwashed Quidditch uniform and tasted, at best, like the most foul dragon dung.

Snape had grown mildly impatient. He grabbed a generous handful of hair on the back of Harry's head and yanked it backwards, exposing the young man's beautiful throat. It was so difficult to resist leaning down and tasting that tempting flesh.

"You will drink the potion, or I shall let you suffer. Your choice, Potter." Snape sneered, he needed Potter to somewhat willingly drink this potion for it to work properly.

"I would rather suffer—" Harry was cut off from finishing his sentence as Severus poured the potion in to his mouth forcefully.

Though he needed Potter to drink it willingly, it was never technically specified how willing the person ingesting the potion had to be. The simple act of opening ones mouth was enough to be considered willing. The Potions Master placed his hand over the brat's mouth to make sure the liquid would stay put.

Harry glared up at Snape's face as he let the potion he refused swallow sit in his mouth. "Swallow. It. All." Severus warned.

Harry had no intentions of willingly submitting himself to Severus just yet. No, instead Harry gathered the contents of his mouth near the back of his throat and tried forcing the potion up through his nasal passage. He winced at the burning pain that the liquid caused as the blue slime came in contact with the delicate flesh of the passage and started to slowly ooze out of his nostrils. The liquid pooled against Snape's hand before peaking over the knuckles and running further down the covered mouth and chin. While the rest of the viscous slime ran the length of the Potion Master's hand as well as Harry's face.

Severus quickly snatched his hands away, disgusted by the idiot's antics. "Why you little cretin!" The man snarled, completely outraged. He should have known the moron would pull such a stunt.

Harry laughed at Snape as he drew his wand with his clean hand, waving it first over his potion dirtied hand and then over Potter's face; removing the traces of wasted blue liquid. Harry Bloody Potter was quite the handful indeed, mentally noting not to underestimate the fool in the future.

"You think that was the only phial, Potter?" Severus laughed darkly while lips upturned into a wicked smile, bearing his crooked teeth in a stunningly morbid look of glee. Harry's stomach churned at the sight, it almost made him regret what he had done. Almost.

Another angry wave of his wand produced an exact copy of the same potion Harry had been forced to drink a few moments ago, and the phial seemed larger. Perhaps Severus did not foresee Potter's stunt while he was brewing his potion, but it was luck that the recipe made plenty. More than enough of the potion than the Potions Master actually needed.

Snape unstoppered the second phial, his sinister voice bouncing around the walls of the room causing Harry to shiver. "You will drink it this time, Potter, even if I have to force it down your throat, boy." He sneered.

"I won't drink it you git!" Harry growled back and turned his head to the side in an attempt to make the process more difficult for his captor.

Severus could certainly tell that the boy wouldn't be any more cooperative that he was before. With grace only Severus Snape could manage, the man pried Harry's mouth open and poured the same potion into the boy's mouth once more. The feeling of déjà vu washed over the Potions Master as he spotted the look of determined concentration on Potter's face, he quickly pinched the boy's nose closed preventing the previous occurrence from reoccurring.

Harry of course did his best to rebel against the wizard with the upper hand; holding his breath for as long as he could while keeping the unknown contents of his mouth out of his throat. After a couple minutes Harry's face began to discolor while his body flailed against its bindings in the chair.

"I can stand here and do this all night Potter, even if that means your imminent asphyxiation." Severus snarked with a bit of amusement.

The need for oxygen out weighed the need to rebel against Snape. He let the slimy liquid in his mouth slide down his esophagus and then tried to speak frantically against the hand roughly covering his mouth.

"You are learning. Slowly." The man jibbed, reluctantly removing both of his hands from Harry.

Harry burst into a fit of coughs as he struggled to get air into his lungs again, watching as Snape turned to move towards the arm chair that sat adjacent to where he was currently tied up. Severus took out the second phial of bright yellow liquid from his trouser pocket which caught Harry's attention.

"What's the second one for?" The boy questioned curiously as he had no ability whatsoever to identify any potions by their color.

Severus ignored the question and sat down in his chair, rolling the vial between his fingers slowly. He let his gaze drift slowly from his vial of potion to Harry, letting his eyes inspect everything they could see and it was so very hard to stay calm and in his chair. Severus had plenty things planned to punish Potter for all of his bright ideas.

"Soon, Severus." He told himself, trying to sooth the aching heat that began to pool in his gut.

He had brewed this second potion as an energy boost for himself. With all kinds of delightful things in mind for the annoying brat he couldn't let himself falter in the middle of all the action. He unstoppered his phial and quickly drained every last drop without breaking eye contact with Harry.

Harry watched as Severus downed the liquid, quite unnerved by the way the man was staring at him as though any moment now he'd be devoured whole. This thought wasn't too far off, Severus had every intention of devouring Potter.

Harry felt uncomfortable naked and tied to a chair, and the feeling of uneasiness did not diminish while the subject of his deepest desires continued to eye him in such an awkward manner. Usually he would squirm or fidget when he was uneasy and or uncomfortable, but that was not the case this time. He brushed the awkward feeling off and blamed it on the fact that he was familiar with the man, and his body didn't react negatively in the presence of the familiar creepy bastard that Snape was right now.

Along with the oddity of not feeling uncomfortable, was the strange fuzzy warmth spreading within him. Harry no longer felt pain from his head injury, it was replaced with a strange fever like heat and an intense tingling sensation when ever he moved, even breathing triggered it. 'What did he give me...?'

Severus could see the little beads of sweat that began to form, he also took note of the way Harry's skin began to flush prettily.

"What'd you...do to me?" Harry stammered.

It had to be the potion's fault because he wouldn't love the way the ropes felt against his bare skin if he was of sound mind and body, and he definitely wouldn't feel like he had orgasmed every time he tried to move or breathe either. The sensations were going straight to his cock, which began to inflate with great interest.

"I didn't do anything to you," Severus smirked, "the potion, however, did quite a bit." Oh yes this was going to be quite delightful.

Harry whimpered as he tried to say something scathing in reply to Severus' smart ass remark. It was easier to think about it than to actually say it.

"What did you give...me?" Harry said, but the ending word came out as more of a moan than a word and his face reddened with embarrassment.

Severus chuckled darkly. His potion was working quite well and even this stubborn, thick headed brat couldn't fight its grasp on him. "It's a stimulant." The Potions Master answered vaguely. He wasn't sure if the vacant look he received was because of the potion or because Harry was trying to figure out what that meant. He sighed in mock irritation, indulging his rare dramatic flare. "The liquid I gave you makes you more...compliant to suggestion. More specifically, suggestions I make." he explained.

"What do you mean...more compliant, Snape?" It was becoming a challenge not to submit to the amazing feeling that creeped along his skin and danced upon his nerve endings.

"Your body will obey everything I order you to do," Severus' smirk evolved into an eerie smile, "for example." The older wizard took out his wand, banishing away the ropes he so carefully tied by hand much earlier.

"I don't want you to move from that spot, Harry." Snape ordered.

Harry's first instinct was to get out of the chair and run, that's what his conscience was saying anyways. When he actually tried to make his body get up out of the chair his muscles didn't even twitch. He panicked a little, eyes becoming wide with understanding; there was nothing he could do until the potion wore off, Snape had complete control over his body. He was literally at the man's mercy and Harry didn't know how much good trying to bargain with the man would do now, but he would try.

"What do you want from me Snape? Let me go and I'll do whatever. I'll never let anyone touch me again...I'll never come near you again, if that's what you want." Harry begged desperately.

Severus fiddled with the empty phial still in his hand as he listened to Harry's pleas for freedom.

"I am afraid that you've had your chance, I cannot grant you your request at this time. You have a lot to answer for Mr. Potter and I intend to see your punishment through to the finish this time." He explained with mild amusement in his horrified look on Harry's face was priceless when punishment was mentioned, he'd maybe put that memory in a pensive later just to see it again.

He never really properly dealt with all that the boy had done, there was a lot of irritation he had for some of the things that Potter had managed to get him into. The biggest and most recent transgression that Harry had racked up was at the top of the list, followed by the blow job during class. He really did not want to relive the Headmaster's office ordeal or linger on the time the snot had caught him off guard in the hallway.

"Severus. You brought that on yourself, I can't be punished for breaking your rules when you broke your promise." Harry tried to argue logically.

As right as Harry was, Severus wasn't about to admit it to the boy. He was most definitely not going to let this opportunity escape him either, this deal was far too sweet to pass up.

"I believe that I can punish you, Mr. Potter." The Potions Master snorted, "and I can guarantee that you won't be able to do anything about it. Your arse is mine." He growled playfully, not that Potter could tell the difference.

Severus stood up from his chair and began undoing the many buttons of his frock coat. There was a chilling smirk upon his lips, eyes molten with unbridled desire. He wanted to leave his instinctual need in control but it was too early in his game to lose himself in those needs.

With the last button unhooked he shrugged the coat off and tossed it over the arm of the couch, revealing his white button down and his black waist coat. He carefully unbuttoned the the sleeves of the shirt, and rolled them up to his elbows; exposing the pale white skin of his unblemished right forearm and the faint, but still ugly scar where the dark mark had been that marred the man's left forearm.

As he was now more comfortable, the Potions Master sat back down in his arm chair and addressed Harry once more.

"I am confident that you know the other effect that the potion has on you..." Severus trailed off, letting his eyes trail down to stare at the boy's proud erection. "I will explain it to you anyways, as you have a long history of idiocy." The barbed insult came off more as affectionate. Harry went to make a rude comment but there was only a garbled moan.

Severus licked his lips hungrily, going over the recipe for the potion in his head, realizing a little too late that he may have added a bit too much aphrodisiac than he had originally intended. It wouldn't do any harm to Potter, but it would most certainly make things a bit more...noisy.

"The potion not only makes you more susceptible to my suggestions, but your body becomes far more responsive—" That vacant look on the boy's face was rather endearing even if it was the potion causing the reaction, the extra aphrodisiac probably had temporarily turned his brain to mush.

"I added a mild aphrodisiac to this special brew, you will very much love to be touched, and it is very likely you will go insane when I fuck that delectable little arse of yours." Severus purred, "now come here." He commanded.

Severus was very intuitive in his younger years. Always striving to become the best in his field. Striving to be the best allowed him some very interesting creations and breakthroughs. Naturally he made his biggest breakthroughs working with both the Wolfsbane potion and Veritaserum. His research led him to delve into some rather interesting research in things like persuasion and mind control similar to the effects of the Imperius curse. The hunger for his work never dulled as he aged. The base of the recent creation he had given Harry had been one of his much earlier successes with his work in persuasive elixirs. Though Severus knew the fling between Harry and Draco was a ploy, he was still determined to come up with a way to teach Harry his lesson.

The ingredients in the base were rather volatile with some of the other ingredients that the Potions Master wanted to use for more interesting effects, so he had to cut a lot of the fun stuff out of his calculations. Severus was only able to add in the aphrodisiac, and the last minute painkiller without it becoming highly explosive or corrosive. There wasn't a name for his new creation yet, but he had tossed the idea around in his head while he waited for Harry to rouse from his slumber. He would most likely deem it as 'Harry's Punishment' and keep it for private use only. Severus would certainly keep this potion around for future use. For recreational purposes or to use should the boy decided to step a toe out of line again.

Severus snapped out of his reverie as Harry finally stood up, still clearly trying to fight off the command given to him. He had a feeling that the boy would fight, fortunately the potion wouldn't allow for much resistance, no physical resistance anyways.

Harry was not liking the fact that he had no control whatsoever, and he was pissed that Snape was the one with that control. He might have come to terms with the predicament that he had landed himself into if Snape wasn't acting like a total git. He figured it would have been too much for the man toat least have a civil conversation with him instead of resorting to this.

Harry's body slowly made its way across the living room towards the chair Severus currently occupied, awkwardly enjoying the way the plush carpet felt on the soles of his feet and in between his toes. He wanted so badly to just stop and roll around on the floor but whatever it was that was in his system prevented him from disobeying the order given by Snape. Harry's heart was racing and it was becoming a difficult task trying not to make erotic noises as he'd come to stand in front of this evil genius.

Severus took his time looking over every inch of Harry's exposed flesh he could see from this angle. He also took the time to mentally berate himself for ignoring such a beautiful body. He let one of his arms that had rested on an arm of the chair reach out, letting a hand wrap around one of the boy's thin wrists. Potter's skin was warm and soft, but became riddled with goose pimples as his own chilled fingers touched the other's flesh. He was momentarily mesmerized by the way Potter's whole body reacted from his touch alone, watching the boy's body shiver with anticipation.

Harry couldn't help the groan of arousal when their skin made contact again.

Gently Severus tugged on the arm in his grasp, pulling the young wizard forward. "Have a seat Mr. Potter." He said with mirthful tone.

Merlin, that voice...

Unable to do anything else Harry let his legs rest on either side of Severus, making himself comfortable on Snape's lap. As much as Harry hated this, he was slowly becoming enthralled by the dominance that the Potions Master was showing.

Severus let his hands move to grip Potter's hips, coaxing the boy forward a bit more until he could feel an eager erection pressing into his clothed abdomen. When Harry was comfortable on his lap, Severus let his hand slide upwards from the young wizard's hips; letting them wander from Harry's sides to his lower back. The movement was slow and seemingly painful to Potter, in a pleasurable way of course. His face was pinched tightly as he fought to keep himself in check. Severus admired the boy's endurance.

"While you are under the effects of my...creation, Harry, I have no control over your voice, your freedom of thought, or your ability to make ridiculous faces." Severus let his eyes roam upwards over the boy again, letting the burning black of his irises lock with lust laden green orbs as he spoke. "I can only control your physical movements. However you are pliable until I release you via an antidote, or until the potion wears off." The Potions Master interrupted Harry before he was able to inquire about the potions duration. "I will not be telling you anymore of the potion, Harry."

Experimentally Severus leaned forward as if to inspect Harry's chest and let his mouth devour one of those pebbled nubs. He let his hands continue to re-explore the boy's body of their own free will as his mouth skillfully toyed with the peaked, sensitive flesh. He adored the sounds that bled through Potter's mouth, loud and unrestrained, more primal even. Harry couldn't keep himself restrained under such able ministrations. Severus let his teeth sink into the skin, his tongue swiping over the flesh caught in between.

Harry's nerves were set ablaze, burning need scorched through him with such fierce power. If such attention to one of his nipples was setting him off like this, then he couldn't imagine what would happen if things continued to escalate. It was already such a burden to keep his thoughts clear enough to think about it. The little voice in his head was telling him to give up and let himself give into his punishment. Was it such a terrible thing to let Severus have his way?

Severus had stopped torturing the nipple a few moments ago, the feeling of it still flooded through Harry solidly, the sound of the man's voice easily broke through the erotic noises still flowing forth from his slightly gaping mouth. "What shall we start with first, Harry? Perhaps fellatio, as I was unable to enjoy what you gave me during class time. Maybe I should reciprocate and leave you hanging on the edge..." He paused briefly, his tongue trailing around Harry's chest teasingly. "Like I should have done a few nights ago. Shall I fuck you raw, over and over, so that when I am finally finished punishing you, you're unable to sit still for weeks to come? I could always take away your ability to orgasm, leave you aching for release until you beg."

"Ohfuck!" Harry groaned as those promises of a long night rung through him crystal clear. Each new threat spurred him on, the next more erotic than the last, driving the images home harshly as each word was enunciated with a subtle viciousness that only Snape himself could wield. What he'd give to have the ability to move his arms...the urge to touch, feel, grasp but not having the ability was maddening.

"I rather like the idea of stringing you up, Harry, and having my wicked way with you," the rough voice continued to pour into the space between them. "The possibilities are vast..." Severus trailed off as he let his hand trail downward, the thin fingers taking hold of Harry's cock. The movements were crude and strong, each stroke tearing a louder vocal response from the boy's mouth. Snape was entranced by the almost pornographic vision Potter made while he sat on his lap, the vulgar sounds completing the image.

Harry couldn't find the words to make a coherent sentence that made any sense, his potion addled brain was a victim to the sweet pressure upon his dick. Like many times before -without special aid- he found himself reduced to monosyllabic communication, keening, grunts, half-screams, and sighs. "Merlin...Fuck...Please." Harry tried to plead with his captor. He prayed to whatever higher power that existed to let Snape fuck him senseless, and soon. The heat of pending orgasm coiled around him in an agonizingly pleasurable bind. 'Just a few more moments.' He cried happily in his mind as he anxiously awaited the blissful explosion.

When that explosion didn't happen Snape's voice filled the void again, with dark laughter. The movement on his prick had ceased and a deft hand was on his chin, shaking him out of his euphoric state, forcing his head to angle down a bit.

"Harry, look at me." Snape commanded with more amusement slathered on the words. As if Harry could deny the orders given to him. Eyelashes fluttered open, and those lust clouded irises focused themselves upon Snape's face. "You are not allowed to cum until I say; and I want that rebellious little mouth of yours around my cock, right this instant, Mr. Potter!" Severus finished, mouth twitching into a smirk as he watched his prisoner slither off his lap and onto the floor. Gods Harry looked so wonderful sitting between his legs, like he was meant to be there.

Dutifully Harry began to fiddle with the fastenings at the front of Snape's trousers, popping the buttons out of the holes and carefully unzipping the zipper. The Potions Master lifted his hips when Harry gently tugged at the fabric, letting his pants slide off his thighs and pool at his ankles. Images of Harry sucking him during class were still strong in his mind as he watched the brat take a confident hold of his interest. His breath hitched as Harry took him into that wet heat, dark eyelashes fluttered closed while suckling noises replaced the silence. Harry really was very good at fellatio, among other things.

There was something quite mystical about the way his flesh disappeared in and out of Harry's mouth. Seemingly ensnared by his own little trance, Severus slipped his fingers into that unruly mop of black tresses; combing through the boy's hair and every now and then grabbing a fist full and tugging lightly.

"You look absolutely exquisite with a cock in your mouth, did you know, Harry?" Severus said breathlessly, "Do you like sucking my cock? I can assure you, I've never seen anything more appealing than the sight of you right now."

Severus' words had caught Harry's attention as they wrapped themselves around the boy. Emerald orbs stared up at him with unchained desire, nearly snatching the man's breath away as he stared back. He loved the way those cheeks were flushed pink and the mouth that stretched so beautifully wide around his erection. The suction on his cock had intensified and Severus shifted himself in his chair, managing to push his cock just a little further into that warm abyss. Harry's tongue eagerly flexed around the engorged flesh.

Severus couldn't help but hiss when he felt a furtive hand begin to massage his bollocks, knowing that it was Harry doing that of his own free will, not under his order,"Yesss...Just like that Harry." He could feel his climax creeping slowly upon him, his body ached for release. The only concern was whether or not he should cum in the boy's mouth or wait. The idea was tempting, he adored watching Harry swallow a mouthful of his seed, to see a bit of errant liquid dribble down from those luscious lips. On the other hand, as potent as the energy potion that he had consumed, he wanted nothing more to bury himself deep inside Potter's arse; he could stave off releasing into the boy's mouth just to feel the tight walls of his rectum bring him to completion instead.

Snape was reluctant to stop Harry, he let the fingers buried in the boys hair tug the voracious mouth off his erection, "Enough Harry. Come here."

Harry whimpered when the fingers tightened in his hair, then relaxing when the fingers let go as he stood backup to return to Severus' lap but thrown off guard when the Potions Master kissed him hungrily. Briefly Harry wondered who was actually being punished here, or if this should even be considered punishment. He'd piss the man off more if it meant receiving such impassioned consequences. Regrettably the only part he hated about this situation was the inability to cum, his own cock throbbed painfully asa reminder.

"Now, Harry, would you like a turn?" Snape whispered, ordering the boy to stand up and move to sit in the chair as Severus moved to get down on his knees, his trousers pulled up to his thighs. "What you did to me in class was wicked, and now I intend to return the favor," he growled, moving his mouth closer to Harry's cock."Harry, tell me what you want me to do to you. Shall I give you permission to move?" The last question was more of a hidden command rather than a question. He wanted to feel Harry squirm eagerly underneath him.

The boy strained in the chair, cock throbbing with his ache for release as the chair felt so good, the hot breath from his Potions Master felt like heaven, and dear Merlin he could feel himself almost cumming. But not yet, he couldn't yet. He knew the potion had no power over his ability to speak, and he didn't have to obey Snape's order, but boy did he comply.

"Fuck Severus, please suck me off!" he whined, thrusting into the air in an attempt to get more friction. How long would this potion last? He felt as if he couldn't last another second.

"Would you like it if I did this…" Snape's voice trailed off as he licked Harry's engorged shaft up and down, tearing an inhuman noise free from Harry's lips.

"FUCK yes, oh…Merlin—" Harry pleaded ad Snape's lips wrapped around him and slid down his length, then up again.

Harry couldn't see straight, he couldn't breathe right. As Snape's hot mouth moved against him, up and down, he felt himself touching the boundaries of insanity. He was at the point where he felt as if he'd in moments, the pressure was there, but no release was to be found.

"FUCK SEVERUS! What are you doing to me?!" he howled, madly humping into Snape's mouth as he gripped the chair within an inch of his life. "I can't take it Severus, please, PLEASE!" Harry begged.

The older man moved his mouth away from Harry and let the boy ride on waves of pleasure for a few moments before speaking, knowing the potion would not wear off soon. Oh, how the boy must be suffering…

"Would you like me to fuck you Harry?"

Harry's only response was to moan loudly. The boy reached down to touch himself, but Snape noticed. "Stop!" he purred gently, the boy's fingers coming to a halt inches from his prick.

The boy practically screamed in ecstasy and frustration, again thrusting the air for some form of relief. The waves of pleasure that coursed through him were unreal. He felt as if his mind were shattering, as if every nerve in his body were being stimulated, and all by Snape. He couldn't last much longer, he needed to be fucked.

"Beg!" The older man demanded.

"Please…" was all he could moan out, erection straining almost painfully. He didn't think he had ever been this hard in his life. "Oh Merlin…please Severus, fuck me!"

Severus moved slowly, palming his own erection as he watched the boy writhe in beautiful agony. He groped around the small side table that sat to the chair's left, for the lubricant he had set there while he waited for Harry to awaken.

He poured it onto his fingers, working his hands over his own cock and moaning loudly in front of the boy. "Mmm…" he moaned out, sliding his hands up and down his erection, playing with himself for the boy to see. He lathered more lubricant onto his fingers and slid them downward, trailing through his black pubic hair to tease his perineum.

"Mmmm…Harry…" he grunted.

"SEVERUS!" the boy screamed, cock pulsing furiously as he watched the older man stimulate himself, beautiful moans filling the room as the sound of skin on skin filled the air. It was quite possibly the hottest thing he had ever seen, as the man bucked his hips and writhed on the floor.

"Severus, please, please..." he pleaded, trying again to reach his own cock, but his fingers were stopped an inch away, due to Severus' order.

The man moved closer to Harry, smearing a large amount of lubricant onto his fingers. "What do you want, Harry?" the man smiled, positioning his hand over the boy's erection.

"Touch me," the boy pleaded, eyes locked on Snape's hand.

He finally relented, moving his lubed hands up and down Harry's shaft. The noises erupting from Harry's mouth were ungodly, unreal, inhuman. The boy sounded as if he were experiencing numerous orgasms, nonstop, as the man worked, pumping his fist furiously.

Perhaps the boy would lose his mind.

Severus removed his hand from Harry's flesh, having them swap places again so that he sat in the chair with the boy on is lap; once they were settled he began to prepare Harry's arse. Not bothering to start out with one finger, but two instead and then three fingers thrusting in and out at varying speeds then curling and stretching, searching for the prostate. The boy screamed in pleasure, rocking himself against Severus' hand.

Snape's mouth was not idle as he finger fucked the boy. He leaned in and captured a nipple between his teeth harshly, soothing over it with his tongue, then sucking on it gently and repeating the motions on the neglected nipple. He savored the reactions of Harry as he let his tongue trail upwards on the expanse of the toned chest, nibbling on the collar bone, biting at the junction of the shoulder where it met the base of the neck.

"Fuck me already!" Harry demanded hoarsely.

The Potions Master chuckled and let his fingers slip out of the boys stretched hole. "I want you to put that lovely arse of yours on my cock." Severus grunted as he kicked his shoes off his feet and his trousers that had slipped back down to his ankles, spreading his legs wider, adjusting so Potter could properly ride him while they sat in the chair. "If you want my cock so badly then ride it, impale yourself on me until I fill your little hole." The man growled, hands gripping on Harry's hips with bruising strength, guiding the boy's greased entrance onto his desperate prick.

The boy did as he was told, moving all too quickly and desperately, as if this were his only salvation.

Severus hissed in pleasure as the head of his dick was sucked in past the guardian ring of Harry's arse. The controlled part of him demanded that he take it slow with Harry, letting the boy adjust before thoroughly fucking that perfect aperture. The possessive part of him demanded retribution for crossing lines that weren't -under any circumstances- meant to be crossed. As he sunk further up into Harry inch by inch, the control he had over himself faltered completely. He was confident in his preparation and without another thought he forced the boy's hips downward and his own hips upward, sheathing into Harry completely.

The movements were a bit mechanical as Harry started moving up and down on his cock. The potions effects weren't perfect after all, but a simple "Potter, loosen up and fuck yourself already" did the trick. Harry grasped at Severus shoulders and found the perfect rhythm as lifted himself up and down, impaling himself again and again. His screams of pure pleasure filled the room.

Mostly out of habit, and remembering that he had prevented Potter from cumming, Severus let one of his hands reach down to tease the weeping cock.

"Please! Please let me cum. Please…Severus." Harry wailed, increasing his pace in hopes of finding some kind of desperate relief. Severus purred in response, savoring the quickened movements and the way the boy's insides were gripping his cock. He fucking loved watching Harry bounce on his cock, and yet he craved more, he craved to thrust hard and deep into Harry's body.

"Get off." Severus commanded without a second thought, pulling himself out of that body and pushing Potter off his lap. Shedding his waist coat and button down, he led Potter to the end of the couch where he had lain his frock coat. He tossed it aside, positioning the boy so that he was bent down with his upper body draped on the arm of the couch. Severus drilled into Harry again, and this time the pace was harsh as he pounded into the boys youthful body with long, hard thrusts. The man adjusted every now and then, trying new angles.

The boy simply mewed in unfathomable burning heat that boiled in his gut threatened to melt him from the inside. When he found the angle he wanted -one that gave him the best access to the boy's prostate- he grabbed Harry's hips tightly and rammed as hard and fast as he possibly could, ignoring the burning ache of his body while he thrust, hand some how managing to snake around to pump the boy's own cock.

He grunted and panted in effort, uttering one more command with a tight voice, "Cum with me, Harry." One, two, three thrusts later, his orgasm blind sided him with unrelenting force unlike anything he'd experienced before. Harry's own eyes slammed shut as he arched back into Severus' chest wailing with heavenly release as he screeched the man's name. The white ribbons of his own cum decorating the side of the couch as his cock spurted almost continuously, until he was completely empty.

Yes, he would name this potion Harry's Punishment.

Severus let himself rest on Harry who was slumped upon the arm of the furniture, their tandem breathing deep and ragged, unable to pry himself away from the youth. They remained like that for a long moment, Severus' soft penis still nestled within Potter, who eventually regained some semblance of speech.

"That was...yeah." He mumbled weakly, breath coming in small gasps.

"I believe I can agree with that…sentiment, Harry." Severus panted out.

The Potions Master finally found his strength again and eased himself up, off, and out of Harry carefully, taking note of the time; the potion he gave Harry was rather inefficient, and the length of time it lasted was pretty pathetic. It would be wearing off very soon. He was throwing around the possibility of coaxing the brat into more sex when said brat opened his mouth again.

"Is that all you got, Snape? You must be going soft in your old age if you consider that punishment." As Potter lifted his head and looked over his shoulder at Severus, the Potions Master could see plenty of mirth in those mischievous green orbs, and he almost didn't register the cheeky statement that jabbed at his age.

"I've only just begun, Potter." Severus scoffed indignantly, "And not so much with the old if you please." If Harry was able to make childish comments then the potion had cleared his system, but it seemed like he'd get to bugger the little snot a while longer.

"I am thoroughly looking forward to expanding your knowledge of sex, Mr. Potter." Severus stretched himself out and walked into his bed chamber, and upon his return he had black nylon ropes in his hands, his black eyes glittering with excitement. "I hope you're prepared for the next round, Harry."

To which Harry replied, "It's your turn to be tied up."

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