Kingdom Hearts: Celestial order's Revenge

Chapter 1: the Ooze's path

With the Maximals and the Guardians in the group, along with the dragoons, Shulk and his friends, and Storm hawks, they talk more about themselves as Bobby said, "Let's see, Shana and Zelda are at Disney Castle so far, all we need to do is to find the person in Angel grove." Rattrap said, "Let's see, this person was a princess of light that Yen Sid showed us, her name is Kimberly, she's one of the Power Rangers that protect their world from the clutches of their arch-nemesis, lord Zed." Cheetor said, "We must get to her and the others before the celestial order tries to kidnap her."

Sora then said, "Yeah, well, Midna's back where she belongs." Fiora put her hand on Sora's shoulder and said, "She sure is Sora, but don't worry, we'll go visit and see her now that Link's world is restored." Rattrap said, "If I can activate the cufflinks of their morphers, we should be able to know where they are, there, I got it, they're at the Construction site." Sora replied, "Then let's get to them before it's too late." As Bobby pressed the button on the monitor and they beam down to the Construction site,

when they're at the construction site, Wind crowrang then sense an enemy as he said, "Guys, there's an enemy, and I think we just saw the power Rangers." Sora replied, "Let's help them out guys!" they nodded as they readied their weapons and got ready for battle and to support the Power Rangers.

Enemy Battle: Ooze soldiers

(Cue battle music: One who gets in our way theme from Xenoblade Chronicles.)

Sora and the others proved to be the powerful helpers to the power Rangers as Sora and Dark Dizzy are helping out the White Ranger named Tommy took down the Ooze soldier and send him towards the pillar as he said, "Thanks for the help guys." Sora Replied, "No problem." Dark Dizzy replied, "Always here to help." On the other side of the construction site, Aqua was helping out the yellow Ranger took down the other Ooze soldier as she said, "You okay?" the yellow Ranger named Aisha relied, "I'm fine, thanks for the help." Aqua replied, "You're welcome." Terra and Soldier Stonekong manage to help both Red Ranger and Black Ranger took down a few Ooze soldiers as Terra said, "You guys okay?" the Red Ranger named Rocky said, "We're okay." The black Ranger named Adam said, "Where did you guys come from?" Soldier Stonekong said, "Long story, right now let's help the others help." They nodded as they help the others out, the Blue Ranger named Billy manage to take down the Ooze soldier with the help of Shulk as he said, "Thanks for the help." Shulk replied, "My pleasure." The Pink Ranger named Kimberly took down the Ooze soldier with the help of Axle and Ventus as she said, "Thanks guys, nice move back there." Ventus replied, "You're welcome." Axle replied, "Pleasure." The white Ranger manage to took down the Ooze soldier with ease thanks to Magma Dragoon, the yellow Ranger and Aqua took down a few Ooze soldiers but the soldiers send Aisha to the wall but luckily she was saved by Swoobat's Psychic as she said, "Whew, that was close, thank you." Dickson replied, "Your welcome." Just then Billy took down the Ooze soldiers as he said, "Aisha, you okay?" Aisha said, "I'm okay, but these guys are tough." Billy said, "Let's finish these purple parasites." Aisha replied, "You said it." As they backflip jumped to the platform as Dickson said, "You heard them guys, let's clear the path." They nodded as they clear away for the Rangers to take down the Ooze soldiers thanks to Tommy's White Tiger Dagger, they looked at it with awed looks as saw the Ooze soldiers get splatted by the object.

(End Battle music.)

Sora and his friends were surprised by the teamwork of the Rangers as Bobby said, "That was amazing, you guys straight took down the Ooze soldiers." Aisha said, "You think so guys?" Sora said, "We think so." Tommy said, "We couldn't have done it without the help from you guys, thanks." They nodded as they introduce themselves to the Rangers as they introduce back, when suddenly the Rangers were in their human selves as Kimberly said, "What's going on." Billy said, "Alpha come in." but their morph watches not working as Aisha said, "Something's wrong." Tommy said, "We better get back, let's go guys." Web spider asked, "You guys mind if we follow you guys?" Tommy replied, "Sure." They nodded as our heroes follow the Rangers to the Command Center.

End of Chapter 1