Kingdom Hearts: Celestial order's Revenge

Chapter 16: Terra vs. Gorigan

As our heroes went inside the Lair, they took down every Cipher Peons and snagged every shadow Pokemon so far as they went to the rooftop.

"There's a couple of Cipher Peons, let's Snag the shadow pokemon and Lay a Smack down on Gorigan." Bobby said as our heroes snagged a few shadow pokemon and raised the voltage to open the door to the rooftop office, they snagged a few shadow pokemon also as they proceed inside the office where Gorigan was sitting at his desk.

"Where are all my crew? You all wiped them out? Every last one?" Gorigan said.

"That's right Gorigan, and it looks like you're the last person in Cipher Key Lair." Sora said.

"Impossible! How could a bunch of heroes snagged all the Shadow Pokemon we made?" Gorigan said.

"Simple, we snagged a few Shadow Pokemon that we encountered." Terra said.

"Urrrgggh, in wrecking the Factory, you punks smeared dirt all over my good name and standing!" Gorigan said.

"yeah, we'll do the same on your face when we're done with you." Terra said.

"Grrrr, You've done it now punks! I'm steaming mad, there's no forgiving that, Ever! It's time for you punks to drop!" Gorigan said.

"I'll take your challenge Gorigan." Terra replied as he got ready to Face Gorigan the Earthquake-Protect Specialist.

Boss Battle: Cipher Admin Gorigan 1st Battle

(Cue Boss Music: Cipher Admin battle from Pokemon XD gale of Darkness.)

"Let's see if you're good at snagging these Shadow Pokemon I got, go Shadow Archeops and Shadow Hippowdon!" Gorigan said as he sends out Archeops and Hippowdon.

Archeops is a large, flying creature that bears similarities to both birds and reptiles. Its featherless, scaly head is colored green on top and red on the bottom. Its body is covered with frayed-looking, yellowish feathers. It has blue feathers designed for flight on its arms and legs enabling all four of its limbs to act as wings, along with a ring of smaller green feathers on the ankles. All of these "wings" bear sharp claws. Similar to its head and neck, its tail is completely red and featherless except for a fan of blue feathers at the end, and as with the Archaeopterygiformes, it has fully-movable vertebrae in its tail instead of a pygostyle. Its mouth is filled with sharp teeth. Its eyes are white with black pupils and no irises.

Hippowdon is a large, light brown (or black) hippo-like Pokémon. It has a dark-gray back and muzzle with a few ports on it. Sand often spill out of these ports and its nostrils. Hippowdon has black feet with three toes each. Its mouth is several feet across with big rounded teeth. Hippowdon has red eyes.

"Useful Pokemon, it's time to go fishing, go Excadrill and Krookodile!" Terra said as he send out Excadrill and Krookodile.

"Alright, it's showtime, Snag ball go!" Terra said as he captures Archeops.

"Archeops Captured." Computer said.

"That's reasonbly impressive, but don't get your hopes up, we'll have our 2nd battle at a place after you Capture my Shadow Hippowdon." Gorigan said.

"We'll see, Snag ball go!" Terra said as he Captures Hippowdon.

"Hippowdon Captured." Computer said.

"Unbelievable!" Gorigan said.

"I thought you're the Earthquake-Protect Specialist, I guess you're not as good as me." Terra said.

(End Boss Music.)

"Urrrgggh, that's it! You punks are not getting away with this! No way, no how, no Ifs or buts! I'm not taking this any longer! I'll blow up the factory with you fools in it!" Gorigan said.

Just then the screen on the upper side of the desk flashed in and showed the familiar person our heroes met back at Gadeon port.

"Now-now Gorigan, that is quite enough, Accept that you have lost." Mr. Verich said.

"M-Master Greevil!" Gorigan said.

"Greevil, wait, you don't think that you are…" Sora said.

"Hohohoho, that's right, I'm Mr. Verich, or should I say…Greevil, the Grand Master of Cipher!" Greevil said.

"I knew it, I noticed why we saw you back at Gadeon port, you're the person we saw and we got shivered to our bones just by looking at you!" Leo said.

"Quite a comedian I say, I never once imagined that you fools would destroy our Factory, but that's not important, even though the mass output of Shadow Pokemon has ended, our plan itself is unharmed, hohohohohoho." Greevil said.

"What are you talking about?" Ophelia asked.

"What I'm talking about, is that we already completed XD001's final tuning, it now rests with me." Greevil said.

"XD001, the ultimate Shadow Pokemon that's resistant to purifaction?" Gorigan asked.

"That's right, and now, I shall prepare our final plan to activate XD001, do you fools honestly think you can stop me?" Greevil smirked.

"Oh we'll stop you alright, and when we do, it'll be the last time you'll live!" Bobby said.

"Hohohohohoho, I'm shaking in my boots, I shall be at Cipher's HQ, it is on Citadrak Island off the coast of Gadeon port, it is an impregnable fortress that repels all with cruel waves and thick clouds, no one can reach it! Not even you fools, hohohohohoho!" Greevil said.

"We'll se about that Greevil!" Sora said.

"Oh? Then come if you dare, I'll enjoy on waiting for fools, hohohohohoho!" Greevil said as the creen flashed off.

"hahahahahaha, Greevil has such a wicked sense of humor!" Gorigan said.

"Now Gorigan, how could we get to the island." Bobby said.

"If I were you all, I would use the fancy Robo Kyogre to swim across the seas and into the Island, I'll be waiting on our next meeting, bye now!" Gorigan said as he runs off to Citadark Island.

"Well guys, we better purify the Pokemon we've snagged before we go to Citadark Island to Stop Greevil before he activates XD001." Sora said.

"I agree with Sora, let's go to Agate Village so that we can purify them." Fiora replied as our heroes went to Agate Village.

End of Chapter 16