Okay, since some people wanted to see Gumball actually strip naked and run through the Candy Kingdom, I decided to make a chapter where he
actually did. It's a little short but whatever. Enjoy!
"Truth or dare Gumball?"


"I dare you to strip naked and run through the Candy Kingdom."

His jaw dropped and Cake's face broke into a wide smirk. "HALLEJUAH!"

Marshall snickered and grinned at Gumball. "Come on Bubba. Gotta get to the fiesta at you know where."

Gumball shook his head furiously. "There is no way I am going to do that. The candy subjects will lose respect for their ruler."

Marshall rolled his eyes. "On your word you promised to do the dares and truths held today. If you break it, you have to kiss Peppermint Maid on the lips."

There was an awkward pause and Gumball's face scrounged up in thought like when he was conducting an experiment. Only this time, his face turned red and even mumbled a few swear words. Despite myself, I giggled and waited eagerly for his response.

"I-I-I'll," he stuttered.

And at that moment, I think everyone leaned forward for his answer right about there.

He muttered something unintelligible, and Marshall scowled. "Louder Bubba. We can't hear you."

"I said I'll do the dare!"

There was a stunned silence, and Gumball at that point had completely broke down. He literally collapsed on the floor and started hyperventilating.

First off, I couldn't even believe he had chosen to actually do it, and second, I realized I was going to see Gumball
naked in a couple minutes.

"Oh. My. Glob," said Cake.

Gumball finally managed to collect himself and stalk outside. We trailed behind him. A walk to the Candy Kingdom was only fifteen minutes especially when Cake was revenge thirsty.

Along the way, Gumball curled up into a little ball and started mumbling to himself again. I patted him on the back comfortably, and Marshall shot me a glance. To my surprise, it was a look of absolute loathing. The last time I had seen that face was when he discovered that Ashley had sold his teddybear.

When we arrived, Gumball eyes got bigger and he screamed. "No! You can't make me!"

Of course, Marshall reminded him again of the conditions, and I swore that something inside Gumball died that day.

Slowly, Gumball peeled off his clothes. His shoes first, followed by his socks, his shirt, and then his pants. And there I stood staring at Gumball with only his underpants on. To my surprise, he wore underwear with yellow ducks imprinted on them.

"Akhem," coughed Marshall irritated. "She said strip naked if you hadn't heard."

Gumball moaned and gave me a look of pure humiliation, before slipping his underwear off.

I blinked. The only other guy I saw naked was Marshall, and even though I didn't have much experience with these kinds of things, Gumball was a lot smaller if you know what I mean. Like a lot smaller. Like if I wasn't familiar with the whole biology thing with the whole girl and boy thing, I wouldn't even have known that he was a boy. He might as well change his name to Princess Gumball. Okay you get my point.

Gumball turned bright red as he caught my glance and coughed self-consciously. I gave him a shy smile before turning my head to look at anything else besides him.

"Okay, Gumboy, we're gonna take this nice and slow," I heard Marshall say. "On the count of three you are going to take off. One…two-"

"Wait!" Gumball shrieked. He threw himself at my news and started sobbing uncontrollably. "Please Fiona! You're the only one that can stop this madness!"

I only shrugged and stuck out my tongue. "Rules are rules PB. Let's get this show on a road!"


Gumball screamed and started running. Frankly it was the fastest I'd ever seen him go, and not wanting to miss anything, I leaped on Cake's back and she ran closely behind. Marshall chuckled and inside the Candy Kingdom, the candy people just stared.

Well, I had expected that, but the next thing I was wasn't expecting.

"I think our Prince Gumball is showing us the new law," a cupcake girl whispered to a candy cane. "Yes it must be! Prince Gumball is showing us we must all be naked in the Candy Kingdom now!"

And suddenly she stripped and followed the prince. Soon Candy people all over were following suit and taking off their clothes. Even though I knew they could be thick sometimes, I didn't think they would be this thick. So here I stood, watching a bunch of nude candy people following their leader. For once I was glad I was the last human in Ooo.

Next to me, Marshall coughed self consciously, and Cake just blinked.

Suddenly, Peppermint Maid rushed up to Gumball and cried, "What are you doing Sire! You must stop this foolishness at once!"

And to my amazement, Gumball punched the little mint and wept. "Shut up! Can't you see I'm having a bad day?"

I crash landed laughing there and beside me the others were doing the same thing.

"Great job sweetheart," Marshall said and gave me a peck on the cheek.

I blushed but smiled back. A thought suddenly occurred to me. "Hey," I said turning to him. "Why were you glaring at me and Gumball when I was trying to calm him down?"

He frowned and for a second, I was sure if he could blush, he would. "I was just a bit jealous about you and pinkie," he muttered.

Despite myself, I felt a grin coming up. "Well I don't think you have to worry about that anymore." And I winked at him. At least I tried to wink. I'd never really attempted it before, and my eye ended up looking like it was twitching.

"Guys, guys!" Cake suddenly screamed. "Gumball is fist fighting Tree Trunks!"

"What!" The image that suddenly came to mind was messed up and I immediately turned to look. And indeed Gumball was wrestling with the tiny elephant.

My first reaction was laughter and indeed I doubled over. "What…happened?" I said between breaths.

"Tree Trunks thought what Gumball was doing was inappripate, so he tried to stop him," Cake explained.

"But Tree Trunks doesn't even wear clothes," I exclaimed.

"Who cares?" Marshall said. "This is hilarious!" He grinned fondly at me and I pretended to grimace. Whatever.

There were three things I was sure of from today's events.

First, Cake and Marshall were starting to roll on the ground and were probably going to drop in the lake at the rate they were going.

Second Marshall and I kissed and I think we are now dating.

Third I was unconditionally and irrevocably insane with laughter after watching Gumball stripping and running through the Candy Kingdom like that.