Naruto: The Savior of the Arrancar Clan

Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Bleach and all related characters belong to Tite Kubo

Author's Note: This is a revision of my story Naruto Namikaze Arrancar. In trying to decide on how to continue the story I felt like it needed to be a little more refined and could stand a do over. I'm not going to delete the previous version since a lot of people like that one, so this is more to satisfy myself than anything.

Chapter 1: Hope of the Arrancar Clan

The Kyuubi made it's way toward the Hidden Leaf Village. And Minato Namikaze, The Fourth Hokage, had to make a terrible decision. His wife Neliel, or Nel to her friends, the last of the Arrancar clan had just given birth to there son Naruto. He looked just like Minato aside from the bone fragments on his face, the tell tale signs of an Arrancar. The bone fragments made a headband shape than went around his head, and down on the right side of his face were it took the form of what seemed to be a jaw bone(A/N: It looks like Grimmjow's). Minato was never happier as he held his son and he wished he could be there for him, but he knew what had to be done. Nel saw the look on her husband's face and knew what he was thinking.

"Minato, please don't do it! You have a family now, you can't leave us like this!" Nel said in a pleading tone. Minato couldn't bare to look at his wife and said,

"I've been over this a thousand times and it's the only way." Nel began to sob slightly as she said,

"But why our son? Can't you have someone else do it?" Minato replied in a low, sad tone,

"I can't ask someone to do something I wouldn't be willing to do myself." The Fouth then walked over to his wife and gave her one last kiss then vanished in a golden flash of light. As soon as her husband was gone, Nel broke down into tears.

Minato stood atop the great toad Gamabunta, with his son in his arms. Minato looked at the baby boy and said,

"Goodbye Naruto." The 4th Hokage then stared down the giant fox and made several hand signs before shouting,

"Dead Demon Consuming Seal!" And summoned the Shinigami. The Shinigami appeared above the Hokage. It had long black hair, red eyes, and wore a black mask that covered its mouth and nose. It also wore black clothes and emitted black smoke from its body(1).

"Who dares summon me to the mortal plain?" The Shinigami said as it glared at Minato.

"I am Minato Namikaze, Hokage of Konoha. I need you to seal the Kyuubi into my son. He has the Arrancar bloodline so I ask that the Kyuubi be merged with his zanpakuto." Minato said as the Kyuubi charged forward.

"It shall be done. But the price for this is your soul!" The Shinigami said as it sealed the Kyuubi inside the infant and took Minato's soul.


It was a warm spring day in Konoha, as a green haired woman with a mask like bone protrusion on top of her head walked up a set of stairs and knocked on a door. It was Neliel Arrancar, having gone back to using her clan name after Minato's death.

"Naruto you're going to be late. It's graduation day." She said. Mumbling could be heard from the other side of the door. She opened it and saw Naruto laying on his stomach with the covers over his head. Nel yanked the covers off and said,

"If you get up now, you can have ramen for breakfast." At this Naruto quickly leaped out of bed and quickly put on his clothes. His outfit consisted of a black leather jacket with burnt orange lining that went down to his knees, a white sleeveless shirt, black distressed jeans, black fingerless gloves, and black ninja sandals. Naruto then used Sonido to zip down to the kitchen. Nel laughed a little at her son's ramen addiction, it was something that reminded her of his father. Nel sighed at the memory of her late husband and headed downstairs as well. Naruto had grown to look a lot like Minato, minus the Arrancar bones and the whisker marks on the left side of his face.

"So, are you nervous honey?" Nel asked as Naruto heated up his cup of instant ramen. Naruto shrugged and replied,

"Why would I be? I can pass no problem!" Nel gave her son a look that meant she wasn't so sure.

"I know your grades aren't that good. Iruka told me that you're the dead last of the class." Nel said in a serious tone. Naruto was very smart, but his hatred of written tests made him the dead last much to Nel's dismay. Naruto, panicking on the inside, looked at the clock on the wall as he ate and nervously said,

"Hey, look at the time! I better get going!" After downing his ramen in record time, Naruto ran upstairs to get his zanpakuto, Nueve-Zorro(2). Nueve-Zorro looked like a 6 foot double edged katana, with what looked like a metallic dog skull for a guard and a hilt that was wrapped in red leather. Unlike his mother's zanpakuto, Naruto's didn't require a sheath as it could cling to his back when not in use.

"Bye Mom! Love ya!" Naruto yelled as he Sonidoed out of the house. Nel chuckled to herself, as all she was going to tell him before he freaked out was that she had faith in him.

Naruto appeared in front of the Academy. By using Sonido he was always there on time, though just barely. The blond Arrancar began to walk toward the building at a leisurely pace, until a voice called from above him.

"Hey Naruto." The Arrancar looked up and saw one Shikamaru Nara lying on a branch of the tree that grew outside the Academy, eyes closed and hands behind his head.

"Hi Shikamaru. Taking it easy today?" Naruto said as he smirked up at his lazy friend.

"All day, everyday if I can. But that's not gonna last much longer after today. Man this is gonna be a drag." The Nara said as he kept his eyes closed. Naruto laughed and walked off after bidding his friend a goodbye. Once inside, Naruto made his way to his homeroom. The blond Arrancar opened the door and came face to face with a black haired boy, who's hair was in the style of a duck butt, who angrily said,

"I've been doing a lot more training." Naruto nodded as he Sonidoed past the boy and said,

"Good for you." The boy growled and grabbed Naruto's arm as he said,

"Fight me unless you're to much of a coward!" Naruto's fist began to glow red as he turned and punched the boy across the room into the wall.

"There's your fight Sasuke. Have a nice day." Naruto turned to see a fist coming into contact with his face.

"OW! Naruto you idiot!" A pink haired girl yelled as she held her bruised knuckles. Naruto couldn't help but chuckle as he said,

"Oh yeah, I'm the idiot because you decided to punch me in my hard as iron face. Shut up Sakura." This caused the girl to get even angrier as she punched him with her other hand but with the same result. Naruto sighed as he took a seat at the far back of the class. Naruto sighed at the daily routine. Sasuke Uchiha would challenge him and Sakura Haruno would try to beat him up for winning, keyword being try. Sasuke continued to hold the belief that he was more powerful than Naruto because of his Sharingan, which he had yet to activate. It made Naruto all the more annoyed that since he was an Arrancar he was stronger, faster, and his Hierro made his skin as strong as steel making kunai, shuriken, swords, and some jutsu useless against him. Sakura was a die hard Sasuke fangirl and believed that Naruto's kekkei genkai was stupid compared to Sasuke's. This annoyed Naruto to no end that despite all the beatings he gave the Uchiha during spars, he still couldn't get that idiot to admit that the Sharingan was not that great!

'Seriously at least I have my kekkei genkai, not like that prick who has to what for it.' Naruto mentally fumed. But not even those two morons could ruin his mood today! He was finally going to graduate and be on his way to becoming Hokage! There sensei's, Iruka Umino and Kushina Uzumaki entered the room.

"Alright everyone settle down. Today is the Genin Exams, so everyone report to the front of the class when your name is called." Iruka said. Everyone passed, with Naruto surprising everyone with the fact he passed with a 100%! Sasuke, who made a 99%, was fuming! He knew he was better than the, in his words, "Blond Bonehead". Everyone was given a headband and put on a three man team with a jonin sensei. Naruto was put on Team 7 with the one person he hated with a passion, Sasuke Uchiha. The other member was Ino Yamanaka who while once a Sasuke fangirl, had become the only fangirl of Naruto. They would meet their sensei tomorrow so Naruto headed home wearing his headband plate on a chain around his neck like a necklace.

"Mom! I passed!" Naruto announced as he walked into his home. Nel came running from the living room and pulled him into a bone crushing hug.

"Oh Naruto, I'm so proud of you!" Nel said as she continued to squeeze the life out her son. Naruto loved his mother dearly but he hated when she hugged him.

"Mom. Too tight. Need air!" Naruto rasped out. Nel let him go and saw the headband around his neck. Nel Sonidoed upstairs and grabbed her camera. She took a picture of Naruto leaning on the wall breathing heavily as he recovered from her monster hug. Naruto headed up to his room as Nel looked out at the Hokage Monument, he gaze focused on Minato's face.

'He's growing up to be so much like you.' Nel thought as she decided to begin preparing dinner.

The next morning Naruto headed toward his homeroom where everyone was to meet their jonin sensei. Everyone met theirs and left with them. Everyone aside from Team 7, who's sensei was 3 hours late. Naruto and Sasuke sat on opposite sides of the room, with Ino sitting the closest to Naruto. Naruto was getting restless so he decided to teach the jonin what happens when he's late. Naruto cracked the door and placed an eraser on the top.

"Naruto are you sure that's a good idea?" Ino asked. Naruto smirked at her as he sat back down and said,

"It'll teach this guy not to be late." Just then the door opened revealing a silver haired man with his headband cocked to the left covering his eye, and a mask covering the bottom of his face, leaving his right eye the only visible part of his face.

"Hmm. My first impression of you is that, you're all idiots. Meet me on the roof." The three genin fell down anime style. They followed the man to the roof. After telling them to introduce themselves, followed by a demonstration in which he only really told them his name, Kakashi pointed to Naruto to go first,

"My name is Naruto Arrancar. My likes include ramen and training in my clan's techniques. My dislikes include the time it takes for ramen to cook. My hobby is pulling pranks , and my dream is to restore the Arrancar clan and to become the greatest Hokage ever!" Kakashi nodded and pointed to Ino. After Ino, it was Sasuke's turn.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I dislike a lot of things and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, it's and ambition. I'm going to restore my clan and destroy a certain someone." Ino was staring at Sasuke, glad she wasn't a fangirl of his anymore. Naruto just smirked at the Uchiha, laughing in his mind at how hard Sasuke was trying to act bad ass.

"All right tomorrow will be your final test. It's a make it or break it, pass or fail test to determine if you are fit to become genin. Oh, and the chance for failure is 66%. Also you might not want to eat anything for breakfast, since you'll just throw it up anyway. Meet at training ground 10 at 6:00." And with that Kakashi left in a puff of smoke.


1. Yes this is Ichigo's look after he uses Final Getsuga Tensho.

2. It's Spanish for "9 Fox" as in 9 Tailed Fox as in Kyuubi.