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Different speeches:

"Normal speech"

'Sarcastic thoughts'

'Mind speech'

Chapter One: Gohan's POV

"Gohan hurry up, breakfast is getting cold!" I hate her voice. She thinks she's so smart, that I can't detect the poison in the food that she feeds me just to keep me there. I'm just glad that she hasn't tried that on Goten yet, granted he clings to her so I think he's safe, for now. With a heavy sigh I pull myself out of bed, still dressed in yesterday's cloths trying to fool her that I spent the whole night studying. I grabbed a text book to bring it with me to 'read' as I head downstairs as I ran my free hand through my hair. I said nothing as I took a seat and propped the book up to keep reading. "As much as I love to see you studying Gohan, not at the kitchen table, please" She said with a smiled on her face as she took the text book from me

I ran my hand through my hair again but said nothing. For the last month I've done everything to seem like I'm on her side though I just want to get away from her. "I was thinking that it would be fun if I brought Goten over to Bulma's to play with Trunks while I study that way he has a play mate and doesn't distract me, while you'd out shopping today" I said 'sweetly' though it made me feel sick say it, though I was desperately hoping it would get me out of the house and her control with Goten.

"Good Idea my little scholar. After breakfast I'll get Goten ready for you to take to Bulma's while you get ready." she said sweetly. I forced myself to smiled back as I eat, glad that there was little to no poison in the food this morning. After getting a plate down I excused myself from the table to go get ready, grabbing the text book as I went.

Once back in my room I got changed into a faded blue jeans and a black t-shirt. I grabbed a back pack and put my folded up Gi up and putting it in the bottom of the bag and put the text books on top of it, hiding it from 'mother's' eyes. I styled my short hair into spikes. 'Hey Vegeta...Goten and I are on our way over...I need to talk to you when I get there' I said mentally to him. I love that fact that I was telepathic I could talk to the team without her knowing it. It was the only thing keeping me sane since dad's murder at Cell's hands, forced upon him by me. Even if they didn't know how bad it got here some days. Grabbing my bag I headed down stairs to met them, I managed to hold a smiled the hold time I was with her.

"I'll drive you boys there, that way you can study on your way there Gohan." she said. I fallowed her 'order' and got into the front passenger seat. While she bucked Goten into the booster seat in the back, I pulled out a notebook and the biology text book. I set it up where the text book was propped up on the dash so I could write and read at the same time, taking notes. The whole three hour drive I went through the evolution of plate cells to their current forms and into reproduction chapter of the text book. At the moment I was glad that there was a notebook on my lap, so that she couldn't learn that reading about an erect penis and seeing the pictures of then were getting me aroused.

I felt the car slow before I looked up to see we were at Bulma's. I packed up my bag again while 'mother' got Goten out of the backseat of the car. I got out and headed for the door smiling warmly at Bulma who was waiting at the door for us. "Wow look at you Gohan, your getting so tall, what happened to the little boy I use to know?" she asked before she hugged me. I blushed and held her back quickly.

"You should see how much Goten's grown since you last saw him." I laughed as she let me go and walked over to 'mother' and Goten. I headed inside to the kitchen and got myself a cup of coffee before sitting down at the table with a text book to read while Bulma and 'mother' came into the kitchen to catch up. They ignored me and the sounds of Goten and Trunks banging things around upstairs as they played.

'Piccolo...can you hear me?' I asked in my mind needing someone to talk to at the moment. 'I'm not interrupting your training am I?' I couldn't help but to ask rate after the first question. I didn't want to be a burden to him. It's why I rarely talk to him mentally it kinda halts his training to talk back to me.

'I can hear you Gohan, nor are you interrupting. What's up kid?' I heard his voice, I forced myself not so show a smile that wanted to break out from hearing his deep voice that brought so much comfort to my troubled soul.

'um...Piccolo, what would you do if you knew someone was doing something bad but you didn't know how to stop it?' I found myself asking before I could stop myself.

'Gohan stop trying to hide information from me' he growled back causing my blood to burn through my body, as my pants started to get tighter. I grabbed the cup of coffee and took a drink trying to make it look like I was still studying. 'Gohan start talking, I know damn well you can hear me' I wanted to moan just hearing his voice even though it was laced with anger and concern. I hated myself for being so weak when it came to being around the man who trained me.

'I can't stay with harpy anymore Piccolo... I can't take her being so controlling, she poison's the food...I would have left by now if it wasn't for Goten...I just don't know what to do anymore' I filled him in one of my biggest secrets I was hiding from everyone one and only told to the journal that I kept. I heard his growl ring out in my head. 'I'll let you know when she leaves. I managed to talk her into bring me and Goten to Bulma's' I said but it was too late he had already teleported to the same room that Vegeta was in. I knew that they were talking and possible using the other as a way to release their anger so they wouldn't kill the woman if they saw her. I jumped feeling someone put a hand on my shoulder and kiss my head.

"I'm so proud of you Gohan, I'm heading out now, I'll see you in a few hours." I smiled and nod to her before going back to the text book once I heard the door open and close I laid my head down on the table as Vegeta and Piccolo came out from the training room. I sighed and got up refilling my coffee cup, giving myself something to do so I wouldn't have to look at their angry faces.

"What the Hell Gohan? Why the hell are you letting that harpy get away with shit like that?" I heard Vegeta growl out with pure anger and hate for the woman. I bowed my head. I knew I shouldn't have said anything. I heard Bulma coming back towards the room.

"What do you want me to do Vegeta? Abandon my brother with her to get away from her abuse? Or take way the last parent that boy has left because of my mistake fighting Cell?" I asked feeling my anger rise but it wasn't at them or even at 'mother' it was directed at myself for being weak and pathetic. "Oh just forget I ever said a thing about it" I growled out unable to stop myself as I took my seat again holding the coffee cup and stared at the book. I noticed a green hand closed the book on me and took it away along with the backpack.

"Gohan forgetting about it isn't going to solve the problem and I know you know that damn well know it." Piccolo growled. I knew he was watching me closely. I sighed trying to control my body's reaction to the man standing across from me. I couldn't bring myself to look at my best friend and trainer, as the feelings of shame bubbled up in me for my perverted thoughts and feelings about him.

"What the hell do you want me to do? Answer me that Piccolo. Today's the first time in years that I haven't had to deal with being poisoned three times a day every day. If I kill her, Goten will grow up without either parent because of me. I can't live with myself if I did that to him. Hell I can barely stand living with myself for getting dad killed in that fight with Cell and every day I'm reminded of my mistake." I snapped back at him. My eyes locked onto his black, soul pricing eyes that I could swear could see down into my soul. I noticed the concern in their depths and it hurt but I couldn't look away from his eyes that I haven't seen in four years. I could see he was trying to find something to say to me to comfort me or calm me down but I knew that words alluded him.

"You already did what you had to do Gohan, you told someone. Come on. I need a blood sample to get proof that she's poisoned you then I'll take it to court and get both you and Goten protected from her." Bulma said. I didn't fight her as she pulled me to my feet and dragged me off to the medical bay that she ran. I fallowed her but I still didn't look away from piccolo's eyes till she pulled me around the corner and down the hall. She sat me on the medical table and tied a rubber band around my arm before putting the needle into my arm, drawing the blood.

"Hey Bulma...Can Goten stay here with you, Vegeta and Trunks after the court thing? I want him to be happy and the best place that he'll be happy is here." I asked trying to find a place where my brother will be happy. It didn't matter where I was, just as long as my brother was taken care of was all that mattered.

"Of course but what about you Gohan where are you going to stay?"She asked me and I shrugged.

"Maybe on the lookout or out in the woods for a few years, I don't know. I have stuff to work out on my own." I said bowing my head as Bulma pulled the needle out and got me to hold the cotton ball to the small wound. I don't know if I could bring myself to tell her that I might be attracted to men over women so I just left it the way it was. "So when will the test be done?" I asked trying to change to the topic before she could ask anything.

"In about twenty" She said, I nodded as I got up to leave the room. I walked back to the Kitchen hearing Piccolo saying something softly. I stopped to listen just around the corner before entering the kitchen.

"Last night I had a dream that made me question something about myself. The dream started off with me standing on the edge of a cliff staring up at the stars before feeling a pair of arms wrap around me, pulling me towards a pool of warmth. I can't help the smile that spreads across my face and my blood from burning through my body. Breathing in the earthly scent of a desert and rain that's warped around me, pulling forth a moan from my parted lips; causing me to know who's holding me.

I know it's wrong but I couldn't stop myself from turning in the hold and looking up into their dark eyes that inched ever closer to me. Everything slowed down as a pair of lips touched mine causing me to gasp and cling to him, not wanting to lose the feelings he caused in me or the feelings of being needed for once. I felt myself-" he stopped reading as I walked into to the room. I glared at the book he was reading.

"Good to know that my journal entries entertain you guys, don't let me stop you, I just came to get my coffee and text books to go back to studying" I said coldly. I knew what entry Piccolo was reading. It was the one I wrote last year after the dream I had about him pinning me to the ground, making love to me. I had woken up that morning moaning his name into my pillow as I came for the first time in my life on my sheets. At the moment I was glad I wrote that entry so vague when it came to who it was I dreamt of.

"Gohan who is he?" I heard Piccolo asked and I froze not looking at them. The shock in Piccolo's voice was clearer then the passage he read. Looking at him I noticed how pale he was. I took the book form him.

"Does it matter it was one messed up dream that meant nothing." I said looking away from the two men and headed outside. I sat at the patio chair I put my bag on the ground along with all the books but my journal that they we're just reading. I glared at the leather bound book wanting to get rid of it but unable to bring myself to do so.