You know those weird ideas you get while reading FanFiction at eleven at night? Yeah, these are these.

Mainly drabbles and one-shots, here's where I'll put all those little gems I come up with when I'm half-delirious with sleeplessness.

Now here's a cute little makeout scene for you! Enjoy! Meet'cha at the bottom;).

Summary: Sorta a mix of BICO and the kiss scene in Original Song, but Klaine is established. See, I told you I was weird.

"Hey, cutie," Blaine said fondly, walking into the common room and plunking his handy-dandy CD player on a nearby table with a loud bang.

Kurt jumped, pencil clattering to the floor, but he relaxed when he saw who it was. He shook his head, chuckling.

"You have got to stop doing that."

Blaine smirked, approaching the fashionable countertenor. "Stop doing what?"

But without waiting for an answer, he ploppled down on the loveseat next to Kurt and planted a sweet, slow kiss on his new boyfriend. Kurt's eyes sparkled as Blaine drew away, smoothing his thumb over Kurt's cheek. "Well, don't stop doing that," he protested, grinning.

Blaine complied willingly, smiling into the kiss, his mind exploding with jubilation as Kurt deepened it, thumbs hooked in the belt loops of his grey Dalton slacks.

"Mm." He hummed happily between kisses. "Y' know, I was- going to ask you to - practice with me, but- "

Kurt chirped with laughter that ended in a breathy gasp as Blaine pressed his lips to his slender throat.

"Thought we were..."

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