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Basically, the prompt was Kurt getting tired and rubbing his face on things/Blaine/possibly Finn.

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"Oh my god, that is bright!"

Blaine chuckled, hand still on the light switch.

"It was dark in here," he said, standing in the doorway and looking affectionately at his boyfriend who was hunched over a cluttered desk, rubbing his eyes tiredly. His silver-rimmed glasses were pushed up into his messy hair, and he had a small blotch of ink on his cheekbone.

"You could have least given me a warning, Blaine. Now I can't see."

"What were you doing, sitting here in the dark, then?"

Kurt sighed. "More college applications. I guess I forgot to turn the light on." He heaved another huge sigh and turned back to the mess of papers on his desk. "And not to be rude or anything, but what are you doing here? It's like ten at night."

"Finn texted me. He said you were starting to rub your face on stuff."

Kurt giggled weakly. "Yeah, I tend to do that." He felt Blaine come up behind him and start rubbing his back. "Ohhhhh." He let his face fall to the desk, rubbing his forehead on the pile of papers slowly. "I don't know why, but I just sort of alway end up rubbing my face on stuff when I get tired."

Blaine laughed again. "One, that's adorable, and two, if you're so tired, you had better go to bed. Come on."

"Noooo," the older boy groaned, as Blaine tugged on his arm, "I have to finish these, Blaiiiine." He finally let Blaine drag him over to the bed, and tug him into a warm embrace.

"Mmm." Kurt pressed his face against his chest, nuzzling his nose into the fabric of Blaine's shirt. "No, really, hun, I have to finish those..." He was cut off by a slightly squeaking yawn. "Oh, never mind."

"That's right," Blaine whispered softly, smoothing down his boyfriends hair before Kurt reached up to swat his hand away. Chuckling, Blaine just captured the hand in his own and they fell asleep intertwined, hands tightly clasped.

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