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Allen tapped down the halls of the order in another one of his cheery moods. Waving to the passing finder's Allen made his way to one of the public lounges that we're usually placed randomly around the order.

"Allen-kun over here" Lenalee shouted while waving her hands.

Looking at his friend Allen smiled sweetly and sat down across from her, he took a few glances at the interior of the lounge before looking back at the young Chinese girl.

"Did you know it's Kanda's birthday today!" Lenalee whispered in excitement, her squel was that high pitched Allen literally had to cover his ears.

"It is?" Allen looked puzzled, why hadn't the samurai told him it was his birthday.

"Yep" Lenalee smiled more "We've all set up a surprise party for him later" and before Allen knew it Lenalee face turned into a scowl "But he never comes to them so I was thinking maybe you could trick him ... into coming".

Allen just started at Lenalee goggled eyed for nearly an hour now.

"YOU WANT ME TO WHAT!" Allen yelled.

"C'mon Allen, You're the only one I know brave enough to face up to him" Lenalee started to form puppy eyes.


"Please Allen-kun ... I'll ... I'll get my brother to tell Jerry to make you a life time supply of dango"

"NO NO NO- did you say dango?"

"Yes Allen DANGO"

"... fine"

Lenalee squelled with joy. Looking around at everyone she started back at Allen. She laughed once again before running out of the lounge but not without saying goodbye to Allen first.

"Yeah ... bye" He sighed "HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO THIS".

Allen peeked out of his room door, looking both left and right making sure the samurai was no were to be seen.

'I can't believe I'm doing this' Allen mentally screamed sprinting towards the Japanese mans room, he knocked once ... no answer, he knocked again and still no answer ... Kanda was definitely out training. Looking around again Allen pulled a small hair clip from his busy white locks and began to pic at the poor battered doors lock, he kept twisting and turning the clip till he heard a faint click.

"Gotcha" Allen smiled darkly pushing the door open, he shivered slightly Kanda's room was so dull looking, the walls we're so bair, there was barley any furniture. Actually the only thing in the room that seemed to be living was a lotus hour glass placed carefully on the bedside table "Kanda ... you're room seriously needs a make-over".

Sighing Allen kept glancing at the rooms interior, he stepped towards the bed, when he bounced onto the bed making the creek he lay there still and silent.

"When the hell is Kanda going to be finished training, God he already has nice toned mucles-" Allen face flushed red as he slapped his hand over his mouth. Before he knew it there was a silent click follwed by a faint creak.

"Oh so you think I have nice mucles" Exiting the bathroom Kanda had only a towel wrapped round his wait and one drapped over his sholders.

All the colour on Allen's skin suddenly drained, SHIT he forgot Komui got private bathrooms installed ... 'SHIT SHIT SHIT THAT'S WHY THE DOOR WAS LOCKED'. Allen watched as Kanda smirked, grabbing the towel from his sholders he started rubbing his hair to dry it off slightly, Allen didn't really care about what Kanda was doing his gaze was stuck on one water droplet slowly drizzling down Kanda well toned chest.

"So why are you in my room, Moyashi" Kanda was to busy rubbing his face with the towel to look at Allen's features but the dead pan silence told his exactly what the Moyashi's expression was.

"Uh ... nothing much just you know ..."

"Sneeking into a guys room"

"NO ... well yeah"

"While he's in the shower"

"I didn't know you were in the shower"

"Uh huh"

"So ..."

"Why are you here anyway like I asked before"

"Um everyone has held a party for you and they want you to com- oh crap I said to much"

Kanda's smirk changed into that was disaproveal "Not another fucking party".

"Well that isn't nice Bakanda"

"What did you just call me" Kanda snorted at the younger male making him jump slighlty.

"B-A-K-A-N-D-A!" Allen retored trying to his voice from cracking.

"Don't fucking call me that or I'll have to punish you" Kanda sneered letting the smirk fall back onto his face.

"Bak- wait what did you say?"

"You nearly said it those that's good enough for me" In just one move Kanda had Allen pinned down to the bed by his sholders, still in a daze Allen almost didn't feel the agressive lips againest his until Kanda bit hungrily onto Allens bottom lip making him moan, wait when the hell did he ever moan.

"Ka- da sttttop ngh" Allen gasped inbetween breath taking kisses, he couldn't deny that he was somewhat enjoying this. "Kanda" he purred at the older male.

"Hm" Kanda pulled away from Allen's pleading mouth to look at the boy 'Fuck how can his attitude change with just a kiss? ... hmm i wonder'.

"k-k-KANDA WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Allen screamed pulling his shirt back down keeping those wondering hands away from his bare chest.

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