Prisoners of the Mind: What Happens?

Prologue: Kidnapped…Again

So far Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime were having a fairly quiet day. They were currently sitting in an abandoned warehouse, one that was in the middle of being renovated and turned into a new storage facility for the Elite Guard.

"I believe that you were about to explain to me as to why Orion Pax is still alive and not off-line like he should be," Ultra Magnus glared at Sentinel, daring the Prime to lie to him.

To his credit Sentinel was smart enough to know when to lie and when not to lie. And right now was definitely not the time to lie. "Well you see, sir," he began to explain but was interrupted when the door suddenly flew open, Starscream standing in the doorway.

"It's so good to see you again, Ultra Magnus," the flyer smirked. When he caught sight of Sentinel he snarled and said, "It is truly a pleasure to see you as well, Sentinel Prime."

"Starscream," Ultra Magnus groaned. "Are you here to kidnap me again?"

"Not at all, Ultra Magnus," the flyer said as he entered the warehouse, Lugnut and Blitzwing right behind him. "I'm here to kidnap both of you."

Before either one of the Autobots had a chance to react Lugnut and Blitzwing had placed them in stasis cuffs. Within seconds their mouth plates were locked as well, hindering them from speaking.

"Take them to the hideout," Starscream ordered. "And don't hurt them!"

"But if ve have them captured then vho are ve going to make a deal vith?" Blitzwing asked.

Starscream frowned. "More than likely? It's going to be Bumblebee."

The other two Decepticons groaned. "Not Bumblebee," Lugnut pleaded. "Any bot but him."

"I must agree vith Lugnut on this," Blitzwing agreed. "I don't think it's such a good idea to be making a deal vith Bumblebee. You remember vhat he vas like vhen he vas vorking for us. Just imagine vhat he'll be like now that he vorks for the Autobots!"

"I agree that it's not an ideal situation," Starscream stated. "But what other choice do we have? Unless we kidnap him as well and I know for that a fact that none of us want that."

"No!" Lugnut and Blitzwing said loudly even as they both shuddered in fear.

"Then we'll make a deal with him," Starscream turned and walked out of the warehouse, his fellow Decepticons and their prisoners following him.

"This vill not end vell," Blitzwing whispered to Lugnut who nodded in agreement.

"I can hear you," Starscream said without turning around.

The two Decepticons looked at each other shamefacedly then hurried to catch up. They had a deal to make.

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