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Yet another 2D x Murdoc. I can't get enough of it. This one's going to be a bit longer, though. I don't own the Gorillaz. Enjoy.

The fans cheered and shouted as the band left the stage. They were greeted by tons of fangirls, begging for autographs and photo's. Murdoc, being a ladies man, was soon surrounded by girls, hanging on to him, touching him anywhere they could. The bassist looked over at the singer with a big grin on his face. He loved these moments. The moments where they, The Gorillaz, were the best band on earth and everyone loved them. When they were completely adored and worshiped. 2D was feeling rather uncomfortable with all these swooning girls, although it was flattering. Noodle was absolutely buried in fans who thought she was completely adorable and wanted a photo taken with her in every possible way, and Russel was, as usual, surrounded by big-chested women with huge butts, hanging on to his arms. They had promised each other not to bring anyone home, because Noodle wanted to celebrate with them all as a family.

She did this at the end of every tour, forced them all to get together, no matter how tired they were, and celebrate by playing games or something like that. And then, after she had gone to bed, the boys would grab the alcohol, of course. After signing as many autographs and taking as many photo's as they could, they went back to their hotelrooms. They were leaving that same night, they all couldn't wait to get home. 2D quickly packed his stuff, and since he was already finished, decided to have a quick lie down while the rest was packing. He lay down on the bed and shut his eyes. The silence was deafening after all that noise. His door burst open. Well, that lasted long.

"Faceache! What the fuck're you doing, we're leaving!" Murdoc said loudly.

2D jumped out of the bed. "I was just lying down a bit, Muds," he replied meekly.

"Save that for in the car. I'm the one who has to drive, so if anyone deserves a sleep, it's me. Now get Noodle and go to the parking lot. I'll be there in a moment with Russel," said Murdoc, and left the room.

2D sighed and went to the room next to him. He knocked gingerly on the door. "Noods? C'mon, we're leaving."

No reaction. He opened the door. Noodle was lying curled up on her bed, fast asleep. He smiled at the sight. Well, he wasn't going to wake her up.

The poor girl deserved her sleep. Luckily, her suitcase was already packed. He picked up both the suitcases with one hand, and picked up Noodle with the other so that she was leaning against his chest. Her arms instinctively wrapped themselves around his neck.

He struggled a bit with the suitcases, him not really being a strong man and Noodle had packed a lot of games. When he finally reached the elevator, he dropped the suitcases with a sigh of relief. In the elevator it was so quiet that he could hear Noodle's little snores. He chuckled and hugged her closer. When the elevator had reached the floor, he went outside and leaned against Russel's car. He shut his eyes. He was so, so tired..

"Hey man," he suddenly heard next to him.

His eyes shot open, and Russel was standing beside him, also leaning against the car.

"I am so exhausted. Murdoc better hurry the fuck up and check out because all I wanna do right now is sleep. Looks like poor Noods couldn't last that long," Russel added with a chuckle.

2D smiled and wrapped both his arms around her.

Finally, Murdoc walked out of the hotel. "Bloody hell, it's cold," he muttered. "Right, get in the car."

2D gently put Noodle down in the back seat, and Russel threw all of the suitcases in the trunk. Then 2D got into the front next to Murdoc, and Russel tried not to crush the girl while he was getting in. Then, at last, they were on the road. 2D glanced at Murdoc. He was concentrating, not hungover for once. Although the circles under his eyes were darker than ever. 2D felt a bit bad, him having to drive while he was probably more tired than he was.

"Muds, how 'bout I drive later? It's only fair," he offered.

Murdoc glared at him. "What, you think I'm not capable enough of driving when I'm tired?" he snapped.

"No, I just thought that maybe.. because I mean, we all deserve to rest.. well, never mind," 2D sighed defeatedly.

Murdoc made a small "Hmph" sound, which 2D thought was kind of cute. He gasped as he realized what he had just thought. Murdoc glanced at him, but made no remark. What the hell? What was wrong with him! This man, who continuously beated him up and called him names, who was just plain mean to him, he had thought of as cute? 2D closed his eyes. He was probably just sleep deprived. He just needed some shuteye, and then his brain would function properly again.. He started to dose off.

Murdoc glanced at the sleeping singer. He noticed that when 2D slept, the corners of his mouth would turn up ever so slightly, making him look peaceful and happy. Murdoc grunted. Why was he even looking at this Dullard? He should be concentrating on the road. He forced his eyes to look ahead. It was pitch black outside.

The whole car was silent. Noodle was lying with her head in Russel's lap, and 2D was leaning his head against the window. He had to make sure not to drive over a bump, otherwise 2D would bang his head against the window.. He shook himself. For fuck's sake! He drove over a large bump on purpose. 2D smashed his head against the window and woke up with a yell. Murdoc grinned. There, that was better.

"Ow! My head," 2D gasped.

"Shut up Dullard, you'll wake the others. It was just nice and quiet," Murdoc snapped quietly.

2D groaned softly and rubbed the large bump that was forming on the side of his head. They didn't talk for a while. 2D was beginnen to notice that Murdoc was driving a bit strangely, swerving everywhere.

"Muds, what are you doing?" he asked, a little scared. He looked at the bassist, then shouted in shock.

Murdoc was fast asleep, his chin resting on his chest.

"Muds!" yelled 2D, and slapped the bassist on the arm.

"Hey!" Murdoc yelled, jumping up. "You're lucky I'm driving, otherwise I would have smashed your head in for touching me!"

"But Muds, you were asleep!" 2D said desperately.

Murdoc went quiet. "What. No, I wasn't," he then said unconvincingly.

"Murdoc, please just let me drive. I've already slept so I'm less tired, you haven't slept in days!" Not with all the girls he had been fucking (loudly) in his hotelroom, 2D thought with a bitter smile.

Murdoc growled. "Ah fuck it! Fine, Faceache, fine. I'll pull over here," he then snapped.

2D let out a relieved breath. As Murdoc pulled over and they switched seats, he noticed that they didn't have that far to go, anyway. He would be really glad to finally be home. It had been an exhausting few weeks. He couldn't wait to get to his room and let himself fall on the bed, and shut his eyes.. To just forget everything and sleep. After an hour, he saw the familiar building of Kong Studios nearing them. He laughed with glee.

"Guys!" he said loudly. "We're here!"

No-one reacted, they were all fast asleep. 2D pressed on the button to switch the radio on, and turned it up all the way. He felt like his eardrums were going to burst. At least the others woke up that way. Russel shouted and jumped up. He bumped his head on the ceiling. Noodle screamed and started ranting in Japanese.

Murdoc yelled "Bloody fucking hell!" and switched the radio off again.

"What the fuck, man!" Russel exclaimed at 2D.

He was grinning. "Look, we're here! When I shouted you wouldn't wake up so I had to use the radio.."

Murdoc growled. "Why, you little.." he tried to punch 2D, but Russel held his arm.

2D parked right in front of the house. Murdoc's Winnebago was parked next to them.

"My old Winne!" Murdoc said grinning.

Everyone ran out of the car, took their luggage from the trunk and raced into the house, except for Murdoc, who ran to his Winnebago. 2D sat down on the couch in the livingroom, and finally, he was completely relaxed. He sighed happily. They were home.

Right, well, that was chapter 1. I know it wasn't much, but I'm planning on making this quite long so I want to know what you guys think of this before I continue. If I get positive reviews, I'll continue, if not, I'll probably start on something else.