Magic School Bus: Shuffle II

Ten more songs, ten more ficlets. Trying this as a ten chapter story this time around.


"A heart that beats…an incredible machine…" sang Kristian Bush of Sugarland as Jennifer Nettles began to spray "Love" on a white cotton flag. Wanda, Keesha, Phoebe, and Dorothy Ann were at a Sugarland show at the Walkerville Civic Arena. The girls were in the front row, better known as the "Sugarpit", and were having the times of their lives. Now came the Incredible Machine interlude, which would lead into Stand Up. During Stand Up, a lucky kid got to carry the flag that Jennifer spray painted and the girls, namely Wanda, wanted to be the one who got to carry it.

"She's gonna give it to me!" hissed Wanda.

"No, she's gonna give it to ME!" Keesha retorted as Jennifer finished. She took the pole out of its stand and started walking towards the pit.

"I hope I get it" Dorothy Ann said as the opening to Stand Up began. The girls' heartbeat seem to beat along with the drums as Jennifer neared the front of the stage. She smiled at the four girls, bent down and handed the flag to none other than…

"PHOEBE?" cried Wanda. Her brown eyes were wide as saucers.

"Yaay, Pheebs!" cried Keesha and Dorothy Ann happily as Phoebe began to march away with her mom and a security guard. Her head was held high and she was smiling big. Jennifer watched as she marched along, holding that flag up high before she quickly turned her attention to Keesha and Dorothy Ann. She smiled and gave the two girls a thumbs up as she returned to her mic. The two girls squealed with delight.

Wanda's mouth was agape. "Well, ain't that a…"

"Oh, Wanda, hush!" snapped Dorothy Ann.