CHAPTER 1: Captured

Marle smoothly dodged the blue imp's attack before killing it with her own crossbow. It was so strange, the farther she went into the strange forest; the monsters were weaker and lesser. Finally, she then smelled a campfire. She approached the smell when a group of men appeared in front of her. The leader stepped up. He wore a cloak with a dragon claw design, blonde spiked hair stuck out in all directions.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing out here?" sneered the leader.

"You better back up," replied Marle, "I know how to defend myself."

"Do tell." Moaned the leader. Marle fired an arrow, but the leader just caught it in midair, incinerating in his hands. "Grab her."

Three goons grabbed Marle and pinned her hands behind her back. "HELP!" she cried, "HELP!" Before she could yell again, one goon shoved a handkerchief in her mouth.

CHAPTER 2: Encounter