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This is a story of Dan and Danielle's Father/Daughter relationship. I thought that it would make a good story seeing as how Dan is practically already her father if you think about it xD. Vlad made Dani through Daniel's DNA and Dan is a fusion of both Daniel and Vlad. Plus I think Dani needs a family as well, it would get kind of lonely to travel the world all by yourself. So, here is my story to tell =)

The name was given to me by janette9a. Thank you!

Chapter 1

The Master of time stood in the observing room, looking at all the possible time streams. His eyes scanned over one in particular with a small smile on his face. As he watched it, his smile grew bigger. It's normally very rare to see the Mast of all Time giving a genuine smile like he was now. With that smile still in place, he turned to look at a small silver and green cylindrical container on the far side of the room that was sitting on a table, looking as innocent as possible. But he knew better than to think that. For what was in that Thermos was any but innocent. He turned his head back to the viewing screen with a soft chuckle. He decided that that will be the time line he will aim for. It will be a hopeful future in the screen.



And a new beginning.

Clockwork immediately got to work on making that time line possible. He fiddled with his Time Scepter by twisting a few knobs on the top, winding it up a bit before pointed it at the viewing screen. As soon as the energy was gone from the staff, he smiled to himself and glanced back at the Thermos. He floated over to the thermos and picked it up gently and stared at it with a grin.

"Now, it's only a matter of timeā€¦"

Short Chapter but it's only the beginning so it will be allowed to be short. Chapter 2 will be put up as soon as I get at least 5 reviews on this first chapter; I want to know if this would be a good story to write. We'll see you all soon.