Author Commentary: A story that is related to He Is Only Seventeen (my Agni/Soma)and Maximiliano (which will be up on Wednesday, at the latest. It is a Claude/Alois). Sorry about the shortness of this chapter. FYI: Whatever day the Soma and Agni chapters are on, this one will follow. So this chapter occurs on the same day as Chapter Twelve of He Is Only Seventeen. I know that Ciel is a bit OOC, but he is really excited about having a child. 'Nuff said.

Rating: T

Warnings: Mpreg, yaoi/shonen-ai

Disclaimer: I do not own Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

Ciel stared down at his little pregnant belly. According to his physician, he was rather large for five months. "You know, Sebby, I really want a little girl. That would be so much fun. We could dress her up and things like that."

The butler placed his hand on Ciel's stomach and squinted. "It is a boy."

Ciel's face fell immediately. The thirteen year old was absolutely crushed. Sebastian removed his hand from his master's stomach.

"You and your incompetent sperm just have do dash my hopes for a baby girl." Ciel glared angrily at Sebastian.

Sebastian smirked. "Of course. I am a devil of a butler, after all."