Author Commentary: The moment after the moment of truth :) Read 'Chapter 22' of He Is Only Seventeen before reading this chapter. Also, this takes place four days after 'Chapter 22' of He Is Only Seventeen.

Rating: T

Warnings: Mpreg, yaoi/shonen-ai

Disclaimer: I do not own Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

Sebastian held his two hour old son, Vincent Sebastian Phantomhive-Michealis, against his chest. The little boy was stunningly gorgeous, with porcelain skin and raven black hair. The one thing about Vincent that was frightening was his eyes. Vincent had pinkish-red eyes with black slits for pupils.

"My worst fear has been realized," Sebastian muttered to himself. "For the third time."

Sebastian had two other sons with two other men, one of whom Sebastian gave birth to himself and came damn near close to dying. That child was—believe it or not—the son of William T. Spears and the child only survived long enough to be held by Sebastian for five or six minutes, but Sebastian did notice the red eyes of the infant. The first of the children was born to Russian peasant named Aleksandr Ivanovich Karpov. That child died shortly after Aleksandr gave birth to him, along with Aleksandr himself, and the child did, again, have red eyes.

"It is quite sad that the two sons I had before you died in my arms." Sebastian stiffened. "I promise that this will be different. I'll take care of you and your mother."

The little boy looked into Sebastian's eyes, holding his father's gaze intensely. Sebastian smiled. "You are so sweet." Sebastian brushed Vincent's bangs from his eyes. "You have such big eyes and long eyelashes, just like Ciel." Sebastian glanced at his sleeping lover.

The little boy was trying to not fall asleep, but was failing miserably. Sebastian laid the small child in his crib, but not before kissing him on the forehead.

Sebastian crawled into bed with Ciel.

"Seb," Ciel began.


Ciel snuggled close to Sebastian. "You need to learn when to shut up."