Rachel and Jake had dropped the kids of to play with the Scott kids while they were at work, the kids and teenagers had gotten over what had happened earlier that morning all the kids going of in groups to do their own thing. Leaving all the adults to catch up, " i've missed you" Brooke blurts out suddenly making the guys look at her weird as Peyton smiles "I know i've missed you too" Peyton replies trying not to smile at how sounds luckily Brooke dosen't seem to notice to much "you know what Naley have changed quite a lot" Brooke states thinking about how in the short time tha they've been here how different the Scott family seem to be.
"yea they have but we have as well" Lucas points out he had noticed the changes in his brother and best friend as well, "but they seem different almost cold" Peyton agrees as Julian nods he didn't know them as well as the others but they had gotten close before they all left Tree Hill. "remember when we left Haley had just gotten over her depression about her mum and then moving here something could of happened" Julian says as Brooke remembers finding Haley in the pool

They had all just walked in Nathan calling Haleys name but figuring she was asleep already they made their way through the house noticing the door was open Nathan walked over seeing a siloheute of a body in the pool he jumped in fearing the worst luckily they had gotten back when they had after the incident Haley seemed to be getting better her and Brooke had talked and Brooke felt better about seeing her best friend try to kill herself she loved Peyton but Haley had been the one that was there for her for her wedding, and the car accident and having the twins.

Brooke shuddered remembering that night as Julian gently hugged her closer placing a kiss on the top of her head, knowing she was remembering the night the 'incident' happened. Brooke resolved that tonight she would sit down with Haley and talk to her

"Brooke you in there" Peyton asked looking at Brooke who was in her own world shaking her head Brooke focused back on the conversation "yea sorry what were you saying?" Brooke asked "how your store was doing we've seen the ads and billboards for it" Peyton asked "its great i love being able to manage my own company again and in New York its awesome, the best part is that Julian is close by and dosen't have to travel as much" Brooke said excttedly "But the only thing I miss is not being able to see everyone whenever I want" "I know what you mean its different not being able to just walk over to your house" Peyton agreed she loved LA and having her recording studio set up there but it still wasn't Tree Hill "Ok enough of this saddness" Lucas broke in suddenly "I am hungry so lets go organise lunch, I'm sure the kids will be hungry soon to" He said standing up to go to the kitchen "ah Luke man thats what they have a chef for" Julian said amused at Lucas "right i guess so then" Luke said running his fingers through his hair They all jumped startled when Nicks voice came through the intercom informing them that lunch was ready