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Leyton House

Peyton and Lucas were laying in bed waiting for there busy lives to start again, since moving out of tree hill they had a lot less dramatic lives than they did as teens. There only regret was that they had drifted away from their friends and family but they were happy with their lives that they had now. Peyton had opened a new record label in LA and was doing what she loved, and Lucas had become a famous author carrying his Ravens series on.

Their kids were doing well taking after there parents Sawyer looked like her mum but had her dads squint and was a daddy's girl loved to read like Lucas but with her mums sense of music. Keith ( is Alex sorry I changed his name but he's still same age) loved to play basketball but Lucas was teaching him that it was just a game, he didn't like English much preferring art and drawing.

They heard Keith get up he was more of a morning person unlike Sawyer who like to sleep till the last minute. Keith started getting ready for school making lots of noise to wake Sawyer up they both laughed hearing Sawyer yelling at Keith to be quiet knowing that their kids had a great relationship most of the time.

Peyton and Lucas both got out of bed to get breakfast ready and the kids to go to school. Peyton went to Keith's room to check on him making sure he was getting ready and not shooting hoops he had a mini hoop in his room while Lucas went to check Sawyer was out of bed and getting ready.

Peyton knocked quietly as she opened Keith's door his room was a mix of both her and Lucas he had a basketball themed roomed but had his art up on his wall and some of Peyton's.

"Morning Keith" Peyton said entering his room "you almost ready" she asked

"Morning mum and yea, is breakfast ready I'm starving" he said excitedly as Peyton shook her head wondering how they could of created such a bubbly kid.

"I'm just going down to make it now" Peyton answered "come down when your ready" she said kissing his head lightly and leaving the room

In Sawyers room it was a different story as Lucas entered to see his daughter still in bed wrapped up in her blankets. Lucas walked through her room it was Painted red but had a big bookcase on one wall that Sawyer was filling up.

"Sawyer time to get up" Lucas said as he walked over to Sawyers bed, Sawyer just hid her head under the blankets.

Shes so much like Peyton in the mornings Lucas thought pulling the blankets of Sawyer as she grumbled at him

"Mums getting breakfast ready you need to get up otherwise you'll be late for school" Lucas said watching as his oldest got out of bed before leaving to go down stairs.

"morning Keith" Lucas said as he saw his son sitting at the breakfast bar talking to his mum excitedly about everything that was happening that day, Lucas looked at Peyton thinking the same thing she had been earlier.

"morning dad" Keith said quickly before finishing what he was talking about as Sawyer came in to the room slowly

" Hey Keith" she said giving him a kiss on the head before walking around to hug her mum as Keith started talking to their dad.

Both parents had a close relationship to both of their kids, being able to relate to them, Lucas walked over to Peyton in the kitchen as the kids started talking

"do you realize that its been ten years since we've seen everyone" Lucas said quietly to Peyton who turned around to face him shocked

"has it really been that long" she asked as he nodded his head

" I was thinking that we should take a family trip to LA and visit Nathan and Haley" Lucas said

"I think that's a brilliant idea and knowing Brooke would of remembered and hopefully going out there to" Peyton said smiling at the possibility of a reunion

" yea knowing Brooke, so should we go break the news to the kids?" Lucas asked as Peyton nodded and walked out to tell the kids of the trip.