Author's Note: I had a random burst of inspiration and thought this would be cute. I really love the dynamic of the Destiny Trio and the friendship between them. So here's a Riku+Sora friendship short one-shot. I may add more Destiny Trio frienship stories as well. Anyways, please read and enjoy. And reviewing is appreciated :)

a Riku + Sora friendship one-shot

Riku was always better.

Bigger, faster, stronger.

He always had more charm, more confidence, more this and more that.

Sora was always in his shadow. Sora was Riku's footsteps left in the sand. He was the teddy bear Riku pretended he was too old for, but loved all the same. But Sora was also Riku's laughter and he was Riku's motivation.

But now, after all these years, after being back on the Island, Riku realizes a painful truth.

Riku admits as he sits beside Sora on the dock, "I always thought I was the better man you know? But after all that's happened, it's clear who that title belongs to."

The sweet, salty breeze becomes thick with tension and Sora glances from the horizon over to his friend.

And Sora smiles genuinely and says, "You're just a good a man as me Riku. You did everything you could to save Kairi. You were just lost. "

"But that's what I mean." Riku sighs, hand rubbing his forehead, too wrinkled and creased for a boy his age. "I was weak and let myself become lost in the Darkness. You never were. You never faltered."

"Believe me, you don't know how many times I wanted to be selfish and give up. I was weak, I probably would have if it hadn't been for you and Kairi. I couldn't fail, I couldn't let myself. I had to do whatever I could to make sure you were alright."

Just as Sora had been Riku's motivation for getting bigger, faster, stronger, Riku was Sora's motivation for never giving up or succumbing to his fears. Because without Riku always being better, he would have never had anyone to aspire to be.

They are each other's heroes.