I walked into Sabine's house, expecting Damen to arrive any second. His theory of immortality was scary but explained all the odd behavior. Before running up to my room, I did a quick scan of the house. No signs from Riley.

My room was just as it was left. Clean, everything in order and pefectly organized. After re-checking to make sure Riley absolutley did not give a sign, I heard the sound of speeding tires outside. Damen!

I couldn't wait. He owed me so much, so many more explanations about this immortal stuff. He also owed an apology for Drina almost killing me back in the canyon, but it could wait.

The footsteps grew closer, tapping on the hardwood floors. The squeak of the doorhinges opening, and...

That definitley wasn't him.

Drina stood in his place, tall and perfect. Her red locks flowed flawlessly, framing her face and spilling over her shoulders. It could've been a photograph. Only it wasn't. Much too scary to be one.

"Hello, Ever. Looking lovely. Is that fear I see written all over you?"

Actually, it was, but no way was I admitting that. "No, you must be mistaken." My voice shook a bit, and even my comebacks were horrible. It was just way to obvious.

"Hm. So, is Damen anywhere near? Have you seen his lately?"

I tried to look more fierce, but to be honest, might've only made it worse. "No, but he loves me more than you, so just go. He'll... he'll come around."

Drina threw back her head and laughed. "So naive. Maybe that's why he can't keep away. Whatever, I'll just take care of this myself."

She advanced on me as I only sat, wide eyed and afraid. Because, how did you kill an immortal? Same way you would a vampire?

All I saw where blurs of color, her fast movements far superior to my meek slaps to the arm. However, I did feel everything with the full force intended. Punches that gave me black eyes, lost teeth, broken nose, bruised temples...

It all hurt so badly. In my head, I prayed that Damen would come and save me. He could take this witch away, but was nowhere to be found.

Drina was enjoying my torture. If she wanted, I'd be dead already and out of the way for another 50 years. And that would be better than this. Anything would.

"S-stop..." Blood poured out of my mouth and make the words impossible to understand. She seemed to know what I said, though.

"Too much for a pathetic mortal? I've done this so many times before, and I know this won't be the last. Maybe I'll make it quick. But don't expect me to be so generous next time!" And the last thing felt before blacking out was a crushing blow to my skull.

Waking up felt like any other moment in my life, only it wasn't. Lush green grass was beneath me, along with various flowers. The sun shone in a cloudless sky, it wasn't too hot or cold, and then the answer hit me. This could only be Summerland. That meant I was dead, or inbetween worlds... yeah, that's what Damen told me. I didn't cross the bridge yet. And sitting there, I wasn't even sure if it was my choice. Where was the bridge? Could I move on to the afterlife if I wanted? Or was it already determined for me to go back to Earth?

Sitting there alone felt like an eternity already. Could you just lurk around Summerland, neither dead nor alive forever? As beautiful as the place was, it grew tiring walking around. And then, as if someone heard my thoughts, I felt weak. My surroundings started to fade away, and as they left, I couldn't remember what had just been there.

Then I couldn't remember anything at all.