If L Could Read Minds

L, as everyone knows, was a complete and utter, off-the-charts genius who was constantly plagued with boredom.

However, what people don't know is that L could read minds.

As a genius child even then he was drowning in the dullness of life, ending up reading all the books in Wammy's house, and one of his most favorite books was not, as you might guess, Dickens, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Einstein's raggedy notes, or Leonardo Davinci's, but Roald Dahl's Matilda.

Completely set off on that idea that he, like Matilda, could have an inane amount of energy in his mind from doing virtually nothing mentally stimulating, he had the ability to somehow be telepathic, or something along those lines.

He managed to accomplish this, however, as time went on, he realized mind-reading made things much more dull, as simply reading the minds of suspects he was made to interrogate would kill the fun out of all of it. So he ended deeming himself far too intelligent to keep using his ability.

Until Yagami Light entered his life that is. Yagami Light was so obviously (to L anyways) Kira, but he was so very skilled at hiding it.

The thing is he was fairly sure the teen had also read Matilda, and somehow got that L could do the same, because when L decided to use it, Light's thoughts were far too strange to be normal.

L could swear that Light could sense his aura somehow, for sometimes there was no way he could know the detective was there, for example standing outside his door, immediately L could sense his thoughts changing.

Thinking about philosophy, sure, that could be normal, and plotting against L in that angry teenage boy type of thinking (that not really helping Light's case) was acceptable as typical behavior.

However, when Light would pretend to be horny and normal by looking at raunchy magazines, the only thing L could read from his mind was at what a hassle it was to look at women. That, was not very normal teen boy.

More than half the time, when L would skim over his thoughts subtly, gay porn of all things came up.

L really had no clue as to whether Light just thought of it quickly to cover up his original thoughts, and that was the first to pop up because of his last name or he really just thought about gay porn that much.

But really, L was starting to believe it was the latter.

And he did not mind at all.

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