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"Are you sad?"

I asked the carrot-top.

"Or… are you mad?"

Why do you insist that the rain not stop?"

He looked at me, tears in his eye.

"What's wrong? Are you going to cry?

Do you not care?

That you're drowning the world

That me and Zangetsu share."

I cupped my white hands to catch the falling rain.

"You know what this is, right?

It's the representation of your pain."

He looked at me, an empty stare.

"I'll ask again,

Do you not care?

Are you giving up without a fight?

You're the king, and I am the horse.

But you're weakness, will change that course.

I, the horse, will trample you down.

Then I will take the crown!"

He looked at me with a glare.

"Again I'll ask,

Do you not care?"