Hey guys! This is my first fanfiction, but go ahead to critique as hard as you can! Constructive criticism, you know? Anyway, this story is about how it is so obvious that Percy and Annabeth like each other that even their mortal friends can tell! This takes place after the Titan's Curse. So enjoy!

Your Obvious Is Showing

Percy's POV:

I walked from the hotel I was staying at, thank you Chiron, and walked through the arched doors of Barren High School. I smiled, knowing how much a certain friend of mine loves this kind of architecture. Welcome to San Fran, I thought to myself as bad memories of last summer flooded my mind. It was the middle of the semester so I was new, and being new is not fun at all. But I had a feeling this was going to be a pretty good year.

Stopping at the front office, I checked the schedule and headed to my locker after some random perky cheerleader showed me where my classes were. She was really hyper and I'm glad she left. Gods, I can't wait to see her, I thought to myself, I missed her so much. Her glowing princess hair, her beautiful grey eyes... woah there. Stop. Right now. You know she doesn't feel the same way, I tell some part of the back corner of my brain. Well i can hope can't I?I just roll my eyes at this and close my locker.

Checking my schedule, I walk to my homeroom. I take a deep breath and step through the door.

There, I see a tired middle-aged lady with mousy brown hair and black-as-coal eyes standing at the front of the classroom. As awkward as could be, I walked to her and introduced myself, trying not to make a scene. No such luck. The teacher, Ms. Dobrev introduced me to the class and I flinched when she used my full name.

"Call me Percy," I said on reflex. When Ms. Dobrev asked for volunteers to show me around, almost all the girls raised their hands, flashing me looks through their lashes. Weird. I wonder what that's about. I looked them all over but noticed that none of them were the one I was looking for. Ugh, where is she?

I scanned the crowd of students in their seats and looked for a familiar pair of eyes. Let's see… blue, brown, hazel, brown, brown, blue… aha! Grey! Instead of standing at the front of the room while the teacher introduced me, I walked straight towards the curly blonde hair with grey streaks and the pair of wide eyes that were a shocking grey.

Duncan's POV:

I watched as the new kid with jet black hair and green eyes walked down the hall filled with all the hottest girls before stopping in front of the nerdiest and most isolated girl in school: Annabeth Chase.

Around me I heard feminine voices groaning in frustration and grumbling "why didn't he pick me? She didn't even raise her hand!" But I was too busy looking at the odd pair staring each other down.

Suddenly, The new kid… Percy? Held out his hand and said with a cheeky grin "Hi! I'm new, could you show me around?"

Instead of shaking his hand like I expected her to do in her nerdy way, Annabeth just leaned her head onto her hands and said with a smirk "I don't know. You look like too much of a seaweed brain and you might get lost, dragging me along with you."

My jaw literally dropped to the ground. Annabeth never talked like that. NEVER! She usually just sits quietly in her desk reading her complicated architecture books and nobody bothers her. But… this! This was a whole new person!

The whole room snickered and "ooooohhhh"ed before waiting for how Percy would react. He just replied, "Exactly why I should ask a wisegirl like you to show me around. You really shouldn't read that much anyway, architecture is boring!"

We all sucked in our breath, this kid had crossed the line! No one makes fun of Annabeth's books! Even I, the hottest and most popular guy at school didn't get away with it without a black eye. Percy was in for it! I grinned in anticipation. What really surprised was what happened next.

Annabeth just laughed and said "That's just because your kelp head can't understand it!" And with that Annabeth leaped out of her chair and gave him a hug. Not a hey-I-know-you hug but a oh-my-god-I've-missed-you-so-much hug.

Now we were all silent. Even Ms. Dobrev was watching with wide eyes. This is not happening! I mean it has to be a dream! Someone made an Annabeth look alike who just happens to know the buff new kid who is almost as hot as me (according to the girls). This is all a dream. A really really really messed up dream.