Hey guys. I know I haven't been on in a while. I know you guys probably are really irritated with me right now. It's pretty obvious in you reviews. I'm sorry that I haven't been replying. I have some stuff going on. There's the normal stuff like vacation and wanting to eat queso instead of write, but there's other stuff too. Serious stuff. Family stuff. Not terrifying bad stuff like abuse or whatever, but sad things like a very sick relative and a bullied sibling. So I've been feeling a bit down lately. What I'm trying to say is that I'll try to update I really will, but it still might be a while. Also, just a heads up, this is the last chapter. This story is supposed to be about Annabeth and Percy and now I feel like it's all about Kinsey. So yeah… I have an idea for a new story though. So I'll start that one as soon as I can.

Kinsey POV

Wow… just wow. I'm speechless.

Percy POV

I stared at Kinsey's face, trying to read her emotions, but all I could see was bewilderment and shock.

"I'll let you soak it all in for a bit," I mumble to her, mostly for my own benefit. I stretch out all the kinks in my back then trudge over to Blackjack. I gently shake the sleeping figure on his back, but Annabeth stays still.

"Hey, Wise Girl. We're here. You might want to wake up now." She growls something in Greek and rolls over, falling off of Blackjack. I catch her before she can hit the ground but Gods, is she heavy! I heave a sigh and proceed to half carry, half drag her to the Big House, calling behind me at Kinsey to follow along.

Kinsey POV


Percy POV

"Hey Chiron, this is Kinsey. Kinsey, this is the head of our camp, Chiron," I manage to groan out with the little breath I have due to the fact that I'm carrying a very tired Annabeth, who probably weighs more than I do because of her ginormous genius brain, in my arms. I gingerly set her down on the couch and turned to Chiron and Kinsey who were discussing camp.

"So," I cut in "Do you want me to show her arou- AHH!" In her sleep, Annabeth had lashed out at me and pulled me on top of her. Now She has me in her signature choke hold, all the while snoozing away. I wiggle around and struggle to get out, trying to get attention of the two people obliviously talking not three yards away from me. After what feels like fifteen minutes, Chiron finally notices my situation. He comes over and nimbly yanks me off of Annabeth, setting me down next to him.

"Percy! Stop fooling around and show Kinsey her cabin!" He scolds good-naturedly. I nod and am about to leave when Chiron calls me back.

"And take Annabeth to her own cabin. She must have had a hard day." Are you kidding me? I lean down, my back already screaming in protest and scoop her back up into my arms. I accidentally get a whiff of her hair when she wraps her arms around my neck and suddenly she doesn't seem so heavy anymore.

Kinsey POV

I heave a largely overdramatic sigh and flop onto my bed in the Apollo cabin. After sorting all my stuff out, my brothers and sisters gave me a tour around camp and I have to tell you, this place is phenomenal. Campfire sing alongs? Check. Lava Rock Walls? Check. Crazy lunch ladies who try to eat you if you're out after curfew? Check. It's home. Not just any home, my home. I couldn't have asked for somewhere better.

Annabeth POV

I wake up in my bed in the Athena cabin. I wonder back to how I got here and try to hide my blush as a memory of a grey streak of hair and the soft blue fabric of a certain someone's shirt come to mind, which were much to close to have been in the regulatory comfort zone of any normal person. On the other hand, It is Percy after all. No one can really call him normal. Yawning, I change into my Camp Half-Blood shirt and shorts and walk out the door, stuffing my Yankees cap in my pocket.

I hum a few notes of "Funkytown" while I stroll out of the cabin. Time to do a little exploring of my own. I immediately veer left to the dense forest just on the borders of camp. Who knows what I'll find in there!

Percy POV

"Sleeping Beauty has awaken!" I joke as Annabeth lays down next to me under Thalia's tree. She rolls her eyes and punches me lightly in the arm before running a hand through her hair exhaustedly.

"It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks, huh?" I ask, smiling in sympathy while Annabeth nods her head. Then the one very rare moment of inspiration strikes me and I leap up, grabbing Annabeth's hand and dragging her up with me.

"Come on, let's go relax."

Kinsey POV

I just reach the base of the closest tree when I see two figures by the lake. I stop to watch as they laugh and shove each other into the water, the sunset silhouetting them against the sky. The girl, soaking wet, climbs out onto the pier and reaches out a hand to the boy, who is still floating there lazily. He reaches out and grabs her hand. This friendly scene has a certain air about it. It isn't just an ordinary gesture of friendship. This hand grasp means so much more. It stands for trust, and promises. Promises for a future. For something more. A promise for happiness and loyalty and love. And then the moment is gone. The boy yanks the girl back into the water, laughing loudly the whole time. It isn't until I hear the telltale "You Seaweed Brain!" That I realize who the two are. Now that I think about it, I should have realized immediately. I only know two people who can trust each other with everything: Their life, their happiness, their secrets, their hearts. And those two are none other than Percy and Annabeth.