Prologue to "If The Colossi Were Real"

Time: Present Day.

Location: Forbidden Land, Shrine of Worship.

What's happening: The Wanderer is beginning his quest.

Wander: Uh. Where am I?

?: This is the Shrine of Worship, young one.

Wander: Who are you?

?: We are Dormin, the disembodied being of the Forbidden Land.

Wander: Is there a reason I'm here, with this weird woman?

Dormin: Yes, in fact. You must slay the 16 Colossi…

?: 16 Colossi? I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken. They is now 20, with a rumored 21st among them, being extremely powerful.


?: How rude of me to remain hidden. "Steps into the light to reveal a deadly looking man" I am the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, the one known as … Death.

As Death spoke his name, all the birds and lizard in the Shrine suddenly died.

Dormin: Horseman? Apocalypse? Death? I'm afraid I know none of those.

Death: Dormin, you're time is up. You have lived long, but now you will die at the hands of Death.

Death kills Dormin.

Wander: What just happened?

Death: I have killed Dormin, which should have happened a long time ago.

Wander: I'll be spared, I hope.

Death: I can't kill you yet. Leader's orders. Now, fetch your dumb horse and pick up that woman, this world won't last long.

Wander does these things.

Wander: What do you mean, it won't last long?

Death: No time to explain. Come near and we'll warp out of here.

They warp.

Just seconds after they leave, the Shrine explodes in a huge burst of flames which engulfs all of the Forbidden Land, then die down, showing a vast black charred field.

Dormin's Departing Spirit: Wander, do not fall to Death's tricks. He may appear to be on your side, but in all truth he wants to kill you in the most painful way possible. And beware of War.

The unlikely trio +Agro take the scenic route through time, seeing many worlds being destroyed in many different ways, from atomic bombs to tornadoes, giant fireballs to giant waves, and some unnamed disasters.

Time: Apocalypse, 9999 A.D.

Where: Unknown Ruins, Earth.

The Trio +Agro arrive.

Wander: What is this place? Why is there so much fighting?

Death: Someone has altered the course of history and caused the Apocalypse to happen hundreds of thousands of years too early. That's why your world was destroyed. The only reason I saved you is because you are the world's only hope. You must slay the 21 Colossi and push the Apocalypse back to its actual date: 999,999 A.D.

Wander: That's almost a million years! This must be a VERY powerful being to push the Apocalypse that much. And I accept this quest.

Death: Perfect. Your first foe is…

A figure towers over the main battlefield of the greatest war in history. Beware his club and feet.

Death: I will watch over this girl's body. Go now, find this "figure" at the Apocalypse's main battlefield.

Wander and Agro head out. After riding for a while, Agro almost collides with a figure.

?: Wanna fight, horse? I got it in my name. I'm War, the First Horseman.

To Be Continued.